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This is a simple city plan for Starlight Drive In, it requires the 'All Settlements Extended' mod.

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It has been pointed out to me that my naming convention inside the 7zip files leaves something to be desired vis a vis updating to newer versions.  After some thought I have decided to reupload with a different naming style.

A Sim Settlements City Plan for Starlight Drive In.  It was made with 'All Settlements Extended' installed, this allows to scrap the fallen wing of the diner, do not build if you do not have 'All Settlements Extended' installed, you will have collisions. Note: it's possible that a scrap mod might work since, although I've had no confirmation form the author of 'All Settlements Extended', in enabling the scrapping of the fallen diner wing I can only assume that it has broken precombines, or similar.

Designer's Choice requires the following add-ons, Jib's Residential, IDEK's Logistics, Industrial City, Altairp's Animal Farm, B84'sThemedResidentials, Wasteland Venturers2 All in One.
DLC needed for Designer's Choice are Far Harbor, Contraptions, Wasteland Workshop and Vault-Tec Workshop.

I have tried to get IDEK's Logistic's Station built right from the off, but more than one person has reported for several city plans, that even in 'Designers Choice' this industrial plot is not honoured.  However, once you have 3 settlers you should see the factory plot and be able to choose the right plan manually.
Newer Sim Settlements and IDEKs Logistics Station should mean this works without having to re-export the plan, but I have done so anyway from ver. 0.95.

ASE drops the fps in Starlight so I've used minimal clutter. Starlight Drive In doesn't really need ASE as it's quite large, but at the time of beginning the design there was no Starlight Plan and I wanted to learn how to make a city plan. The official Sim Settlements - Rise of The Commonwealth now has one, due to unforeseen problems making scrap baseline and profiles with ASE installed, mine has been a long time coming; and needless to say, it's not nearly as good as the official one!

At level three there are 27 settlers, five factories, eight interior residential plots.
If you go for 'random choice', look for people praying in an odd place!

This plan should show up even if you haven't got all the above add-ons installed.

The official home of Sim Settlements is here: