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Laser Shotguns, T51f, Psychojet, and more!

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After playing Fallout 4 and returning to Fallout 3, i started to miss certain mechanics and features i had gotten used to, so i decided to bring them back with me!

- - -

Current mod features:
Most junk had weight and value changed.
Most vanilla enemies have stats that closely match their Fallout 4 equivalents.
Sentry Bots resized to be 15% larger.
Most non-unique weapons had values changed to closely match what i believe their FO4 equivalents would be.
Power armor now has tiers, T45a to T45f, and T51a to T51f. Each set is about 10% stronger than the last.
Enclave, Tesla, Lyon's Pride, Outcast, and unique power armor have been altered to fit the new tiers.
Experimental: Laser Sniper added.
Experimental: Laser Shotgun added, spawns on super mutants.
Projectiles no longer float upwards.
Bullets and missiles are slightly affected by gravity.
Players only need to do 10% damage to an enemy to get XP from it's death, vanilla value is 40%.
Named BOS actors and some BOS guards now use T51 power armor.
Buffjet replicated from Fallout 4, spawns as loot.
Psychobuff replicated from Fallout 4, spawns as loot.
Ghouls move about 15% faster, since they can't sprint.
VATS weapon damage is the same as normal use, it no longer breaks weapons more quickly.
NEW - Fury replicated from Fallout 4, spawns as loot.
NEW - Weapon durability overrides should all be gone, they did the opposite of what i intended.

- - -

Currently playable, probably buggy, far from finished.
Uses only vanilla assets. (for now)

- - -

If anyone has a problem with this mod for any reason, or i did something wrong, please feel free to let me know.