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Adds a new style of Power Armor Displays and Power Armor Stations for settlements with several color choices. Has ESL option.

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This mod adds an alternate display and workbench station to the displays and crafting menus.

How to use:
In the menus, there are two different kinds. Under Decoration>Displays>Power Armor, you will find the Displays set. These work exactly like the Contraptions DLC. Put power armor in front of it, activate the Display and it pops the power armor into the display.

The other set is for crafting and maintaining your power armor. You will find the Station set under the Crafting menu like the normal crafting benches. The difference between the sets is that the Station version requires the player to do the whole animation of using the station and then getting back up. Figured the simplicity of just the Display would be nice in case that is all that is needed. There are no wood options for this set because they would snap like twigs when lifting power armor lol, so immersive.

There are snap points on each side of the Displays. You can do side to side, front to back, even back to back displays. The DLC displays only do side to side.

The Displays also have lights on them but don't need to be powered. When constructing the displays, nuclear waste is needed instead.

This mod requires the Contraptions DLC (DLCworkshop02.esm) for use of its handy Display script and crafting menu. 
The ESP and ESL versions install like any other mod.

Only adds to existing menus without editing any vanilla records. Compatibility couldn't be better!

Future updates?
Maybe more skins or something lol