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Breath of the wild's Paraglider comes to Skyrim!

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Address Library
Better Jumping
No, you cannot use this with FNIS. It 100% requires nemesis

Install with Mod Organizer 2, Run Nemesis and tick the Paraglider patch, Load Paraglider last in Nemesis' priority list, generate behaviours, and you're done. 
I'm sure you know the drill by now.

CGO and MBO have known compatibility issues, NickNak has been gracious enough to provide a patch in the FOMOD that solves these issues.
Jump Behaviour Overhaul is compatible out of the box.
Better Jumping is also compatible.
Other than this, I could not find incompatibilities but due to how the mod works, if you are using anything that causes the vanilla jump states to become unused, then Paraglider will not work; The Paraglider behaviours are based on the vanilla jump state and thus require them to work properly.
True Directional Movement is recommended to be used with this as it makes it truly feel like BOTW.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Paraglider comes to Skyrim. Nearly 6 months in development after various hurdles and issues, It's finally reached a playable, working state and is ready to be released to the public. Contributions for different paraglider textures courtesy of Cloudbird as well as the original texture by NickNak. Texture replacers do NOT need permission from me or NickNak and we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE THEM! c:

To acquire the Paraglider, exit Falkreath's East Gate and head towards the crossroads. You will be greeted by a man named Fred.
To use the Paraglider, press the activate key while falling.

(If you use AddItemMenu or insert into inv using console commands, the script to change the graph variable won't fire. Actually physically pick up the paraglider like the quest wants you to.)

Due to how AnimObjects work in this game, there is no way that this can work in First Person. I hope to update it at some point to force third person but as right now, I could not quite figure that out. This is a Third Person only thing.

NickNak for the Animations, Behaviours, Quest, and Locations. (they're basically the backbone of this mod)
They have provided provided art resources for everything involving Paraglider as well!
The SKSE team for SKSE
for CommonLib
Cloudbird for the alternate textures

and of course, powerofthree for their huge gigantic brain.

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