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Every vanilla settlement now has a larger build area with custom border wall. Except Home Plate. Screw Home Plate. A must-have for Sim Settlements.

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All Settlements Extended!
Add screenshots of your settlements, would love to see them!

What does this do??

All scrappable items outside of original build area are now scrappable. Increases build area. Increases NPC sandbox. No objects or terrain touched. No enemy spawn markers inside build area. Also shows new custom borders that are vanilla style so they look great.

I recommend More Attackers for more settlement attacks and is fully compatible with this mod.

Every settlement, save Home Plate, has a larger build area. Typically out to a source of water. But not all of them can have this :/ 

This is how these settlements should have been made. If you're wondering why certain settlements seem like they could be bigger, it's because of enemy spawn markers or the density of the loaded area. Gotta work around these things. 

Performance Increase for Bunker Hill and Hangman's Alley!

This mod is designed to run with the Complete ASE and improve performance on these locations.

What about Sim Settlements?
Update 1.1 Fixes the issue with Sim Settlements! Fully compatible now. Thanks to KingGath (SS creator) for pointing me in the right direction. Before, settlers wouldn't work in the extended areas. Now we are all good and everyone should be happy haha. This version works fine with or without SS installed, no requirements. If you still have a problem, let me know. Version 1.0 will remain as an optional file download just in case you need to roll back.

What about those highlightable objects??

If you're wondering why some objects are highlightable but not scrappable its because there are mods that make extra things scrappable. I added these to be 'potentially' scrappable in case you have those mods installed. There are also a lot of things that can't simply be scrapped. So keep that in mind.

What about Far Harbor???

Here you go!

Neeher's Facebook!
But why should I go there? Is there some kind of gigantic mod you're working on? Oh there is? Let me check it out then! lol

Modifies the settlement cells as well as the border, the buildable area trigger, and the workbench. Doesn't move or remove anything. Shouldn't see cell reset. Should work fine with those restoration mods. Read above for Sim Settlements.
This mod is NOT compatible with Spring Cleaning.


What if I already have a settlement going at these locations?
You're good to install!

What if I have the individual ones installed? 
Disable those mods and use this one instead!

I have a cleaning mod but it's not working in some areas??
Lynna found a solution to this. Uninstalled this mod, reinstalled it, then uninstalled and reinstalled Scrap Everything.

Why is everything centered on this page almost??



No Bunker Hill Xbox Version

No Bunker Hill PS4 Version

Can I just download individual extended settlements instead?

Yes. Yes you may. Download:
All Settlement's Extended | Player's Choice

This mod allows you to individually pick which settlements from vanilla and all DLC that you want to have extended. There are even ESL versions to choose from.

Please don't tell me I missed a settlement...

