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Adds rolling morning fogs over scenic lakes and rivers throughout Skyrim, including an MCM for further customization.

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Morning Fogs SSE

This is an official port of the lovely little Morning Fogs mod by MannyGT, including the awesome MCM menu and refinements from the alternate Morning Fogs Refined version by egocarib, with permission from both original authors. I've also added my own contributions by nearly doubling the amount of locations where morning fogs can be seen. I hope you enjoy!

  • Adds early morning fogs to bodies of water around Skyrim, which can appear and disappear anywhere between 4 AM and 11 AM.
  • Includes all of the locations from the original mod, which I've tweaked just a tad to make the fog formations seem a bit more natural and varied. These locations include:
- Docks of Solitude, Riften, Windhelm, Dawnstar, and Morthal.
- Rivers and lakes around Riverwood, Ivarstead, Half Moon Mill, Markarth, and Dragonbridge, as well as Mara's Eye Pond.
  • Now also includes several new locations where morning fogs can be spotted, most of which were added in more remote areas away from main cities, as well as many additional pockets of fog added to larger bodies of water such as Lake Ilinalta and Lake Honrich, near Riften.
  • Comes in two separate versions for further customization of the thickness of your fogs.
  • Additional customization options provided with the MCM menu:
-Change or randomize the time of day that fog will appear & disappear.
-Adjust the % chance that morning fogs will appear each day.

An excellent video by Hodilton showcasing some of both the old and new locations for morning fogs. Please check him out and support his amazing work! :)

-Updating and Installation-
When updating to newer versions, it's important that you follow the typical procedure for safely updating mods that contain scripts. In other words, make sure you enter an interior location and create a new save before updating. This mod only contains two light scripts, so it's certainly not going to break your game if you don't update properly, you just won't see any of the new changes made in the update. Even if you already updated without doing an interior save, there's nothing to worry about, just head into an interior and create a clean save, uninstall the mod, and reinstall it again. You'll be good to go :)

-A Few Things To Note-
  • A fix for the blocky fog issue: Vanilla And Morning Fogs SSE - Easy Seam Fixer. As noted in the comments, there is indeed a fix for the grid-like seams that appear within the fogs in some areas. This happens when the blocky vanilla fog mesh interacts with the surface of the water, and can be mitigated by simply raising the fog about a foot above the water's surface. Unfortunately this will look a little odd when viewed from below the fog (while swimming), but I believe it's a necessary trade-off to having pristine seamless fogs. I'm planning on implementing this fix in the next big update, but for now lKocMoHaBTl has gone ahead and created this lovely patch to use in the meantime. Big thanks to him for the fix!
  • The fog will look slightly different depending on your weather and ENB setup. The color and transparency of the fog changes depending on how lighting is handled in each weather, and each weather overhaul handles these values differently. The two versions for fog thickness were provided as a way to customize the fog for whatever weather overhaul you happen to be using, as some will make the fog look extremely thick and others will make it look a lot more transparent. A few that I noted during testing were Obsidian, NAT, Mythical, and Dolomite for thicker fogs, and Vivid Weathers for thinner.
  • I would also like to note that different fog retextures, such as MIST, will most likely overwrite the changes made to fog thickness in both versions. The MIST retexture itself seems to increase the fog thickness by quite a bit, so if you were planning on using the 'thin fog' version I would suggest not using it with MIST.

-Future Plans-
I am definitely planning on adding to the amount of locations where morning fogs can be found, and perhaps even add morning fogs to more areas outside of bodies of water, in 'eerier' locations where I think the fog might fit nicely. I am also always looking to improve on the naturalness of currently existing fogs, so please feel free to drop a suggestion if there is a particular location that you think would either benefit from morning fog or could use some tweaking.

**NOTE** For those using Realistic Water Two: RW2 makes some of its own changes to Skyrim's water flow data, so in order to carry those changes over it's best to load Morning Fogs before Realistic Water 2.

Interior Floating Fog Remover -
Incompatible. This mod manually replaces a bunch of interior fog meshes with empty space to remove them from dungeons, but unfortunately these just happen to be the same fog meshes used in Morning Fogs, so these mods are completely incompatible.
Remove Interior Fog -
Compatible. This mod makes its edits to interiors by manually editing each cell and changing some lighting templates, both things completely unrelated to the changes made by Morning Fogs. This is a far more comprehensive removal method, but does increase the likelihood for conflicts with other mods that might edit the same interiors, just a note.

Other than that, Morning Fogs is compatible with absolutely everything! All it does is add new effects to the game, so unless the meshes are manually removed as in the case above, there should be no issues.

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Again, all credit goes to MannyGT for the original concept and egocarib for the additional customization options. Huge thanks to both of them for their work on this beautiful mod! :)