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As usual, a little realism, a little bit of magic, an ENB preset created specifically for NAT 3

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ENB preset designed for NAT 3

Link to my Patreon site:

Version 1.2 - Updated only preset, Fomod is the same, so you don't need to re-download it. Required ENB version 0.499 (with IBL fixed) dated 7 may 2024 or later.

A preset designed for NAT 3 (Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel). Interiors prepared for LUX (I will think about other interior lighting mods later, need to get some rest).

All the good things in this preset are mainly due to L00, the author of NAT. I just added my three cents and tried not to spoil everything too much.
I am just an ordinary craftsman who tries to make everything look good, but I know my limitations. So if you are looking for a preset with a more artistic soul then probably the original ENB created by L00 will be a more appropriate choice.

Don't suggest too much by my screens, it should look a bit better in a modded game, I only have a few mods installed as a rule of thumb, what will look good in the unmodded game should look even better in the modded version ;)

One more important thing, Complex Parallax and Complex Materials are disabled by default because they need spacially prepared modifications, Terrain Blending and DoF too, because performance (shift+F7 if you want quickly enable DoF), I left Complax Grass and Complex Grass Collisions on.

Reminder. With ENB you can now get slightly better shadows by changing the value iNumSplits=2 to iNumSplits=3, SkyrimPrefs.ini, section [Display]. I've seen posts suggesting a big negative effect on performance, so be careful, but I haven't experienced it.

Install the FOMOD file using the mod manager, of course.

A big thank you to Boris for his hard work in optimising ENB,
L00 for NAT and allowing me to use various things from his modifications,
Adyss for the new Bloom shader,
and KingEric1992 for the sunsprite shader, patience and a lot of help.




- Hard requirements -

- These slightly less Hard requirements -

- These can also be useful -


Installation instructions:


- Download and install "NAT.ENB - ESP WEATHER PLUGIN" and "EVLaS"
- Download "Rudy ENB NAT ADDONS and REQUiRED Files FOMOD" from the files section
- Install it using the mod manager, must have a higher priority than the NAT plugin
- Download ENB binaries. Copy "d3d11.dll" and "decompiler_46e.dll" and paste into your Skyrim SE/AE root folder
- Download my ENB preset
- Install it manually. Copy one folder "enbseries" and two files "enblocal.ini" and "enbseries.ini" to the main directory of the game

- If you will want to remove my preset and install another one, for example, remember to delete this folder and these two files first
- If you will be removing ENB, delete these two files "d3d11.dll" and "decompiler_46e.dll"


Load order suggestion:

NightEyeENBFix.esp (from my FOMOD)
NAT - Patch - Rudy ENB.esp (from my FOMOD)
LUX - Apocrypha Patch - Rudy ENB NAT.esp (from my FOMOD)

Since I modified some effect meshes from NAT and a couple of textures, my FOMOD must have a higher priority than NAT plugin. Important thing, don't overwrite the sun texture I use.

Water for ENB and EmbersXD should be placed before (as any mod that changes anything in the interiors) LUX.
NightEyeENBFix should work, it just needs to be enabled in enbeffect.fx.ini, in the ENB UI, but I admit I haven't checked it thoroughly.


- Skyrim SE options menu and SkyrimPrefs.ini and Skyrim.ini -


Turn off:

- Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
- Snow Shader
- Lens Flare

A few important things:

- You need to use in-game volumetric rays. Many fog effects require them, make sure that in SkyrimPrefs.ini, "bVolumetricLightingEnable" is set to "1"

- Make sure that in SkyrimPrefs.ini Skyrim.ini, these lines look exactly like this:



- You need in-game DoF, "ENB underwater" effect requires it, even if the game's DoF is disabled in the enblocal.ini file.

- I use a special shader for flares from the sun (SunSpritesFX11 by kingeric1992), so the default one has to be turned off:


But if you prefer the default sun flare from NAT, then disable EnableSunGlare in ENB effects and make sure that bLensFlare is set to 1 in Skyrimprefs.ini and keep in mind that NAT also has its own ini in which these things can also be changed.



VLs in interiors are messed up anyway, but leave it just in case.

You can use BethINI for the ini tweaks


Hot Keys in my enblocal.ini


shift+F12 - disable/eneble effects
shift+Enter - ENB GUI
shift+F7 - DOF on/off
Insert - screenshot - saved in the "screenshots" folder in the game's root directory

If the shift+Enter combination didn't work for you, change in the enblocal.ini these two lines: KeyCombination=0 and KeyEditor=35. Now the END key should bring up the GUI.



- General info -


- For new ENB users - this preset (as many others) can't be installed using mod manager because the files aren't copied to the Skyrim Data folder.
But you can find many managers specially designed for installing ENB or ReShade, here on Nexus.

- The Famous Letterbox effect (yes, those two black bars at the bottom and top of the screen) is on by default - you can turn it off, just open the ENB GUI, select "Show shaders window" and adjust or turn off the Letterbox in the enbeffectpostpass.fx. Why is it on? One simple reason. The detail shadows in ENB are screen space effect, you can just see them appear and disappear frequently, especially at the top and bottom of the screen.

- If you are using "SSE Engine Fixes" and you have problems with too bright LOD in snow-covered areas, set "BSLightingShaderForceAlphaTest" to false in the EngineFixes.ini.

- If you are using "SSE Display Tweaks" and you're stuck on the title screen, set "ForceVSync=false" and "EnableFPSLimit=false" in enblocal.ini.

Known mods that can cause ENB issues

Here you can fine-tune your monitor:


My preset is designed for the white balance - 6500K and Gamma 2.2


- Known issues and some tips -


I overuse IL from ENB (indirect lighting) a bit, because I like that reflected light effect. If it bothers you, you can fix it in the [SSAO_SSIL] section, in the ENB GUI.

Animated stars. If you don't use my textures for the night sky, you will probably have to tune this effect a bit, the [SKY] section in the ENB GUI

If you want to change the sharpening of the image, take a look at enbeffectpostpass.fx, there you will find all the settings.

In some interiors (for example, Nordic Ruins) I use the [WETSURFACES] effect for bodies, here, unfortunately, a lot depends on the set of textures you use. You can disable this (or tweak it) in the weather ini, just set BodyReflectionAmount to zero.


All credits go to :

- Boris Vorontsov
- L00
- Kingeric1992
- Adyss
- Kojak747
- JawZ
- Marty McFly
- Tapioks
- MaxG3D
- Jjensson
- Phinix
- Bethesda
- lazy4466
- True Draconis
- LonelyKitsuune
- IconicDeath
- isoku
- lKocMoHaBTl
- JonnyWang13
- Mangaclub
- Doodlezoid
- InstantKor
- foreverphoenix
- Pamposzek
- Soulmancer

Sorry for my english, it's not my native language.