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In the new version 3.1.5, You can jumpattack by using your War Ash skill in the air.

This version no longer uses the Elden Perk Tree.You can upgrade the new Talent system by killing enemies to gain upgrade material

The new talent system will allow you to unlock more war ash skills and extra abilities!

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What is Elden RIm?

Elden Rim is a combat overhaul module that includes special skills, special hard straight animations, a combo key system, a magic frame, a full toughness system, and a skill talent tree. You can't install any other hard straight system, and I will continue to update it to have more features for modern games. These features are based on skyrim's original game, so it is unscripted and very safe

Elden rim is a module that contains a wealth of skill animations, as of now Elden rim has at least 100 skills, you can always find your favorite in it!

To ensure that the module works consistently, please arrange the ESPs in the following order:

--EldenSkyrim (front, make sure it is at the top of the list)
--KeyTraceForEldenRim (KeyTrace direction triggers the compatibility patch)
--RimImpactOfPlayer(Elden Impact Systems)
--RimImpactOfMob(Non-human enemy ring toughness patch)
--EldenSkyrim_RimSkills(Battle Skills)
--Other Elden Battle Skills Linkage Patches

You can also follow the following installation sequence
Elden Rim Base
Elden Rim Weapon Arts
Elden Rim War Ash Pack01
Elden Rim War Ash Pack02

Known issues
1.If you install Elden Counter, running nemesis engine WITHOUT the Elden Counter - Vanilla Behavior Patch makes the ashes of war work.This is a known issue.

2.If you have MCO installed, it is at least version 1.5.X.

3.I recommend you to use MCO with 1.5.X

3.0.0 New Command

Set EldenTalentLevel to X

This level affects the progress of unlocking War Ash Skills.

How to use Elden Rim items
Elden Rim items are essentially pieces of equipment, and they all follow the following instructions
1. Add it as a preference
2. Open the preferences menu, select the item and press the number key.
3. By doing the above, you can bind skills to your number keys, and you can configure up to 8 skills
4. Some of the skill triggers require you to enter "charge", which means the sprint button in the original game
5. Your right hand must be equipped with a weapon
6.As you advance in talent level, some skills will be permanently available to you, and additional abilities will be unlocked at levels 20/40/60/80/100.

About how to experience version 3.1.5
1.You must update 3.1.5 without any Elden Rim items in your backpack!

2.Please do not install Elden Perk Tree, you must make sure that this module is not loaded!

3.When you kill an enemy, you will have a 10% chance of getting a skill scroll from them. In this way you can get new War Ash skills.

4.When you kill an enemy, you can find the materials you need to upgrade your Talent System. Use them to upgrade your talent level!

5.You may have the opportunity to obtain a skillbook from an enemy, and when your talent level meets the requirements, you will be allowed to choose one of the skillbook's three effects as your extra ability

6.You can use War Ash while jumping so you can perform jump attacks. Some skills allow you to perform attacks while in the air.

Elden Impact Systems

1. Elden Impact Systems is a simple stagger system developed based on the original game design ideas, its underlying design is implemented by the original impact system, so it has better compatibility with most of the biological modules, it does not need any behavior patch can also run normally.

2. On the contrary, it is very fragile, it cannot coexist with other similar stagger mods, and installing it at the same time will inevitably cause the problem that some functions cannot be triggered.

Impact Rules
1. According to your weapon type, determine the size of the impact caused by this weapon in the light strike, generally 60% of the impact of the heavy strike of the weapon. For example, if the sway value of a two-handed weapon is 1.1, the sway value of a two-handed weapon caused by a light strike is 0.66

2. Light impact: In version 2.8.2, you need to hit 2 times in a row to make an enemy stagger.When you attack an enemy that is attacking, you can just make it stagger!

3. Break move: When you use light strike to attack an enemy that is attacking, a one-handed weapon only needs 2 attacks to cause a hard straight, while a two-handed weapon causes a direct hard straight

4. Imbalance resistance: talent tree imbalance resistance related perk can reduce the strength of the hardness you and the enemy suffer, which makes the performance of heavy armor and light armor difference

5. Super Armor:Armor level increases the duration of Super Armor by 0.002 seconds per level.

6. Unload defense: a special status, by default triggered by non-human enemies, when the enemy's moves appear golden effects, you will not be able to defend against this attack

7. Difficulty adjustment: when you make an attack, you take 50% more damage, when your stamina is below 5%, you take 100% more damage

8. You will be subject to the same normal stagger as the enemy, when you are in a hard straight, you can try to lift this state by jumping

9.In 2.8.2, enemies will enter the Vengeance state when attacked.If your impact is too low, you won't be able to deal effective staggers to your enemies.

Elden Execution System(2.7.7)

1.Das Elden Execution System ist eine Funktion von Elden Rim, die auf Modern Stagger Lock basiert.You need to have Modern Stagger Lock installed to experience this module!

2.You can use the caestus or hunter's gun to bounce off attacking enemies.When you succeed twice, the enemy will fall to his knees.

3.You can lock on to that enemy and attack it at point-blank range to trigger an execution.

4.Currently the damage calculation for this feature is only related to your blocking level.You need to wear the appropriate Rim Ring to boost damage

Thank these people:

Achang for the skill activation system

dTry for payload interpreter

绝伦少年 for the cover image And special effects

Larph’s Taunt Animation for its inspiration

ARCHLEE Provide key combination scripts

Dibellabless Made an English version

Some special effects of chaos

Anchor has created a magic array effect.Provides npc animation for Elden rim 2.8.2

Yong Ri Ming Provides npc animation for Elden rim 2.8.2

mokeine wrote scripts to align characters when countering enemies

Shepiao Generously provide Ancient Lightning Spear animation

jiaowei521 generously provide some of the battle moves

lednight Translation help for Elden Rim

WhereDeadAngelsLie Thanks to the B.O.O.B.I.E.S (aka Immersive Icons) that he produced. Now I learned how to replace icons

gutris1 author of Wooden Crossbow

PraedythXV author of Vigilant Glenmoril Gun Replacer

omg1234 Inspired me in this design


This is not a thank you list, this is a list of thieves, players take care to avoid them:

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