Change notes about each Settlement

Sanctuary: Extended up to the end of the bridge, meets up against the Red Rocket new border. Other edges also extended. 
Red Rocket: Extended to meet with the new Sanctuary border. Nice large shared wall. Extended over water too for purifiers.
Abernathy Farm: All around much larger. Ton of build space on the East end.
Sunshine Tidings Co-op: Muuuch larger. Extended to the East where the water is for purifiers.
Tenpines Bluff: More like 30 pines bluff now. Although there are no pine trees in Fallout 4 til Far Harbor showed up... All around larger. I wanted to include that small bridge but the cliffside is troublesome. Settlers would get trapped there.
Outpost Zimonja: Extended to build over those rocks instead of around it. Lots of enemy markers around there unfortunately.
Starlight Drive In: Massive improvement. A whole lot more dirt to grow crops on. All around larger.
Graygarden: This area is pretty packed with enemies. Extended more North and South. Includes building on and above the freeway bridge.
Covenant: Can now build outside the walls a fair distance and to the water west.
Taffington Boathouse: Extended much more South and East. Includes building over the water. My main settlement right now haha.
Greentop Nursery: Extended more on the West and East sides. Generally larger.
The Slog: Didn't think the pool was enough. Now extended North to the water. Also East a whole lot, around the bus and diner.
Coastal Cottage: Generally larger. To the edges of the cliff and stuff.
Kingsport Lighthouse: All around larger. More water on the East sides.
Finch Farm: Noticeably much larger. Muchly. Goes out to the water.
Croup Manor: Extended South to include all those trees. Also more water fun.
County Crossing: Much longer. Much larger build area. Nothing special, no water around.
Bunker Hill: Extended outside the walls. Can build on the streets now.
Boston Airport: Extended West to the water!
Nordhagen Beach: People probably forget this one. This one is pretty huge now, all around.
Oberland Station: Extended West to the water. Long settlement. Much more usable.
Hangman's Alley: Extended North to the river. Can now build purifiers! Also out to the road to the West and a little farther into the water.
The Castle: Bigger pentagon. Yep.
Spectacle Island: Even bigggerrrrrr. More water building, all around.
Jamaica Plain: Entire city now. Yeah. Mostly scrappable. 
Somerville Place: Kind of out of the way but now extended on all sides quite a bit.
Murkwater Construction Site: All around much larger and actually functional as a settlement.
Warwick Homestead: All around much larger, more water too.
Egret Tours Marina: All around much larger, especially to the East.

Known Issue:
Currently, a common issue is that you can only build on ground or landscape, not other objects (building blocks pass through other stuff and are highlighted red meaning you can't place blocks). See Known Issue in bug reports page.


07-6-17 | Original Upload - 1.0
07-6-17 | Fixes issues with Sim Settlements - 1.1
-----------------------------------Also increases Hangman's Alley out to the road to the West and a little farther into the water.
07-10-17| Fixes an issue where settlers won't function properly at the Starlight drive In. -1.2
-----------------------------------Fixes an issue where settlers were lazy at The Castle
-----------------------------------Cleans the mod of ITM's.
07-17-17 | Fixes an issue where settlers at Coastal Cottage would spawn away from settlement and be broken -1.3
07-21-17 |
Fixes an issue where NPCs couldn't use the bridge in Sanctuary Hills -1.4
08-07-17 |
Fixes an issue where Spectacle Island's border didn't match build area -1.5
-----------------------------------Fixes a pathing issue with Bunker Hill
-----------------------------------Increases the size of Covenant to reach the water!
-----------------------------------Adds an optional download where Bunker Hill is not extended (Performance Issues)
-----------------------------------Further cleaning
08-14-17 | Hot fix for the annoying Sanctuary bridge bug lol -1.5.1
08-30-17 |
Added a new optional file. Removes edits of Bunker Hill and Hangman's Alley for better overall performance around these areas.
12-20-17 | Increases the build height of every settlement substantially. -1.6
-----------------------------------Some cleaning
-----------------------------------Some behind-the-scenes stuff to make settlements more stable with other mods
01-08-18 | Fixes an issue where the user couldn't scrap items at Red Rocket. -1.6.1
-----------------------------------This update may result in previously scrapped objects to return at RR, just scrap them again if this happens.


04-06-18 | All new Custom borders for every Commonwealth settlement -2.0
-----------------------------------Finch Farm increased build area to the water
-----------------------------------Sunshine Tidings increased build area
-----------------------------------Jamaica Plain increased build area
-----------------------------------Warwick Homestead increased build area
-----------------------------------Hangman's Alley increased build area in every direction
----------------------------------------------------------------------Allows compatibility for Hangman's Alley Interior Apartments
----------------------------------------------------------------------Load ASE after HAIA
06-13-18 | Fixes an issue where having More Attackers installed would cause strange behavior at Abernathy Farm. This was an ASE issue. -2.0.1
08-20-18 |
Fixes an issue where Sunshine Tidings border didn't match the build area -2.0.2
-----------------------------------Fixes issue like above on Green top Nursery
----------------------------------------------------------------------Increased Build height at Green Top Nursery