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Adds parallax occlusion mapping to the game.

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Please report in the posts which preset is the best for you by quality and performance balance.

WARNING! Do not send me messages, please.

Parallax decals released.
Terrain complex parallax is released, also with shadows.
Shadows for complex parallax released. They are casted from all lights without limit to 4.

This mod contains several preconfigured files for the new feature of ENBSeries (v0.481 and newer).

Complex parallax is an effect which made flat textures looks like they are very high poly geometry. Game have own parallax which is fast but very poor quality, gives "melting" look. To reduce it, modders tried to make height maps for parallax blurry. TES Oblivion also have the same effect and it looks nice there with minimal melting just because textures are suitable for it. Now it's time to something truly detailed and good looking and here comes complex parallax.

Complex parallax can be performance heavy and depends from screen resolution mostly, but generally it's fast enough for videocards of last decade. Of course when no objects with parallax are visible on the screen no fps lost. There are three options available for tweaking quality levels and they depends from distance to the object from the camera, feel free to change.
With my videocard cannot setup properly to find balance between performance and quality, because it's too fast, so i hope people here could find out optimal values which will be used in future updates.
Terrain complex parallax is much slower because 6 textures are traced instead of 1 in regular objects complex parallax. Internally quality for it made worse than for regular objects, but still not recommended to set high quality unless you have beast videocard or running at low screen resolution.

1 Copy one of enbcomplexparallax.ini file to your game folder.
2 Open enbseries.ini and set there in the [EFFECT] category EnableComplexParallax=true. If you have file enbseries.ini inside folder "enbseries", also modify it the same way.
3 Download and install any mod which applies parallax textures and meshes. You do need such mod to see effect.
4 Enjoy!

Early version had driver crash when parallax meshes are not valid. Fixed in the most recent binary (d3d11.dll).
Many existing parallax mods have graphical glitches like stretched textures or flipping them depending from camera angles. This means parallax mesh is not valid, missing required vertex data (tangent space vectors) or/and some mesh flags set/unset. Such mods need an update anyway, because with old parallax they still do not work correctly.
"Warping" for some places may occur. To fix that, install SSE Engine fixes.
"Floating" texture without any parallax usually means height map is missing, so game use white color instead of it.

To have better performance resolution of the heightmap must be low as much as possible.
Format of heightmap texture do matter, use compressed when you can (depends from data in texture, some need uncompressed).
Apply manual blur by brush to the heightmap in areas where it is too sharp, this can help to reduce errors in the tracing parallax and lower quality setting of effect with no visual degradation.

This is Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM) effect mixed with Parallax Offset Mapping to get benefits from both of them. Steep Parallax Mapping is also very similar algorithm. Effect reminds tesselation with displacement but have some pros and cons. Generally speaking, parallax allow to have fake look of the geometry, much like tesselation with displacement and the parallax method used in this code gives one of the best possible quality.