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My commitment: French translations
I’m the administrator of the only voluntary French website dedicated to mod translations (“The Brotherhood of Translators”: La Confrérie des Traducteurs).
• We are the oldest and largest French translation site for mods since 2008. We have translated more than 3.450 mods for Skyrim, 8.100 for all games, for a total of 32 million downloads.
• Many modders have given us permission to translate their work and we have translated great mods like Falskaar, Wyrmstooth, Moonpath to Elsweyr, Legacy of the Dragonborn, the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch and even games like Nehrim and Enderal by SureAI. We're currently translating Skywind.

• There are no profit, no ads whatsoever, no bandwith limite on our site and it shall remain so. We always credit the authors and put a link to the original mod.

Our advantages compared to translations made on Nexus:

• Translations are tested, carefully proofread by selected members and constantly improved. We don't encourage DeepL/Google Translate translations, which unfortunately are the new norm on Nexus.

• We form a cohesive community and provide support to French-speaking users for all our translations on our forum (one topic per mod), to help those who don't understand English well, including full readmes and fomod installers.

• If a translator disappears (real life happens), we provide translation follow-up, update and support for French-speaking users so the translation won't be outdated and abandoned (whereas there are hundreds of outdated translations on Nexus).

• We push our users to endorse the mods they like on Nexus.
• We enjoy working with the authors and developing friendly bonds with them.
• Even if offering a full package to players is much more convenient, we host only the ESP file if it is the author's wish.

So, if you are afraid that the translation of your mod is not linguistically correct or not updated, that your wishes are not taken into account, fear no more: we respect your work as long as you respect ours - because translating is a hard job too, requiring both linguistical and lore knowledge ^^

If you have a problem regarding a translation of your work or want to know us better, don’t hesitate to contact me!
À tous les francophones : vous êtes les bienvenus sur la Confrérie des Traducteurs à tout moment et je suis disponible ici ou sur le forum pour répondre à vos questions en MP !



About me:
I am a French woman, I am 32 and I am a PhD in Classics, a librarian by heart and a research engineer in digital humanities. I love reading essays, writing love stories, studying linguistics, translating and, of course, playing video games.
I have been translating for more than 12 years. I led the French translation team for Nehrim and Enderal, translated (on my own or with others) ~1.450 mods, and proofread hundreds of other mods. I fiddle with modding too: I have converted some resources for modders and some armours and weapons.