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Mists of Tamriel adds volumetric mists, distant animated mists and morning fogs, controlled via MCM and editable via ENB, with patches for multiple weather mods.

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Mists of Tamriel adds volumetric mists, animated distant mists and morning fogs to Skyrim.

Volumetric mists can be switched on and off in game via MCM, so you can enable and disable them as required.

There are 3 levels of Volumetric Mist you can enable/disable, subtle, medium and dense.  You should only enable one at a time, though you can enable all 3 together if required.

The MCM contains a switch to enable/disable the animated distant mists, plus there are optional files in the downloads for you to adjust their transparency depending on your requirements.  There is the original Thicc texture and another thinner more transparent texture, which is less obtrusive and is the version I prefer.  With this setup on my own ENB, these animated distant mists are barely visible, which is how I like it, but the Thicc file is the supplied option.  I have also edited the animated mist nifs, so they are configurable in game, via ENB particle settings

The MCM also contains options for Morning Fogs and you can set the time they begin and end, including the option to set the frequency they occur and a randomized chance option. I have also edited the various morning fog meshes so they are editable via ENB particle settings. This way you can adjust their brightness/thickness on the fly.  The morning fog nifs have also been adjusted in similar style to easy seam fixer

Due to IRL stuff, I can no longer answer your questions, but if you post in the comment section, someone will help you out

Installation, setup and Uninstallation (IMPORTANT)
In Skyrimprefs.ini under [MAIN] set fSkyCellRefFadeDistance=655360.0000 to reduce pop in of animated mists.

Install during midgame or whenever, doesn't matter.

Mists of Tamriel should be excluded from DynDOLOD generation, so disable Mists of Tamriel.esp before generating DynDOLOD

Before uninstallation, disable all mists and fogs via the MCM then go to an interior, thus avoiding any chance of any part of this mod being active when you are uninstalling

The master file only requires Skyrim.esm and is compatible with weather mods that need vanilla weathers, like The Vanilla ENB e.g.


In game, in the ENB GUI under the weather/particle settings

This mod is incompatible with Mannys Morning Fogs, Crestys Distant Mists and Volumetric Mists, because this mod already contains that work. Do not allow anything to overwrite the meshes and textures of this mod, otherwise you will create problems like loss of ENB control, water/fog seams etc.
This mod is compatible with Obsidian Mountain Fogs.

You are not allowed to reupload these files anywhere nor use the assets herein without my permission.  You are free to make patches for this mod, and earn Donation points, so long as your patches require this mod as a master and you credit myself and the other contributors. You are welcome to include these files in any Nexus collections or Wabbajack lists

There are multiple patches for various weather mods. Also available are patches in the miscellaneous downloads for Thin or Thicc Animated distant mists. The mod ships with the Thicc texture, but if its too obtrusive, try the thin texture instead.  There are other patches for Morning Fogs with various options for mist THICCness.

Load Order
Plugins - Mists of Tamriel.esp early/first then your weather mod, then the Mists of Tamriel weather patch later/last
Resources - Do not let anything overwrite Mists of Tamriel resources. Mists of Tamriel meshes and textures should not be overwritten, let it win.

Credits are due to Rudy, Dr Jacopo, Looping, JPSteel, MangaClub, Zloinell, Confidence Man, Looping, Cresty, Robanco, MannyGT, Eriocarb, Ionas11, MrNeverLost, WSkeever, Zephyre, AlinSorin, Grizzy.  If I've missed anyone, apologies, let me know and I''ll update.

Special thanks to my wife for somehow putting up with me spending such a ridiculous amount of time making these mods.