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An update of the original unofficial patch with a unified single plugin, tons of additional community fixes, and an updated installer. The fixes continue :D

Permissions and credits
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UPDATED Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch

What it does
This mod fixes errors and bugs in the FO3 + DLC esms. Cut content is reviewed/restored only if fixable and able to blend into the game perfectly.

  • Fallout3.esm
  • Anchorage.esm
  • ThePitt.esm
  • BrokenSteel.esm
  • PointLookout.esm
  • Zeta.esm

If missing dlc, the installer will offer an older version (1.3) with the critical Rivet City crash lacking in the original version of this mod.

  • Uninstall any error-fixing mods that are already included in this patch
  • Uninstall the original unofficial patch by Quazzy and any prior version of this mod if present
  • ** This is a complete replacement for the original unofficial patch, the two must not be used at the same time!
  • After downloading it, double click on the exe file. (If this fails, right click it and select "run as administrator".)
  • Tick it in your Mod Manager

This patch overwrites the same texture & mesh files as some other mods.
Simply activate this mod before activating other mods, so that all other mods "win".
If using a mod manager, you can quickly de-activate all mods, install/activate this, then re-activate all other mods.
If this instruction is followed, there are no known conflicts with other mods.

Load Order
  • Fallout3.esm
  • Anchorage.esm
  • ThePitt.esm
  • BrokenSteel.esm
  • PointLookout.esm
  • Zeta.esm
  • Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.esm

Boss Auto Sort will arrange for you in this order.

  • To uninstall, simply run the uninstaller from your programs menu or in your control panel - uninstall a program

Cut Content Restored and Reasons
  • Restored the Ranger Battle Helmet's texture to green so it matches its green colored armor
  • Restored Moriarty's Strongbox key into his inventory. If you talk to Jericho in Megaton and give him money for booze, in return he'll tell you about the cabinet in which Moriarty keeps his caps, and the key that opens it. The only problem is Moriarty didn't have the key.
  • Restored when you receive the T-45d Power Armor from Sarah Lyons to receiving the Lyons Pride Power Armor instead. It didn't make sense with what sarah said when she gave you the T-45d Power Armor and you weren't able to receive the Lyons Pride Power Armor in the game. Not only is it disappointing to receive an ordinary T-45d Power Armor set, it made no sense to what Sarah Lyons said to you about becoming an honorary Lyons member. You can find the T-45d Power Armor set in many places before reaching that point. Reaching that far in the quest line should reward you with an unique Power Armor set and for what you're about to face (which is the fun enclave battle).
  • Restored when you receive Recon Armor from Sarah to receiving the Composite Recon Armor instead. You weren't able to receive the Composite Recon Armor in the game. The only reason why it's in here because in the similar scenario as the previous change, reaching that far in the quest line should reward you with an unique recon set and for what you're about to face (which is the fun enclave battle ). That armor set is hardly more powerful then the common one in any case.
  • Restored the area behind the Chop Shop in Underworld. An inaccessible door blocked your way to get behind there. I see no reason why you can't go back there. There's a locked safe and 2 named ferals that don't attack you.
  • Restored the Protectron's Gaze to The Mechanist and Ant's Sting to The Antagonizer. Protectron's Gaze is awarded after handing the AntAgonizer's armor to the Mechanist. Ant's Sting is awarded after handing the Mechanist's costume to The Antagonizer. Both weapons couldn't be obtained by killing them and they didn't use those weapons to defend themselves. I see no reason why these 2 characters shouldn't have their own weapons to begin with.
  • Restored Megaton Brass Lantern Customer's unique dialogue. They're supposed to be friendly and the only npc that's supposed to be rude is Andy in The Brass Lantern.
  • (v2.1) Restored Mister Burke fully into the game(Screens). There's dialogue Burke says either before, during, or after the Tenpenny Tower quest and the You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head quest. Burke's house was pointlessly sitting in Megaton never being used by him. Burke sat in a chair at Moriartys all day long and never gets up. He's disabled from the game for no reasons. Everything that was cut fits into the game perfectly which are the following:
  1. Burke will only disappear/be disabled from game if you charm him and not blow up megaton
  2. You're able to initiate conversations with Burke at appropriate times including before and after quests
  3. Burke is a resident of Megaton with a daily routine. Going to his house to sleep at night, sit in that chair at Moriartys during the day, etc
  4. Burke's house isn't level locked and only unlocked with his house key
  5. Burke's house key is back in his inventory
  6. Burke has a daily routine at Tenpenny Tower. Hanging out in the balcony area during the day, sleeping in his own bed at night, etc

Mod Suggestions and Reasons

Future Version Changes (2.4)
  • Fixed an unique raider to stop respawning so the player can't get the stabhappy over and over
  • Fixed NPC pathing issues by finalizing a couple worldspace cells in Point Lookout (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Fixed deleted navmesh at Dunwhich which also prevents a potential CTD if another mod alters that cell (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Fixed deleted navmesh in PennAveToSewardSquare metro which also fixes CTD's when used with Interiors (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Fixed broken navmesh in Takoma Station which Fixes companion pathing issues (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Removed RockItLauncherAmmo, RepairCombatArmor, RepairCombatArmorHelmet lists with Zeta items since they're already upgraded by DLC05MZ1QuestScript
  • Fixed the Vault 101 Security Armor to be repaired by Combat Armors
  • Fixed double barrel shotgun reload and jam audio glitches
  • (FWE Patch) Fixed the contract killer perk's minimum level to be at 10

