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About this mod

Standalone CBBE SE Bodyslide conversion of Billyro and Artsick's incredible Peacekeeper armour. Includes bug fixes and optimizations to the original mesh and HD normals compressed with BC7.

Permissions and credits
The armor and its variants can be crafted at the forge with the Steel Smithing perk. Upgrades are performed at the workbench.

What's Been Fixed/Changed:

  • Fixed weighting of hood/helmet to prevent the inner layer from clipping (see screenshots)
  • Centered middle seam of pants to prevent gaps in the crotch and butt
  • Removed unnecessary vertices from the armor
  • Split the armor into seperate shapes (makes it easier to manage)
  • Armor now classified as heavy to match the keywords

What's Included:
  • Bodyslide files and physics where applicable (butt)
  • Different plugin types for the load order connoisseur
  • Optional HD normal maps to make the cloth portions look more like cloth

For those who want the fixes, but not "boob plate armor", I've included an additional slider to retain the original shape of the chestpiece. (see the first screenshot)

The chestpiece is pretty low poly. So if you go too big, you will get pointy bits. Nothing I can do.


Incompatible: LukeCypher's port of Peacekeeper
Reason: I had to make changes to accomplish the Bodyslide conversion and helmet fix. Because of this the "Royal" retexture will no longer apply to the armor or helmet. 

Suggested Workaround
  • If you have a game in progress with LukeCypher's port, and don't want to lose the armor you have built in-game, select the ESP option during the installation and uninstall LukyCypher's
  • If you don't care about losing the armor uninstall his and install the ESL option
  • If you have patches dependent on the ESP extension, uninstall his and install the ESPFE option


Install with Vortex or Mod Organizer 2.

This mod is safe to uninstall at any time. Remove the mod from your manager and delete the archive off your disk.


ousnius and Caliente - CBBE and Outfit Studio/Bodyslide (the best thing since sliced bread! it's seriously magic)
Billyro and Artsick for the original armor
kj1222b for the modified normal maps
my tester who also provided the screenshots