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New World. New Quest Line. New Armor. New Weapons. New Companion. New Everything.

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New World. New Quest Line. New Armor. New Weapons. New Companion. New Everything. Remastered.

This mod came out nearly a year ago (as of writing this) and it was the first big mod I ever made. To celebrate, I completely remastered it. Reworked it with all the knowledge I have now that I was struggling to learn while creating the original. Landscape is beautifully detailed and smoothed out. There's underwater exploration instead of vast emptiness of water. Quests scripted properly. More enemies as areas felt empty before.
Xander's Aid was something I spent several months on. Just added another month on there for this haha. 


eher's Facebook!

Xander's Aid is for the investigative kind. READ EVERY TERMINAL.
Each terminal will help you through the quests and fill you in with the story.
Also it is important that you turn on Subtitles for the quests Three For All and Scout's Hunt.

I went overboard on this one. This was originally intended to be a fun way to get the Firelance but instead this mod adds many quests and new weapons. Also all weapons that use a new ammo has ammo that can be crafted at the chemistry station under Utility. The weapons are also customizable at a weapon workbench. Everything, including the vault, is lore friendly as far as I can tell. 
When you complete the main story, Xander will become available to you as a companion. He is well voiced and all that. lol
Requires no DLC. Requires no extra mods. Having DLC can benefit the mod though :P
Recommended to have a character of at least level 25ish for this mod. This mod is also survival friendly but recommend at least level 30 before trying out the mod. Best to be installed for a new character.

The launch trailer is awesome lol, I had fun with it.

How to start the Firelance quest (1 of a few ways)

Main Story

A man named Xander needs your help. He has lost a dear friend and you have been tasked with finding out what happened to him, where he is, if he is alive, or how he died. Put on the detective cap and uncover the truth.

New world to explore
Some weapons and armor
Find all 7 bobbleheads
Find all 10 Section 9 holotapes 

Having trouble? Try the Bethesda.Net version for PC.
Russian Translation! by Micakult

^^External Website, may not be updated Xander's Aid^^

Known bugs:
----Can be stuttery in the Vault. Fix by saving your game in the vault and restarting Fallout.

Mod compatibility

I kept this as standalone as possible. This mod only modifies a few cells. Some in the Glowing Sea and the Dugout Inn interior.  It also modifies the Alien race. That's it. Best to keep this mod at the end of your load order.

Why is the file size so big???
It's 200 megs compressed, almost a gig uncompressed. Think of it as a small DLC.

Future Updates?
Occasional bug fixes reported by you guys. Also may or may not extend Xander's companion abilities. Depends on how well liked he is as a companion haha. Motivation is the only factor here :P

I did everything by myself
Voice of Joshua Fasco: My friend Andrew. He doesn't have any links of any kind lol
Voice of Grace: Laura Manwell. Don't have a link just yet


08-01-16 | Initial upload -1.0

1.0.1 skipped to meet with Xbox One patch

08-02-16 | Fixes bug where Xander won't start quest -1.0.2

08-06-16 | Adds a new quest! (Go to Super D Mart) -1.0.3
---------------Improved performance in interiors.
---------------Improved performance in the Vault. Although not perfect.
---------------Fixes issue where Companions can't speak during convo with Xander.
---------------Fixes interiors missing pieces of walls and such.
---------------Fixes issue where player cannot start a new game.
---------------Fixes issue where Super D Mart was showing up as an exit.
---------------Fixes various graphical mistakes.
---------------Fixes refreshing containers on a couple.
---------------Fixes Captain's Greed quest a bit.
---------------Removes duplicate items in Father's City.
---------------Fixes some navmesh.
---------------Fixes Reflex Sight on the CP-37 Rifle
---------------Fixed typos
---------------Beefed up the traders at the Trading Post
---------------Fixes other things I can't remember lol

08-21-16 | Fixes settlement issues -1.0.4
---------------Makes Firelance2.5.esp a master file to prepare for Second Chance
---------------Adds Firelance2.5Patches.esp for patch
---------------Adds new entry in Avery's terminal for the quest Scout's Hunt to get that door open
---------------Fixes a floating tree
---------------Better Compatibility for NukaWorld DLC
---------------Probably other small things I'm forgetting haha.

08-28-16 | Fixes an issue where a couple quests couldn't be started -1.0.5

09-15-16 | Hot fix update. Next update soon for all fixes! -1.0.6
---------------Fixes an issue where Fasco won't speak to you. 
---------------Fixes Xander not becoming a companion on completion of quest.
---------------Fixes an issue where nothing happens in the memory.


05-30-17 | Reworked quests to be more reliable -2.0
---------------Highly detailed landscape
---------------Underwater exploration
---------------Vault split into 3 sections to reduce fps drops. Still being worked on...
---------------More combat
---------------Raiders and scavengers are populating the BioCube!
---------------More roads so things make sense
---------------Smaller file size
---------------Added 10 new holotapes throughout the world and some interiors
---------------A ton of bug fixes
---------------Cleaned ESP, no longer a master file for the time being
---------------Patches file cleaned out
---------------Keeping 1.0.6 as an older download available in case some have issues and need to go back to the future
---------------Ocean LOD extends much farther

05-30-17 | Crucial scripts missing from 2.0 integrated back in -2.0.1

05-30-17 | Extra conflicting files removed for: -
---------------When will this constant uploading nightmare end :P

05-31-17 | Fixed an LOD issue -
---------------Terminal in stabilizer issue
---------------Grass in some interiors fixed (need verification)

07-01-17 | Fixed random tree in road -2.1
---------------Terminal at Tango unlocks room now
---------------Fixed spelling mistakes I saw lol
---------------Worth the Trouble can now be completed
---------------Will tell you where Graveyard is
---------------Federal Bunker exit fixed

09-30-17 | Adds one gigabyte in Optimization for Worldspace and all Interiors -2.5
---------------Uses BA2 archives now
---------------For older version users: Recommend uninstalling 2.1 with NMM first. Or delete the Vis and Precombined Meshes folders before installing 2.5.

10-14-17 | Fixes an issue where the houses at Residential Housing would flicker different colors. -2.5.1
---------------Xander should be able to be told to get out of power armor now
---------------Potential fix for Captain's Greed.
---------------Fixed pieces of interior of Fed Bunker.