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Adds the motel as a fully functional new settlement. Continues the Story from Thicket Executions.

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  • German
Roadside Pines Motel!
Add screenshots of your settlement, would love to see them!
Another mod in the hot files! Wow!

The Story

Continues the story set by Thicket Executions Settlement Story 1. Having killed Thick, heard of Carter Mason, and made a name for yourself, the story continues onward to Roadside Pines Motel. Clear the area, read the terminal and notes. Gain a new craftable drink mostly tailored towards survival players. 

Note that it is not required to have Thicket Executions or even care about the story. You can simply have the settlement if you desire. This mod is more settlement oriented. There's no quest that will pop up for this one.

Followed up by Atom Cats Settlement Story 3

With each settlement I add to the game, a new addition to the story is made. Learn some Neeher lore and discover the connections from Xander's Aid and Op Salvo.

The Settlement

The settlement is pretty large and fully functional. New settlers will show up there and everything. Settlement areas goes all the way to the river for water access.

Potential issue: Raiders and loot keep respawning.
Known issue: No supply lines to this settlement yet.
Potential issue: Inability to build on other objects.
Possible fix for above: have not tested this but in the console type "resetquest patch_1_6" and press enter. Apparently a Bethesda patch broke some stuff way back lol.

Settlement features:
Custom Vanilla Style border wall

Has plenty of dirt for food.
Has water sources for.... water.
Very high build area.
Large build budget.
Functional settlers.
Whatever other settlements have... the point is that it's just like it belongs in the base game and I made sure it acted like it too lol

Neeher's Facebook!
But why should I go there? Is there some kind of gigantic mod you're working on? Oh there is? Let me check it out then! lol

What about Sim Settlements?

Fully compatible with Sim Settlements! Tons of build room and all that jazz.
If you decide to use this mod and have SS, you cannot ever remove this mod from your character or you will end up breaking future settlement additions (including DLC) from working properly with Sim Settlements. This is a warning from KingGath (SS creator). This is a potential issue, no one has reported it yet but we are working on a way to prevent this from happening. This is just how the workshop settlement system works.

What about those highlightable objects??

If you're wondering why some objects are highlightable but not scrappable its because there are mods that make extra things scrappable. I added these to be 'potentially' scrappable in case you have those mods installed. There are also a lot of things that can't simply be scrapped. So keep that in mind.
Also note, I didn't add every single thing to be scrappable that isn't vanilla scrappble. Added some stuff though that I felt people would want to be able to remove. I did this because of performance issues due to the size of this settlement. 

Modifies the location form, as well as all the cells in and order it. Like 8 cells I think. That's about it. Any other mod that modifies this area will probably conflict.

Why did you make this?
People asked for it. Noticed no other mod was made for it, pretty decent spot for a settlement.

What if I have been to Roadside Pines Motel before?
You're good. You shouldn't have an issue.

Why did you make this instead of more extended settlements?
Get off my back! Still!

My settlement here says there are settlers, where are they?
I'm not sure where they spawn but they do show up lol. If they are out of the build area (so you can't assign them) try sleeping for a few hours and they will have moved.



Russian Translation! by Micakult
^^External Website, may not be updated at the same time as nexus version^^


7-26-17 | Initial upload -1.0
8-18-17 |
Fixes the resetting issue -1.1
--------------Fixes the issue with sending settlers here
--------------Fixes the issue assigning a supply line here
3-31-18 |
Adds a new custom border wall. No more floating wall!  -1.2

Got a bug report? Please, only report if it's game breaking or devastating to the mod. I tested this for a while on a clean character and a modded character. Didn't have an issues. So.... if you do have a bug, ask yourself "Could it be a mod incompatibility?" And then go from there. lol. What I'm saying is that if there is a cinderblock that isn't scrappable then it's probably not bug report worthy :P