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Now you can choose among each dock, which one do you want.

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First of all, for those who don't know it, Better Docks is a well known mod released back in 2013, and came all this way to Skyrim SE. It is a mod with more than 5.000 endorsements and hundreds of thousands of downloads.
If you want to see more images of it, check the original page of
Better Docks by zebra0.


Better Docks enhances the immersion in Skyrim by a great deal. It adds more immersive docks to 4 major cities and Solstheim. It's a light mod for those who want to give a subtle touch to the world without losing on performance. I have installed it in my every playthrough but in Special Edition I always missed that modular installation from Oldrim. Then I decided to roll up my sleeves and do it by myself. Why not release to every player in Nexus if I did it? Am I right?

Without further do, let's get to business.


1- Each of the 5 docks in separated plugins, choose what you want: Dawnstar, Riften, Solitude, Solstheim and Windhelm.

2- The package contains patches for the mod "Realistic Boat Bobbing" for those who use it. This patch is courtesy of jjensen6823. Check the Realistic Boat Bobbing Patch Hub page for more information and more patches.

3- The package includes a patch for "Quaint Raven Rock - SE". This patch is courtesy from Janquel. Check Quaint Raven Rock Patch Collection for more patches. Do not overwrite the patch for Quaint Raven + Better Docks found here, with the one found in the "Quaint Raven Rock Patch collection". Be warned. It will automatically check in their FOMOD installer, uncheck it.

4- This mod doesn't need the original Better Docks, it already contains all the files.

Riften Docks Overhaul - Already uses "Better Docks Riften" assets, make sure Riften Plugin is disabled if using this mod.
´╗┐Quaint Raven Rock - Beautiful and supported.
Windhelm Docks Pathways - Great addition to Windhelm Docks, patch in optional files.
Solitude Expansion - Compatible. Patch in optional files. Be sure to download all Navmesh patches available for this mod in its file sessions and in sticked comments. This mod is out of the curve and the immersion is superb, but it is a heavy mod and it will heavily impact on performance for medium PCs. Its scope go far beyond the docks. NPCs will take some time to adjust to the new pathways and its navmeshs due to engine limitations. So if you use mods such as Alternate Start and choose to start from Solitude, most NPCs wil be standing still on Solitude Exterior. I couldn't test any further to see if the situation gets better, because I installed this mod only to test the patch. I believe it should get better as time progresses. Further troubleshooting should be taken to Solitude Expansion page, since Better Docks works very well on its own.
Solitude Docks Updated - Compatible. Patch in optional files.
Jk'Skyrim - Patch available in official page of JK.
Great Cities - Patch found here. The patch only affects Dawnstar, so it will work. For now, Great Cities doesn't touch Riften, Solitude and Windhelm.

Other non-related (to docks) tested patches:
Bring Out Your Dead - Found in the official page of Better Docks. You don't need this patch if you didn't pick Dawnstar dock, read FAQ [6].

You will have to choose one or the other. But that's the point of a modular version, best of both worlds. Isn't it? ?


1- You released yesterday that mod called "Riften Docks Overhaul - Better Docks patch", what was the point of that if you would release this today?
     The focus of that one was on those who wanted to specifically install Riften Docks overhaul without huge changes in the load order and with less risks. Although, there are still minor risks. This one is for a fresh start.

2- Risks? Does that mean I won't be able to drop "Better Docks all-in-one" mid-game and choose this one?
        In my tests it didn't go very well. Mainly if you already visited the area. Some records will be burned in your save, and after uninstall you might find some floating clutter and wrong pathways. Most of the times it will be ok, but do it at your own risk.

3- I can't find the plugin for Dawnstar docks, where is it?
        Dawnstar held on to the original plugin name (BetterDocks-MP-DLC-Compatible.esp). The reason for that decision is simple, praticality. See, Dawnstar is the only city where the docks are an intrinsic part of the city layout, which means that EVERY CITY OVERHAUL WILL TOUCH IT.Leaving Dawnstar with the same name of the original plugin will streamline the patching processes for it, since almost all known city overhauls already provide patchs for Better Docks on their own. Such as "JK's Skyrim", that provides a patch for Better Docks that solely touchs Dawnstar. It is better to keep it simple than asking the creator of JK Skyrim to keep maintenance of one more plugin name. That won't happen.

4- Can you patch this mod for me?
       Unfortunately no. Everything I might release it's what I make for my own use. I can't patch mods that I don't use. Sorry. Besides, I only have so much time for it. But I could tweak existing patches to work with the new plugin names if the mod already has a patch.

5- The bobbing boat thing, is not working for many boats.
      Yes. The patches of Realistic Boat Bobbing for Better Docks and Quaint Raven are BETA, so not all boats will dance with the water. Well... better that than nothing. Besides, even if you have Boat Bobbing SE installed, the patches are an optional.

6- I can't see the boats nor the tower at Dawnstar docks.
    - The boats in the photo will disappear if you use "Jk's Skryim Better Docks patch". The patch deletes and tweaks many things to better work with JK's Skyrim. There are Navmesh corrections too.
    - The tower will disappear if you use the "Bring Out Your Dead" patch, found in the original page of Better Docks. Because the tower is on top of the Burial Crypt. You can't have both, unfortunately.

7- Can I use existing patches for Better Docks "All-in-one" that won't touch only Dawnstar?
     No! The patch will think it's changing something but it is changing nothing, because only Dawnstar records are in the main plugin. There are a few patches in the modular install and in optional files session. Other than that, if the patch isn't mentioned in the description or doesn't affect only Dawnstar, it will most probably screw your game. You will have to ask the mod owner to make a new patch for the modular version (if the author has a Better Docks patch at all).

8- Can I install mid-game? 
Yes. Just make sure no other mod changes the same area or that a patch is available if it does.

Thanks zebra0 for giving full authorization to do it and keep the mod more alive than ever.
Thanks to all other modders/patchers that allow me to use your patchs.