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Adds craftable display shelves that hold holotapes and even one for the 5 Game Tapes. Display your collection at your settlements. ESL available.

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Adds a new display shelf to the game that can hold and visibly show Holotapes. Check out the video, Xander walks you through it. In Update 1.1 I added a shelf that holds the 5 Game Tapes. Xander didn't know about them so they aren't in the video below. See the 3rd photo here for that one.

Installs like normal with NMM or Vortex. Manual install is fine too as this mod uses archives. This mod does not require any DLC.
Two versions available for download. ESL and ESP.

Can be built at any settlement, any amount of times. From the vanilla build menu, go to Decorations, Wall Decorations, and then Misc at the far right. Since this mod doesn't require any DLC, I kept it in vanilla menus.

From there just add Holotapes to the shelf through the container menu and they will auto appear. They will also snap to each other with a bit of space between them (update 1.3). Makes it easier to align correctly. Should work with literally any Holotape, vanilla/DLC/mods. The Game Displays only work with the 5 Game Holotapes.

For version 1.2:
After updating, one must open/close the shelf inventory to make the tapes in it rearrange in the "new" way.
Players that have WSFW/WS+ installed to NOT spam the hotkey. If done so while the shelf refreshes, some tape props may not display correctly on the shelf.

Thanks to Niston for rewriting the main script for version 1.2 which results in an all around better experience when using the display shelves.
Nexus Profile

11-29-2019 | Original Upload - 1.0
11-30-2019 | Couple Things -1.1
---------------------Added a new Display that specifically holds the 5 Game Holotapes
---------------------Cleaned up the main script a bit
01-05-2020 | Thanks to Niston for the below fixes on this update - 1.2
---------------------Fixes an issue where if the display is moved, you get floating holotapes
---------------------Rewritten main script for all around better display performance
------------------------------------------Many mods use the smaller holotape style, positioning for them has been corrected
------------------------------------------Various other BTS script effects
---------------------Note from Niston: After updating, one must open/close the shelf inventory to make the tapes in it rearrange in the "new" way.
01-22-2020 | Added workshop snap points to both shelf styles for easier placement of multiple shelves -1.3