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Every vanilla settlement now has a larger build area with custom border wall. Except Home Plate. Screw Home Plate. A must-have for Sim Settlements 1.

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All Settlements Extended!
Add screenshots of your settlements, would love to see them!

All scrappable items outside of original build area are now scrappable. Increases build area. Increases NPC sandbox. No objects or terrain touched. No enemy spawn markers inside build area. Also shows new custom borders that are vanilla style so they look great.

I recommend More Attackers for more settlement attacks and is fully compatible with this mod.

Every settlement, save Home Plate, has a larger build area. Typically out to a source of water. But not all of them can have this :/ 

This is how these settlements should have been made. If you're wondering why certain settlements seem like they could be bigger, it's because of enemy spawn markers or the density of the loaded area. Gotta work around these things. 

Installs like any other mod. No DLC or Mod requirements. Install with NMM/Vortex or enable through the Mods menu in Fallout 4.

Modifies the settlement cells as well as the border, the buildable area trigger, and the workbench. Doesn't move or remove anything. Shouldn't see cell reset. Should work fine with those restoration mods. Read the FAQ for Sim Settlements 1.
This mod is NOT compatible with Spring Cleaning.
Sim Settlements 2: There's a sticky in the posts section talking about SS2.

Is there a performance patch for ASE?
This mod is designed to run with the Complete ASE and improve performance Bunker Hill and Handman's Alley.

What if I already have a settlement going at these locations?
You're good to install!

Can I just download individual extended settlements instead?
Yes. Yes you may. All Settlement's Extended | Player's Choice 
This mod allows you to individually pick which settlements from vanilla and all DLC that you want to have extended. There are even ESL versions to choose from.

What if I have the individual ones installed? 
Disable those mods and use this one instead!

I have a cleaning mod but it's not working in some areas??
Lynna found a solution to this. Uninstalled this mod, reinstalled it, then uninstalled and reinstalled Scrap Everything.

What about Far Harbor???
Here you go!

Is this available Xbox One and PS4?
No Bunker Hill Xbox Version
No Bunker Hill PS4 Version

What are the changes made to each settlement?

Are there any known issues?
Currently, a common issue is that you can only build on ground or landscape, not other objects (building blocks pass through other stuff and are highlighted red meaning you can't place blocks). See Known Issue in bug reports page.