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Adds a 20-30 minute quest. Fully voiced. New settlement and new power armor frame. Optional CBBE and BodySlide for the added Suit (not PA frame).

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Atom Cats Garage!
Add screenshots of your settlement, would love to see them!

The Story/Quest

Continues the story set by Thicket Executions and Roadside Pines Motel. Settlement Story 3 is a 20-30 minute dungeon style quest. It is fully voiced and should be some fun. The quest Nine Lives will appear in your Pipboy. There are also 5 holotapes, find them all! Read the terminals, do all the things! Also pay attention to the music in the dungeon... new track in there just for this mod's interiors.

Also gain a new power armor frame, the Atom Frame. You'll know it when you see it. The second photo above shows Unoctium's Hellfire X-03 Power Armor over the Atom Frame. Works with all vanilla power armor as well as any power armor added by mods.

Note that it is not required to have Thicket Executions or even care about the story. You can simply have the settlement if you desire. 

With each settlement I add to the game, a new addition to the story is made. Learn some Neeher lore and discover the connections from Xander's Aid and Op Salvo.

The Settlement

The settlement is pretty large and fully functional. New settlers will show up there and everything. Settlement areas go all the way to the river for water access.

I did not make the Atom Cats themselves as potential settlers. I did not want to directly edit them. They will stay there to defend the settlement but can't be commanded and don't count towards the number of settlers.

Potential issue: Inability to build on other objects.
Possible fix for above: have not tested this but in the console type "resetquest patch_1_6" and press enter. Apparently a Bethesda patch broke some stuff way back lol.

Settlement features:
Has plenty of dirt for food.
Has water sources for.... water.
Very high build area.
Functional settlers.
Whatever other settlements have... the point is that it's just like it belongs in the base game and I made sure it acted like it too lol

Requires no other mods/DLC!

Neeher's Facebook!
But why should I go there? Is there some kind of gigantic mod you're working on? Oh there is? Let me check it out then! lol

CBBE for the Atom Charger Suit?

Yes there is one of these in the optional files section. Requires CBBE of course. Let me know if it works lol. Never done it before. They are loose files so as to overwrite the archives.

What about Sim Settlements?

Fully compatible with Sim Settlements! Tons of build room and all that jazz.
If you decide to use this mod and have SS, you cannot ever remove this mod from your character or you will end up breaking future settlement additions (including DLC) from working properly with Sim Settlements. This is a warning from KingGath (SS creator). This is a potential issue, no one has reported it yet but we are working on a way to prevent this from happening. This is just how the workshop settlement system works.

What about those highlightable objects??

If you're wondering why some objects are highlightable but not scrappable its because there are mods that make extra things scrappable. I added these to be 'potentially' scrappable in case you have those mods installed. There are also a lot of things that can't simply be scrapped. So keep that in mind.
Also note, I didn't add every single thing to be scrappable that isn't vanilla scrappble. Added some stuff though that I felt people would want to be able to remove. I did this because of performance issues due to the size of this settlement. 

Modifies the location form, as well as all the cells in and around it. Like 8 cells I think. Also the power armor frame's form list. Only mods that add power armor frames may possibly conflict. That's about it. Any other mod that modifies this area will probably conflict.

Klone Wolf's Playthrough!

Why did you make this?
Below, to save space, is my Facebook post about this mod and the Creation Club!
 Originally, I had only planned on making it a new settlement with a super short little story reading thing to do (a day's work). But then I decided to make it as best and as entertaining as I could while keeping it within the Creation Clubs limitations. Just as an experiment. To see what kind of content could possibly come from the Creation Club.
In case you don't know, here's a little bit of info. ESM files are Game and DLC files (rare occasions mods too). ESP are (almost always) mod files. ESL files are Creation Club files. ESM and ESL are masters and can't be moved in the load order. The CC uses this newer ESL format because it doesn't count towards load order total, so the user's game doesn't screw up if they max it out by buying content. The downside is that there can only be a maximum of 4096 records in an ESL. Records are just bits of information.
With this in mind, I created Settlement Story 3, up to the 4096 records. Realizing it doesn't quite finish the mod, I continued to about 4300 records. Just so I could consider it done.
This just took me a week. And I took a few days off in between lol. So, basically 4096 records, and what do you get from Settlement Story 3? New settlement, a 20-30 minute quest to obtain it, as well as a new underarmor and power armor frame. The quest is more of a dungeon fetch quest with story interlaced within it. The underarmor and Frame are retextures with glowmaps I did. The previous post with the Hellfire armor will give you an idea on that.
In the video, I didn't want to show too much of the quest aspect so there's only like 30 seconds of that. Then there is some settlement building fun and finally the power armor frame under various power armors. And it works with any power armor mod.
So, is this the maximum the CC could offer?
There are many types of mods. In terms of a new settlement and quest, this is what the Creation Club could supply. It's not a whole lot and definitely not DLC lol. The CC's major physical limitation is a bit disappointing but what if they don't use ESL forever? I'm not sure they will leave the ESL format. The point of it was to eliminate the damage to load orders for people who have maxed out their games. But who knows. This will at least give you an idea on what kind of content to expect from the Creation Club. I wouldn't hold your breath for any real DLC lol.

What if I have been to the Atom Cats Garage before?
You're good. You shouldn't have an issue.

Why did you make this instead of more extended settlements?
Get off my back! Still! Again!

I'm lost, question mark?
Keep looking lol.

Sullivan, voiced by Alex Cain!
Also check him out on SoundCloud!

(Settlement only)


Russian Translation! by Micakult
^^External Website, may not be updated at the same time as nexus version^^

09-19-17 | Initial upload -1.0
09-20-17 | Fixes an issue with no audio from Holotape 5 -1.1
------------------Adds logs to the quest in case you need help.
------------------Fixes a potential issue where the ID Card could fall through the floor and disappear forever
------------------Added a CBBE version of the female Atom suit with bodyslide files. Never done it before, so I'm not entirely sure I did it right lol. Let me know.
09-28-17 | Increased the volume of Sullivan so he can be heard better. -1.2

------------------Interior changes as follows:
------------------------------Greater water depth on the drop down to prevent death or limb damage.
------------------------------Prevents sneaky jetpack users from getting in the cage
------------------------------Lower water depth in Water Testing so it's easier to shoot
------------------ID card will always be there now, no longer dependent on quest status.
08-22-18 | Minor update. Fixes compatibility with mods that add other power armor frames -1.2.1