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Aim Fix by NeOniq - 3PCO by Watang

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Augmented version of 3PCO - the known camera mod with added AIM FIX features, that applies corrections for the crosshair position to match the aiming point. The combat spell projectile or an arrow will hit target with the same accuracy in ANY camera view, and even while horseback or sneaking!

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
3PCO - its a wolds best camera mod and all the regards and applause to Watang! I'm very grateful to Watang for allowing me to publish alternate version of his mod!
Let's clarify first: 3PCO mod created not by me. I'm a developer of AIM FIX features which I integrated inside the 3PCO mod.
Sine I realized that every the camera view differently affects the accuracy of ranged combat, I decided that better to not create another camera mod, and I chose 3PCO as a platform to make possible to use archery and combat magic with the same accuracy in any of camera views.

  • If the 3PCO++ AIM FIX feature gave you a possibility to fix the aiming and correct the crosshair - please support me by donating / endorsing / or by posting a kind words in the comments ;)
  • If you like 3PCO smooth camera follow feature please support Watang - the author of the original 3PCO mod ! Also on there you can learn how camera features work.

    Oldrim version of 3PCO++ AIM FIX can be found HERE.


  • With other mods in your load order that affecting accuracy, the AIM FIX features will work as expected only after manual setup. This mod actually is a tool to fix the accuracy for your personal set of mods, because it's technically impossible to make universal aim fix for Skyrim.
  • Please use original 3PCO mod instead, if you need only a smooth camera follow feature, and you don't want spent time for manual correcting of the crosshair position (its what the 3PCO++ made for).
  • If you have problems sort of "MCM does not appear" or "the mod does not work", please understand, that 3PCO mod created not by me. You can investigate all on the original 3PCO comments page for OLD Skyrim, because there have many suggestions that solve problems related to SSE version too.
  • Install 3PCO++ AIM FIX only for new game or a save without the original 3PCO mod. If you wish to try uninstall original 3PCO from your game save before installing 3PCO++, please follow the correct common installation / removal procedure.



Fix the aiming for a preferred distance of the ranged combat and achieve as ideal accuracy as the game can give, and you will be able to fight with the same accuracy in different camera views, also while riding horseback and sneaking!

++  If some mods in your load order will cause the accuracy to go crazy, you can fix that individually for: weapon type, spell casting with a left or right hand, dual casting, also taking into account your position (standing on feet, sneaking, horseback) and at the same time for every the camera view.

++  You will get rid of some annoying Skyrim issues* related to ranged combat (*described below).

++  With the accuracy corrected you can finally play deeply into the role of an formidable ranged combat mage, invisible assassin, shadowed thief or a sniper archer!

++  As for the 3rd person camera view, you can put your character on either side of the screen and, for example, zoom the view closer to admire your armor and equipment while combat - and all this with the same accuracy as for the 1st person view!


> Individual set of mods.

No one can predict your mods load order and make universal aim fix. There are many of different combat, animations (FNIS) and camera mods that affecting accuracy.

> Individually preferred camera FOV
(Field of View)
This is the main parameter that directly affects crosshair position and projectile flight direction, because FOV represent optical view, and can bring distortions on image. Also in different screen resolutions in combination with FOV may bring a mess in accuracy.

> Skyrim.ini settings
Vertical accuracy depends of skyrim.ini parameters 1PArrowTiltUpAngle, 3PArrowTiltUpAngle and 1PBoltTiltUpAngle. The crosshair position will never be corrected by the game if you changed the FOV and this parameters.




The AIM FIX feature allows you to displace the aiming point to make it match with the crosshair position on the screen, with simultaneous binding to the following factors:
  • Distance from the target (determined by the player himself)
  • Type of ranged weapon/spell used (bow / crossbow / etc)
  • Current camera view ( 1st / 3rd person / horseback)
  • Sneaking position
All this factors will be processed in background and 3PCO++ adjusting the aiming point during ranged combat.
Aim Fix feature applies only when you attacking, unsheathing or sneaking. For a moment
you will see how the crosshair moves a little - it's the Aim Fix feature correcting the accuracy for your equipped weapon type, camera view and actor position.

3PCO++ was made for ranged combat enthusiasts who want to advance "like a pro" in accuracy without any auto-aim feature (there is an optional file in download section without affecting auto-aim game settings).
You can achieve any accuracy you personally like:
with realistic tilt up angle or "bullet-accurate" shooting right into crosshair - it will be your personal preference.

There a new sections in МСМ options called "Aim Fix:". You can directly change the position of the crosshair on the screen,
individually for each type of ranged weapon, as well as for each type of
camera view, including horseback view, also all for sneaking too.

