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Similar to that of Black Ops Zombies, RadiGhoul adds a 'horde' like game mode to Fallout 4 in a lore friendly way. Beat it and get a Quest.
Available for PC, Xbox One, and Fallout 4 VR.

Permissions and credits

RadiGhoul is the name of a raider owned business trying to make caps in a less raidery way. They created a game where challengers can put their combat skills to the test and fend off a seemingly endless horde of ghouls. It's free if you live or quit. It's pretty Radical. Check out the trailer below.

The 1.5 Update Video!

-It's like Cod Zombies
-Lore friendly
-Points system
-Weapon buying and upgrading within The Game with points
-50 waves (currently)
-Enemies get tougher as the waves go on
-Get a quest to do after you beat The Game. Talk to Tracen.
-Full Fallout 4 VR support
-No DLC requirements

Upon installation and loading up your game, you will be told to see the Wanted Board in Diamond City's Dugout Inn. Follow this misc category quest. 

There is also another more actual quest that can be done after you beat all 50 waves. Be sure to talk to Tracen.

It is recommended not to play The Game with a companion(s), but you can if you so desire.

Why did you make this?
I originally made this because I wanted to play Cod Zombies in VR. There are actual games that are zombie based but not quite like Cod Zombies where you have to buy the weapon off the wall, kill zombies, get points, use traps, upgrade guns, the usual. This was my solution.

Isn't there another Zombies mode mod out there?
I feel like there was but I couldn't find it so I made this one.

I have a suggestion. Are you going to update this mod with ideas?
If I feel it can be done in a lore friendly way and doesn't take away from the original plan of this mod, I may consider some ideas. Comment away. There is also a Future Plans section below.

Can you make it easier? Can you make it harder?
Remember, to make it harder or easier, you can always adjust your difficulty settings in the game menu. Note that this game mode is designed as a 'one size fits all' so it starts out easy and slowly gets harder over time. This may not be entirely fun on super high leveled characters though.

Is this Survival friendly?
Kind of. There is a bed in the building for saving before starting The Game. Bring your own water and food! There are drinking fountains in one room though. RadiGhoul Stimpaks and Radaway supplied by The Game should have no ill effects on your character.

Can I abuse this like some kind of XP farm?
No, you only get XP for beating it. Not for killing each ghoul.

Can I play the mod with my companion(s)?
Technically yes but the mod isn't designed around this idea. They are allowed though, yes.

Can I play it multiple times? Kravvin won't talk to me.
Yes, it can be played over and over again. If you beat it or quit The Game, talk to Kravvin to get your stuff back. A message will pop up telling you to come back later. So do that. In my testing, an in-game hour would suffice. Just give some time for Kravvin to set the game up again for you :P

Installs like any other mod. No DLC or Mod requirements. Install with NMM or enable through the Mods menu in Fallout 4.

Fairly clean mod. Modifies a cell in the mid Cambridge area. 

Playing "The Game" means getting all your weapons and ammo taken away temporarily. Weapon mods that don't have the proper keywords can cause an issue where it is up to the player's integrity to not use them (or until you run out of ammo for them lol). Maybe just leave these weapons with a companion and tell the companion to go home :P

Does your weapon mod not get taken away? It means your weapon is missing the ObjectTypeWeapon keyword. If you add Ammo too, make sure it has the ObjectTypeAmmo keyword.

Voice of Tracen by Naorée
Nexus ProfileSoundCloud | Twitter | [email protected]

Voice of Kravvin by Drephuz
Twitch | Youtube

Scripting Advice by CDante
Nexus Profile | Facebook | Youtube

Neeher Mods Graphic above by Brandoman: 
Nexus Profile | Facebook

RadiGhoul Logo Graphic and Banner above by GroteGrottrol
Nexus Profile

FizzyBear created by Brandoman, modeled by TDY2
Brandoman: Nexus Profile | Facebook
TDY2: Nexus Profile

Level Design, Scripting, and Questing were done by me
Facebook | Youtube

Thanks To...
All my Beta testers! If you want to be a beta tester for future mods, check out my Facebook
Also all my friends in Discord!
I don't have my own Discord but I do hangout in CDante's Discord! It's by no means my Discord so don't go there posting about my mods xD

This section will be updated with ideas from the Community that I plan on adding to this mod.

I would also encourage people to tell me their experience in the comments. Was it entirely too easy? Too hard? Was it a struggle for Points? This mod will be updated by Community feedback.

-HudFramework support to better keep track of Points.

08-13-2018 | Initial Upload -1.0
08-13-2018 | Fixes a precombined issue with defective floors during Tracen's quest -1.0.1
08-18-2019 | Many updates! -1.5
---------------------The Game Updates
-Adds a new vending machine to The Game
-Adds 6 new Nuka Colas with different effects for the vending machine
---------------------Details on each are given when player uses vending machine
---------------------Nuka Survival cures sleep deprivation for Survival difficulty players
---------------------Note that when buying a Nuka Cola, the player must actually grab it from the vending machine. This can be seen in the update video
-Added new lighting FX and detail adjustments to the interior
-Redesigned some scripts, faster and more reliable
-Fixes an issue where dead ghouls would not be cleared out. Now they turn to meat piles and then disappear over time. Increases performance drastically
---------------------Kravvin's Terminal has been updated to reflect this change so it is lore friendly
-Fixes an issue where Ghouls failed to seek out the player towards the beginning
-Kravvin now correctly gives a random legendary for a prize as well as caps
-Rebalanced several weapons as well as their upgraded counterpart, increased ammo amount given on some weapons
-Generators built from the workshops now can't be destroyed and have increased power output
-Containers containing specific keys were dropped from Advanced to Novice so all players can gain access to them
-Fixes an issue where the game would crash when getting the player's stuff returned

---------------------Tracen's Quest Updates
-Fixes a major issue where the quest couldn't be continued when the player made a specific choice
-Fixes an issue where Tracen would indefinitely follow the player even after completing the quest
-Fixes an issue where Tracen wouldn't go to a settlement when told to
-Makes minor adjustments for the over all smoothness of the quest and scenes
-Added extra detail and lighting FX to this quest's main interior as well as more things to shoot at