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An extensive, standalone regional sound overhaul for towns, dungeons, and open-world – based and improved upon Audio Overhaul for Skyrim.

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Sound Record Distributor ◈ Engine Fixes

Reverb Interior Sounds Expansion ◈ Acoustic Space Improvement Fixes


Regional Sounds Expansion is a standalone release of Audio Overhaul for Skyrim's incredible ambience feature; expanded and improved upon the original. Through Sound Record Distributor, all regional records are patched at runtime meaning no fiddling with complex weather and seasonal weather patches is involved. Regional Sounds Expansion adds ambience to towns, the wilderness, pine forests, the rift, caves, the reach, the frozen north, dungeons, forts, and more.

For Audio Overhaul for Skyrim users, you can expect this mod to work seamlessly with the latest 3.9.0 release of the mod, as play friendly with all of its changes to the base game output models. All users are encouraged to try Reverb Interior Sounds Expansion as well.

Regional Sounds Expansion Demonstration (1.5.1)
Seasonal Landscapes, High Fantasy Whiterun, Obsidian Weathers


Roughly 500 new ambient sounds throughout Skyrim, chosen and placed with care in terms of location. These sounds are subtle, non-intrusive, but significantly more vivid and varied compared to what is available in the base game. Vanilla sounds have had their timing and presence adjusted to prevent overlap. Out-of-place sounds have been lowered or even removed, with others added to emphasize the character of the environment.

The Whiterun Tundra is about open grass fields with insects and wind hitting your ears. The Reach is bare and windy, with eagles and various birds echoing through the mountains and rocks falling in the distance. Snowfields and mountains are cold and have little life with biting gusts and snow carried away by the wind. And Hjaalmarch Swamps are eerily dead with just some insects and frogs.

Additionally, Towns and Cities have individually had their sound expanded through subtle foley, background activity, distant shouting, and more to simulate the movement of higher traffic environments while not feeling forced or unrealistic. Cities lacking regional ambience will inherit the regional sounds of the area they reside in (i.e. subtle Reach ambience added to Markarth).

Among these changes, several bugfixes have been made. Duplicate sound descriptor entries have been removed entirely, certain vanilla sounds will be replaced, many records are properly be routed to the ambient category, and more.


Installation instructions are as follows...

■  Download and install Sound Record Distributor.
■  Install Regional Sounds Expansion and let it overwrite all content.

If you're an Audio Overhaul for Skyrim SE user, please update to 3.9.0.


Conflicts likely will not arise. Regional Sounds Expansion only touches sound descriptors.
Load this mod and similar audio mods as early as possible ("early loader").
This is to ensure all no important records are being overwritten by accident.

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