Individual crosshair corrections for ranged weapon types:
+ bows
+ crossbows

Individual crosshair corrections for camera views and positions:
+ 1st person
+ 3rd person
+ 3rd person on horseback
+ sneak mode

Other features:
+ sneak mode is now have normal crosshair, instead of "Sneak Eye", wich was displaced to the bottom left of the screen (must be compatible with other crosshair or HUD mods).

Currently not supported camera views:
- 1st person on horseback view
1st person horse riding camera view is added by other mods. When will be camera mod with this feature for SSE, It will be supported, if i figure how to catch a program event this camera view is activated.

Currently not included yet:
- crosshair correction for staffs
- crosshair correction for magic spells
- crosshair correction for sheathed
- crosshair correction for melee weapons
- realistic (reduced) accuracy for all NPC Archers (less arrows in your head, while you try to reach bandit archer)
- the Aim Fix feature auto apply if camera view has been changed during holding the attack button
- MCM Ranged Camera: "X-Aside from Actor" can have negative value to make character at opposite side of the screen (the right side)
- the Auto Aim Fix feature for 3PCO smooth camera follow
- eradicate the X-displacement of the aiming point by game itself, while character is moving from side to side in ranged combat
- Aim Fix applies even if the crosshair is set to be invisible via MCM

List of Skyrim ranged combat issues, that you can compensate:

  • Projectiles fall at different heights when you shoot same target while in 1st person and then in 3rd person, even if you set every "##TiltUpAngle" parameter (Skyrim.ini) with the same value (e.g. "f1PArrowTiltUpAngle = 0.7" and "f3PArrowTiltUpAngle = 0.7").
  • You cannot set up Skyrim.ini "f3PBoltTiltUpAngle" tweak because it simply not works or does not exists at all (some people still adding it in their Skyrim.ini). So again, you get bolts fall into same target at different heights in different camera views.
  • When auto-aim game feature is off, arrows and bolts will fly in different sides from the crosshair for 1st and 3rd person.
  • If you shoot while riding horseback, the projectile flies at very high trajectory and with a large offset, forcing you to want to say many obscene words. That is why in Skyrim there is no hunting for a deer with horse riding.
  • If you shoot the target while standing very close to it, then projectile will fall much lower than the crosshair. So i say, you cannot release an arrow in right in in the eye of that mad bandit swinging at you with a two-handed big thing...

I want to apologize in advance for some inconsistencies in pronunciation, English is not my native language. Please use YouTube generated subtitles for better understanding.

Note: the video will be supplemented with new added features soon.

Original 3PCO settings that changed in 3PCO++:
  • Removed apply FOV feature. Its better you change the FOV by any other method you like (Skyrim.ini editing or by other mods).  
  • Some default camera view settings was changed, mostly to make an actor be aside from the center of the screen.
  • Reverted ability to change "Default X-offset" for "Shethed", "Malee" and
  • "Ranged" individually. Now it works with "Smooth camera follow" enabled - camera view will always seeks to be aside from the actor.
  • This may be useful especially when you use ENB with Depth of Field (DoF). So
  • no more blurred (defocused) screen. Your actor not in center, and no need to lift up camera view too high above the head.
  • Renamed some options labels to make them more understandable without reading description.

How to match the default Aim Fix settings, if I want to try how it works,
before I will do manual setup for my personal set of mods?

You must temporally turn off any other mods in game to make it vanilla and use a clean save.

he accuracy will be ideal at 10 foot steps distance from a target.
This is Skyrim.ini settings used for defaults:


f11PArrowTiltUpAngle = 0.7
f3PArrowTiltUpAngle = 0.7
f1PBoltTiltUpAngle = 0.7

See the screenshot of example crosshair calibration result. This is a real accuracy from the 10 foot steps distance.[size=5]

Remember, that 3PCO++ was made as a tool to set up crosshair for your current
game config, instead of configuring the game to make mod work.

3PCO++ changelog for version 1.2-A1:
* Renamed "Advanced Aiming" feature into "Aim Fix"
+ Sneak mode is now have normal Crosshair, instead of "Sneak Eye", wich was displaced to the bottom left of the screen (must be compatible with other crosshair or HUD mods).
+ Aim Fix now applies not only while actor is standing, also when you start sneaking.
+ New page in settings "Aim Fix: Archer" - individual crosshair corrections for bowman and crossbowman, while standing or horseback.
+ New page in settings "Aim Fix: Sneaking Archer" - individual crosshair corrections for bowman and crossbowman, which are used during sneak mode.
* Settings slider now have step value = 0.25 for more precise accuracy tuning.
* Default Aif Fix settings was tuned for vanilla game (10 foot steps distance from target, in Skyrim .ini the magnetism parameter = 0.0 and all tilt up angles = 0.7). You can temporally turn off all other mods and see how is now accuracy works, before you start set it up for a set of mods.
* Updated mod page text and screenshots.

That's all!
Good luck!