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Vivid Weathers is the ultimate weather mod for Skyrim. It combines features features from COT, ESS, SS, Vivid Snow, Vivid Clouds and Fogs, Real Skyrim Snowflakes and much much more into an in-depth overhaul. It revamp the colors and weathers of the game to achieve a stunning effects even without an ENB.

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Welcome to Vivid Weathers - a complete Weather and Visual overhaul for Skyrim Special Edition ( and Anniversary )

Vivid Weathers is the latest and biggest Weather and Visual Overhaul for Skyrim SE.

It overhauls all the Skyrim Weathers and Imagespaces, and add a whole bunch of new 
ones (500+) along with custom effects (Snowstorms, blizzards, thick fog, distant fogs, distant rain, particle snowflakes...) ...and much more!
It includes all the features from Real Skyrim Snowflakes, Vivid Clouds & Fogs, and offer a comprehensive compilation of multiple weathers style found in other weathers mods such as Climates Of Tamriel, Expanded Snow System or Supreme Storms.
It is especially tweaked to look stunning without a ENB in use - so weaker rigs can also benefit from the wonderful weathers.

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- Over 500+ Weathers  - Clear, Cloudy, Blizzards, Snowstorms, Rainy, Rainstorms, Foggy and Thunderstorms... everything you need!
- Complete replacement and enhancement of every imagespaces, so a ENB is not needed to have a immersive weather experience
- Uses Filmic Color Correction - a unused Feature in Skyrim for better Color Grading!
- Adjustable Interior and Night Brightness via ingame menu
- Adjustable Saturation and Bloom via ingame menu
- Support for: Dragonborn, Dawnguard, Falkskaar, AOS, SOS and more
- Over 150 new cloud textures
- 16 new deep thunder sounds for bad weathers
- Immersive sunrise and sunsets by selective cloud coloring
- Extended ground-fogs that adds volumetric fogs on foggy weathers
- Real Skyrim Snowflakes that add in-game particles snow for a completely new snowfall and blizzard experience
- New stars and galaxy textures
- Distant mountain fogs and rain effects
- Moving fog particles seen during heavy fogs
- Immersive sunsets/sunrise textures
- Several replacements and fixes for smoke and fog textures (Vivid Clouds and Fogs)
- Enhanced ENB-Friendly Ambient, Tints, Fogs, and Clouds colors
- Wetness and Rain effects
- MCM Menu and Book for Easy adjustin Interior & Night brightness, Saturation and Bloom
- Enhanced Godrays
- Enhanced lensflares

Future Updates and considerations
- Moon phase & auroras affect night lighting
- Custom lightning strikes effects

Vivid Weathers  :
HDMI & Display port users, make sure your dynamic range is set to full!
- Please make sure you set fGamma=1.0000 in SkyrimPrefs.ini

- Download and install with your favorite mod manager, and pick the options you like. 
- Make sure ALL other weather mods and cloud mods are disabled, Vivid Weathers overwrites them all. (see compatibility)
- After Starting Vivid Weathers, you can go in you Inventory and open up the Vivid Weathers book or MCM Menu
   to adjust colors and brightness to your liking. Brightness settings will apply after a few seconds while being in game. 
- Recommended Particle amount is 6000, which needs to be set manually in the iMaxDesired setting in SkyrimPrefs.ini

Vivid Weathers have built-in compatibility with:
- Frostfall

Vivid Weathers is compatible with Interior Lighting mods such as:
- Enhanced Lighting for ENB - ELE
- Realistic Lighting Overhaul (do NOT use the weather module with VW)
- ELFX (do NOT use the weather module with VW)

Vivid Weathers provide support (a.k.a. Vividified weathers and effects) for the following mods:
- Falskaar (Patch in progress)
- Wyrmstooth (Waiting for port... ?)
- Summerset Isle (Waiting for port)

Vivid Weathers SE provide compatibility patches for the following SE mods:
- Audio Overhaul for Skyrim
- Sounds Of Skyrim
- Wet & Cold (Under experimentation, no critical conflicts).
- Lantern Of Skyrim (Patch in progress)

The following mods offer compatibility patches for Vivid Weathers on their own page:
- Darker Nights

Vivid Weathers is "compatible" with most ReShade and ENB presets out there at the moment,
but the look of the game will most likely differ from the intended one.

Vivid Weathers is not compatible with other weathers overhaul (pretty obvious hm?), such as:
 - Truestorm (A patch is planed in the future by FadingSignal)
 - Climates Of Tamriel
- Other weathermods obviousley

Make sure you load Vivid Weathers after any mod altering Ambiant Sounds and Weather Distribution

If using Wet & Cold, load Vivid Weathers after Wet & Cold (for weather distribution in Solstheim). A Proper patch is planed.

- Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
- Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Water (Pick one)
- Realistic Water Two
- WATER - Water and Terrain Enhancement Redux

Interior lighting
- Enhanced Lighting for ENB - ELE

- Skyrim Flora Overhaul
- Verdant

Special Effects
- Wet & Cold

Special Lensflare effects  to all clear weathers made by https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3873/
(thanks to the guys for allowing me to include their mod) 

Kesta - Techboy, being awesome (yes, he also rewrote this part of the description)
Mator - Automation Tools, and of great help in desperate times!
Unmeix - Weather distribution (per-region chances)
JJC - Climates of Tamriel, Inspiration for certain aspects of the mod
JAWZ - edited atmosphere.nif
All the Beta testers!
Detailed sound credits for authorized distribution are detailed inside the archive
L00 - inspirations for scripting work
qqqbbb - for parts of his mod Moonphase Affects Night brightness

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