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Fix underwater and black eyes issues when you use an enb. Cumulative fix, thank to theannagarcia & devpieron & Kyoni

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Cumulative fix for Eye Meshes


Since I released my latest mod Better FaceLight and conversation Redux, many users have reported a black eye problem.
This is an old annoying vanillla bug with enb.

chefren77 posted a solution to fix in BFL discussion page and devpieron kindly provided screenshots to do it, Kyoni from LotD discord server tested it successfully.

Unfortunately, as it needs to modify the same meshes, it will overwrite the Eye Mesh Underwater Fix mod by theannagarcia and Player extra bright and glowing eyes fix by DeserterX (as these two do almost the same things).

So i applied all the fix on the meshes from Cathedral Player and NPC Overhaul - HMB II and Voila !
Your eye meshes should be fixed !

Don't forget to thank all of them !

Included fixes:
Invisibility eye glitch (reflection is more noticeable, check note)
Weird transparent and black eye when you use an ENB
Eye are allowed to receive shadows
Fix some problem with AO.

Some fixes will only work on the player as some settings are embarked in the .tri files and need to redo facegen, don't worry if it doesn't apply, it can't break anything (no dark face bug or anything).

Full version is a fix, it's not a beautification mod, doing this induces some quirks and close-up screenshots reveal some flaws on the lashes.
I tried to mitigate the problem by using a different value for male and female characters. This should not be obvious in a normal game, and the flaws are outweighed by the benefits.
So if you do close-up screenshot, switch to the alternate version. It will preserve the eyelashes minus the loss of some minor fixes.

Last, beast race are not concerned because they don't have lashes, so full and alternate version use same files.


Install as usual, overwrite eye meshes with these ones, should be compatible with every eye mod except the one who use their own meshes like Improved Eye Model, but it uses its own path for meshes, you can use apply same method to fix it if you need and use this mod to fix NPCs.

Better result if used with Eye Normal Map Fix SSE

The eyes may appear brighter, which is why I'm providing 3 different versions. The screenshots are not relevant because the result depends very much on your configuration. Test and choose the one that suits you best!


Improved Eye Reflections and Cube Map can make the eye a lot brighter with this mod if your eye are too bright after, check if you use it or a similar mod.
If you are not sure, check if the mod you use embed these textures:


All credits to theannagarcia, chefren77 & devpieron (even for the screenshots)
Thank to Kyonim for the test and the screenshot
Thank to sorenant from this post