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AIM FIX by NeOniq - Smooth Camera by Watang

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Highly customizable combat camera with aiming control. Provides an exclusive crosshair fix to equalize the accuracy for 1st and 3rd person gameplay. Capable to dynamically switch the Proper aiming tweaks (auto-aim assist). Includes Smooth Camera Follow feature from 3PCO by Watang and many other flexible MCM options.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
AIM FIX mod (known earlier as 3PCO++) is a fork-project based on 3PCO mod. AIM FIX evolved into a new mod but still contain a Smooth Camera Follow feature under permission of honorable Watang (3PCO mod author).

> Link to AIM FIX mod for Skyrim Legendary Edition


> This mod fits those who wants:
  • Dynamic application of used-defined offsets to the crosshair position individually for archery and magic, which is much needed, especially when the crosshair goes crazy after installing a bunch of lovely mods.
  • Dynamic camera: position/zoom auto-apply, 1st/3rd person auto-switch, the Smooth Camera Follow and more.
  • Dynamic crosshair toggling and stealth meter (sneak eye) lowering during hovering on interaction objects/NPC's, compatible with the custom UI/crosshair mods.
  • Dynamic aim assist auto-switching (tweaked similar to Proper aiming mod) separately for archery and magic also for 1st/3rd person.
  • Dynamic script perfomance: 3rd person functions are inhibited during 1st person and vise versa.
  • NPC accuracy degree control: enemies become more/less sniper or squint-eyed :)

All dynamic features will apply depending on player's activity - exploring, ranged, melee and spell-blade (hybrid ranged/melee).

Please remember that all mod features can be customized via MCM menu to suit any liking, so your own opinion will be based on how you set up the mod.

> Any detailed description?
All MCM settings are well documented - each option contain hovering hints appearing below.
Please open the Acticles tab on these mod page to find out how to upgrade mod, what mods are compatible, how add gamepad suport, etc. Documentation is still WIP but the info that already there is quite useful.

> TUTORIAL movie
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The material is specially worked out as an addition to the available knowledge of experienced perfectionists of archery and magic, but it is equally useful for beginners. So, this video is not a training tool for the mindless repetition of the actions shown, and certainly not intended for those who like to press the "attack" button so that the enemy instantly dies.

+ This tutorial contain details about finding the appropriate the aiming offsets which can be interesting and useful.
+ Please, don't worry when you see in this video some MCM settings from old version mod (3PCO++), it does not influence an essence of tutorial.
+ Material is structured on sections and contain short entertainment pauses between.


By giving some free coin you will make really good deed because I have a quite difficult situation IRL (not just financial): I taking care of my beloved wife, she has a legs disability since almost born, that's not a joke at all. I will be very grateful for your kindness and I'm very happy that you can enjoy the AIM FIX mod.|| Patreon


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> Credits/gratitude to:
  • Bethesda - for such beautiful creation.
  • Honorable Watang - for the 3PCO mod on which the AIM FIX mod was based initially.
  • leochan125 - for Chinese translation.
  • Everwatch - for idea about the aiming offsets for magic and spell-blade option (hybrid ranged/melee).
  • DireCerf - for a crosshair hovering function idea.
  • darkangel2041 and dtrail - for the idea to make AIM FIX compatible with the custom UI mods.
  • Loostreaks - for the idea to make an option "Auto Switch 3rd Person View: Magic Only".