Current Version Changes (2.3.2)
  • Fixed corrupted dialogue records due to a FO3Edit script
  • Fixed some armor texture sets and beards
  • Removed Fixed Party Hat by KiCHo666 which caused CTD
  • Fixed Lucy and Walter to not disappear from Megaton (thanks to InAComaDial999)
  • Removed the changes to the Chinese Stealth Armor/Helmet so players can wear the helmet separately from the armor with FWE
  • Fixed Goalie Ledoux, Centre Dobois and Winger Gervais health from being altered to over 10 times their vanilla values
  • Added Power Armor Pauldron Glitch Fix by trulypanda
  • Fixed some UV's with the house interiors in Tranquility Lane. It's the stairways that have the super stretched texture on the wall (Thanks to SuBNeRoCL)
  • Fixes for the Pitt which consists of some floating debris piles, and blinking in and out from engine bugs (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Fixes for statics around the wasteland for rocks, bushes, seams, kit pieces, and all the bathroom wall gaps (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Fix for Dr Li Teleporting when using the Taft Tunnel entrance after she uses the intercom (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Fixed RL3 being aggressive after firing, including at raven rock (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Fixed the fire extinguisher to stop reassembling itself after it's been destroyed (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Fixed/Improved when one of the Arefu/Family members being killed not by the player and they went hostile on the player anyways (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Fixed the Big Town robots from disappearing (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Reworked Liberty Prime to not get stuck and stay on course (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Improved the Pointlookout broken harmonica idle (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Removed all references of junk food and replaced them with Potato Crisps to fix double items. Both ingestibles were the same(even the same Potato Crisps model) but had different names only
  • Added Auto axe Invisibility bug fix by Prensa
  • Added Speedloader Glitch Fix by Prensa
  • Fixed the Action Boy load screen so it says it grants 25 not 20
  • Fixed Christine Kendall to not be interrupted by Susie Mack so her G.O.A.T. test results won't skip completely and she walks out of the room
  • Fixed a lot of dialogue subtitle typos (Examples)
  • Fixed Ahzrukhal's class to be VendorDrinks not RaiderBigGuns
  • Fixed this turret in the Fort Independence so it can be destroyed and not stuck in the cieling
  • Fixed this dialogue bug so it won't be an option to ask about it after repairing the Galaxy News Radio relay
  • Fixed this dialogue bug involving having a fission battery or not
  • Fixed this dialogue bug so if the player killed his parents already it isn't a dialogue option
  • Fixed the Warmonger Perk so all weapon schematics are in effect
  • Fixed Victoria Watts to not find the player outside of Rivet City and she won't stay in one spot trying to run but goes nowhere. She will now run to the player and initiate dialogue at the appropriate place and time
  • Fixed Cherry to be part of the Rivet City Resident Faction when in Rivet City so when the player attacks her the other residents will care (this only works before escorting her to Rivet City)
  • Fixed Reilly to be part of the Underworld Resident Faction so when the player attacks her the other residents will care
  • Fixed Reilly's negative dialogue options (Examples)
  • Fixed when the player would revive Reilly she was in a slumped and tired position and stay that way even after Reilly Rangers quest (Example)
  • Fixed Fawkes' Gatling Laser's attack animation
  • Fixed RL3's Flamer shooting sound
  • Fixed all the ant's flamer shooting sounds
  • Fixed the EyeBot's weapon 2D shooting sound, resistance type, and on death critical damage effect
  • Fixed a lot of static placements in the Wasteland, Pennsylvania Avenue, Point Lookout, Metro Central, Sea Cave, Canterbury Tunnels, Underground Lab, Bridge Tower, Olney Sewers, Satellite Facility, Freedom Street Station, Downtown, Supply Plant, Haven, and Weapons Lab (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Fixed static texture sets for a bunch of weapons, beards, armor, and 2 switches (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Fixed some landscapes in the wasteland and The Mall (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Fixed a typo in the USN DIA Field Report (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Fixed a vault door missing a script VGearDoorR87 "Vault Door" [DOOR:00014EC2] (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Fixed a vault kit piece that had wrong UV maps (Thanks to Hopper31)
  • Fixed the boards on the doors in calvert mansion persistent so they don't return to their original positions on cell reload (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Fixed the teleporting mines and baby carriage trap at Point Lookout origin (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Added Mothership Zeta pistol fixes by RoyBatterian
  • Fixed a cryo lab trigger in Zeta (Thanks to RoyBatterian)
  • Fixed all of Dukov's greeting dialogue Example
  • Added PL Terminal Fix (Photo File - Wan Yang) by YakutatazuParasite

Previous Version Changes (2.2)













Permissions and Team
Ask us first through PM please. Making patches to be compatible with other mods is fine, no need to ask permission first.

RoyBatterian - Merging/Fixes bugs
hairylegs222 - Merging/Fixes bugs/Description Page (Retired)
BenWah - Installer coding/Build compiler/Project oversight & founder
prisoner416 - Tester/Finds bugs