Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Retexture that enhance the detail of mountains and rocks. A more realistic look. 4k, 2k, and 1k resolutions available.

Permissions and credits


New textures for the mountains and rocks, more detailed , i tried to get a realistic feeling, without break the vanilla tone.


Rebuilt of the main version to improve quality on 4k, I´ve reworked the diffuse and the normal textures, these are different from the original version. There are some versions designed to work fine with Vanilla game without any Enb or reshade preset, just with the normal desaturated boring vanilla palette. This versions are Real mountains Rebuilt vanilla and Real Mountains Rebuilt brown vanilla, the classic version works fin with vanilla palette.


Now you can choose a different texture for the wet rocks, it brings more variety to the game.

Rebuilt version comparisons:

Thanks user DonProtein for the video, check out his Sinitar Gaming youtube channel for more Skyrim videos.

Thanks user Gundamzeppelin for the video, check out his It'sAGundam youtube channel for more Skyrim videos.


Just extract the content in the data folder.


1. Extract the next content inside the folder to the data folder:

- 00 Core files * choose wich resolution you want: 1k, 2k, 4k *

2. Choose one of the versions you want, and the resolution, then copy the content of the folder to the data folder: 

-10 default, 20 Brown, 30 Classic, 40 Classic Bright, 50 Default vanilla, 60 Brown vanilla, and 70 Eroded

3. Finally if you want to use the "Alternative wet rocks" you have to extract the next content inside these folders to the data folder:

*Choose one:
-01 core wet rocks all - if you want all wet rocks to be changed for the new textures
-01 core wet rocks mixed - if you want a mix between new textures and the one you choose before.

*Choose one:
-01 Alternative wet rocks *resolution* -This for the Default, Brown, classic, and brown vanilla textures
-01 Alternative wet rocks *resolution* - eroded -This for the Eroded and the classic bright textures


Real mountains              - default one
Real mountains eroded  - As the name say, the rocks are a little bit eroded
Real mountains bright    - Clearer texture

Version 1.1 - has an optimized diffuse (half the size of 1.0) and normal map.
Version 1.2  -fixes the issue with some textures that appear brighter than it should.
Rebuilt 1.2 - It contains a complete new diffuse map and improve normals to fit better at 4k


Resolution 4k/2k. There is practically no difference with the 4k version, at least at 1080 resolution, in fact i think the final result is slightly better with 2k textures. 

In order to get the look of the pictures it is important the use of my reshade preset Post Tenebras Lux (Reshade preset), as it change the colour palette, equalize the tone, contrast and brightness of vanilla game. 


Post Tenebras Lux (Reshade preset)
Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM by Brumbek
Realistic Water Two by isoku 

and some more, but these are the ones you can clearly see on the images.