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A thoughtful, vanilla-friendly remodel of the base game reverb, extended ambience, interior sounds, and more.

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Regional Sounds Expansion ◈ Acoustic Space Improvement Fixes

Audio Overhaul for Skyrim SE ◈ Immersive Sounds Compendium
Audio Overhaul - Immersive Sounds Integration ◈ Engine Fixes


Reverb Interior Sounds Expansion is a thoughtful, vanilla-friendly extension of base game reverb models and interior ambience – powered by Sound Record Distributor and inspired by my previous work on Audio Overhaul for Skyrim SE. Beyond reverb, this mod adds subtle interior ambience, extends ambience across different regions, makes improvements the most common vanilla output models, and "fixes" some bugs present in the base game.

New audio was also created specifically for the purpose of this mod.

By design, it is highly compatible and has safety-checks in for the most popular weather mods.
Plays nicely with both the base game and Audio Overhaul for Skyrim users. Remember to check your volume sliders!


REMODELED AND IMPROVED REVERB PROFILES – Most vanilla reverb models have been reworked and extended to account for room size, surface material, and to better differentiate certain interiors from each other. 

EXTERIOR REVERB – Introduces newly added reverb to exteriors to simulate sounds bouncing off of outside surfaces, like houses, rocks, caves, and more. This is subtle, but noticeable during moments of low activity and light ambience.

INTERIOR AMBIENCE – New interior sounds have been added that reflects the current weather, such as wind during snowstorms, rain and thunder during rain storms, and small ambient creaks to small interiors like houses and mines. Certain interiors will now better reflect their environment, and care has been taken to ensure the newly added sounds don't feel repetitive or intrusive.

MOD SUPPORT – If you have Regional Sounds Expansion installed, additional sounds from that mod will be patched into the remodeled region records at runtime. This is done automatically, does not require you to download a compatibility patch, and is highly recommended.

IMPROVED OUTPUT MODELS – "Under-the-hood", minor changes and fixes have been made to the existing sound output models in vanilla. NPCs voices will travel slightly further, but at the rate of a logarithmic falloff curve to compensate. The reverb send of these models have been made slightly quieter to take into account the changes made.


Unfortunately be several comparisons made between this and what's currently available.
Here are some differences between this mod and Reverb and Ambience Overhaul.

   ■  Singular focused – as few edits and features as possible to accommodate all users.
   ■  Correct reverb models that account for size and material.
   ■  Less send, resulting in a clearer and less washed-out sound.
   ■  Less repetitive sounds with a lower chance of overlapping.
   ■  No ambience designed and intended for exteriors in interiors.
     ■  No dungeon cave tones in exteriors.
     ■  No dungeon cave tones in stone houses.
   ■  New sounds specifically designed for interior playback.
   ■  Fewer bugs and oversights compared to alternatives.

Out of interest, certain features have been lifted from Reverb Ambience Overhaul (but modified and improved).
As an example, Ratway in Riften now has extended ambience to differentiate itself from Imperial Forts.


Many weather mods add their own interior rain and thunder sounds that would normally conflict with these types of mods. Luckily, with Sound Record Distributor, these sounds are patched into the region records on runtime, meaning no messy compatibility patches.

Currently, if you're using a weather mod that adds its own interior rain or thunder, the sounds added by your weather mod will take priority. Close to 20 weathers are supported and documented, and more can be found in the sticky post.

If you don't think your weather is supported, leave a comment and I will reply.


Mods that add additional "thunderstorm" weathers will be disabled for the sake of consistency, but you can re-enable them for the trade-off of not having interior thunder sounds during every thunderstorm. As an example, RAID Weathers extends the pool of "thunderstorm" weathers.
By default, you will not hear any thunder sounds in interiors.

If you remove "- RAID Weathers.esp!" from "Reverb Interior Sounds Expansion.esp_Thunder_SRD.yaml", you can restore these sounds for all of the vanilla weathers. Patching this to support all weathers is as simple as adding the weathers to the condition check.