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I always loved Blary's mod OpenBooks Resource.

I felt like it added a lot to the mods that used it, so I thought that I could make a whole bunch of new pages for the books in the hope that even more people would use these resources in their mods.

There are a total of 24 static open books. Each book has two visible custom made pages. (Which makes a total of 48 pages of awesome stuff!)

This is only a modders resource. There is no esp file! This does not add these books into the game. You must do this yourself.

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Version History:
1.1 First Release
1.2 Attempt to fix bug with texture paths
1.3 After some help from insaneplumber, DanielCoffey, and LP1 I believe the texture path problem has been fixed


Use these resources for your Mods! However, please credit myself and Blary if you plan on publishing your mod. Also it would be nice to send me a message letting me know so that I can see your mod! Any pictures of the books in game that you take would be very appreciated.


Blary: For the meshes and original idea without which this would not be possible.
All the Folks at DeviantART: Obsidian Dawn @,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and