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Danse will now put his helmet on for combat and take it off when combat is over. ESL available. Has custom animations for immersion.

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I was playing the Arcjet mission recently with Danse and he actually put on his helmet for seemingly the only time ever. This changes that so he'll use his head instead of lose his head. Includes custom animations for the T60 Paladin helmet as well as Danse's "alternate" power armor. Read more under "How to Play".

Check out the fun little video I made to see it in action:

Installs like normal with NMM or Vortex. Manual install is fine too as this mod uses archives. This mod does not require any DLC.
Two versions available for download. ESL and ESP. The ESL is the Main Vortex file of this mod.

This one is more of an install and forget. Because Power Armor Helmets have an armor rating, Danse using his helmet will increase his damage resistance. But do note, Danse will not always put his helmet on for all combat. He only does it if he detects that there is trouble around and has enough time to do the animation. Otherwise, he will jump straight into combat instead of fiddling around with a power armor helmet.  I did it this way because sometimes a companion is needed as an extra gun asap. Let me know what you think, this is open to suggestion.

Update 1.1: Danse will also put on his helmet if the player shoots their weapon while not in combat, the idea behind this is that the player is likely shooting because they are about to engage in combat. If no combat is to be had (like the player getting a one shot kill on their target or shooting accidentally) then Danse will remove his helmet once he's sure it is safe to do so.

Because this mod relies on Danse doing the detection for himself, I find that sometimes he will think combat is over when it actually isn't, and then prematurely takes his helmet off. But if he wants to get shot in the head, then so be it.

This mod alters some of Danse's topic infos in ComDanse. The animation also forces him to use his usual T60 Helmet or 'alternate' armor helmet so if Danse is modded to be using a different set of power armor, then the animation won't line up with that power armor. The animation will work fine but will force a T60 helmet apposed to the mod's custom helmet.

I imagine this will work with Fallout 4 VR? lol 

May make alterations based off feedback. May sometimes modify the scripts to take into account any unforeseen issues that may have a hindrance on immersion lol.

01-05-2020 | Original Upload - 1.0
01-06-2020 | Tweaked main script a bit -1.1
---------------------Added failsafe for if Danse doesn't remove his helmet due to interruption
---------------------Danse will be ready with his helmet if the player fires their weapon while not already in combat
------------------------------------------Danse will remove helmet if player shot accidentally (or one shot kill on target) and no combat is to be had