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An espless collection of optional game tweaks with an INI to configure settings.
Includes Faster Sleep Wait, Deselect Quests, Compass Height Indicator and more.

Permissions and credits
An esp-less collection of Quality-of-Life improvements in one file with INI settings to enable tweaks.

All features are optional and disabled by default
and can be enabled by launching the game to fill the INI and then modifying the relevant line under the [Tweaks] section to be ‘= 1’ instead of ‘= 0’. For hotkey options, change the value under [Hotkeys] to the desired key.

It is safe to install, update or uninstall mid-playthrough (a new save is not required).

When updating, the mod's INI will be automatically filled with any new settings after launching the game - you do not need to reconfigure settings when updating.

New since 3.00

For a full changelog see here.

Quality Of Life
Allow Activate While Animation Plays - allow activating objects while firing, reloading, jumping etc.
Better AutoWalk - moving left/right does not cancel autowalk and add backwards movement support
Better Pickup Prompt - show the value and weight for a whole stack of items while looting and indicate the weight in red if it would overencumber you
Console Background - add a background to the console
Decrease Dialogue And Start Menu Click Delay - half the delay between clicking on menu items (500ms->250ms)
Deselect Quests - allow un-setting of the active quest
Faster Sleep Wait - add a configurable delay between hours while waiting or sleeping
Faster Terminal Hacking Transition - decrease the delay after successfully hacking from 3 seconds to 0.5 seconds
Faster Title Screen - remove the wait for the Fallout 3 logo to be at full alpha
Faster Quest And Note Menu - only redraw these menus after gaining new notes/quests
Godmode Needs No Ammo - allow firing with 0 ammo in godmode (in vanilla you need at least 1 bullet)
Increased Heap Allocation - increased heap allocation to 400Mb to improve performance
Improved Flycam Controls - add AutoMove, flying up and down using Jump and Crouch, rotating pressing Z and C, and scroll wheel to change flight speed. Additionally pressing Reload enables a smooth camera
Improved Hacking - prevent single character attempts, i.e. clicking on "/" won't use an attempt; prevent duplicate guesses; remove a dud instead of replenishing allowance if allowance is already full; don't print the clicked on characters with the "Dud removed" and "Allowance replenished" messages
Keep Quest Text Visible While Aiming - don't hide the quest/location text when aiming
Level Up Menu Scrollwheel Support - allow use of the scrollwheel to increase/decrease skills in the Level Up Menu
List Missing Mods On Load - add the list of missing mods to the "Content is Missing" prompt when loading a save
Lockpick Click To Rotate - add left click to rotate during lockpick
Marker Added Popup Name - include the cell name in the "Map marker added." popup
Menu Numpad Support - allow use of numpad in menus and the console
No Interior Black Post-Loading Screen - remove the hardcoded 1 second of black screen after entering all interiors
No Place Marker Popup - don't show the 'Place/Remove marker' popup when placing markers on the map
No Screenshot Popup - print the "Screenshot Created" message to console instead of showing a popup
Out Of Memory Fix - stops the game mirroring textures in RAM to decrease memory usage with large textures
Remember Selected Console Ref - remember the selected reference when closing the console
Show Caps In PipBoy - unhide caps in the PipBoy
Skip Continue Game Prompt - skip the "Continue from your last saved game?" prompt when clicking continue game in the main menu
Skip Deathcam Hotkey - add hotkey 'left-alt' to instantly end the player deathcam
TCL Prevents Player Position Reset - stop the player's position being reset if flying out of bounds with Collision Disabled
Queue Semi-Auto Shots - clicking during the last 700ms of an animation will queue up another shot
Quick Item Transfer - transfer a stack of items at a time holding shift, or a single item holding control
VATS Ignores Teammates - stop VATS targeting companions

24 Hour Sleep/Wait Clock - show the time in 24 hour format in the Sleep/Wait menu
Compare Armor Stats - add - or + next to armor DT and DR in inventories compared to the current equipped armors
Compare Weapon Stats - add - or + next to weapon damage and DPS in inventories compared to the current equipped weapon
Compass Height Indicator - show whether an NPC is above or below the player on the compass as in Fallout 4
Dialog Number Hotkeys - add hotkeys to press dialog options (pairs well with VUI+'s numbered topics setting)
Disable Compass Edge Alpha - remove the hardcoded fade from NPCs, locations and player placed marker on the right side of the compass
Disable Hard-coded Tutorial Messages - disable hard-coded one-time tutorial menu messages
Extended Menu WASD Supportallow WASD for movement and e and spacebar for interaction in menus
HUD Color Sliders - add color sliders for the main HUD in the settings menu - note DUI doesn't support the extra options
HUD Show Region Names - show interior cell names or the closest marker name in the HUD region text (the bottom left 'Mojave Wasteland' text)
Hide Loading Screen Tips - hide the tips shown during load screens
Hide Main Menu Downloads Button - remove the downloads button from the main menu
Hide Skill Tags - hide the [Speech] etc. tags in dialogue
Hide Unmarked Compass Locations - show unvisited locations on the compass only if they are marked on the map
Hide Unspoken NPC Names - hide the names of NPCs that haven't spoken to the player from the HUD prompt
Keep Container Item Displayed On Mouseover - keep the container/barter item description visible when mousing off an item
No Cripple/Critical Messages - disable the messages when crippling or critical hitting an NPC
No Karma Messages - disable the good/bad karma messages and sounds, or stop bad karma sounds repeating within an interval
No XP Popup - hide the XP bar and sound
Remove Sneak Label - remove the [HIDDEN] etc. label
Show Note Menu in PipBoy - show the Scroll menu when opening notes from the PipBoy
Show Weapon Ammo Use In Menus - show the ammo used per shot when viewing a weapon in the inventory
Sort Pipboy Notes - sort the Pipboy Notes tab alphabetically or move unread notes to the top
Sort PipBoy Quests - sort the PipBoy Quests tab alphabetically or by completion
Unspoken NPC Indicator - add a * to the prompt for NPCs who haven't been spoken to
Unvisited Cell Indicator - show a * in the door activation prompt for unvisited interior cells

Gameplay/Balance Features
Instant End VATS Hotkey - add hotkey MenuMode (the PipBoy key) to instantly exit a VATS killcam
Jumping Costs Action Points - add an Action Points cost when jumping
Jump While Aiming - remove the block on jumping while aiming
Manual Reload - stop the game automatically reloading when a clip is emptied
Quick Use - holding shift and activating the crosshair item will equip it (Aid, Armors and Weapons), or the Book Menu when activating notes (requires Book Menu Restored)
Run While Aiming - remove the movement penalty while aiming
True Crouching - crouching makes your collision box smaller allowing you and your companions to fit through gaps (ported from JIP LN NVSE plugin)
True Ironsights Support - adds support for ##SightingNodes for aiming on weapons (requires modified anims and meshes e.g. Iron Sights Plus)

Misc Features
Adjustable Scope Zoom - add scroll-wheel to zoom while aiming
Combined Combat XP - delay XP popups till the end of combat
Convert Screenshot Format - automatically convert screenshots to jpg, tiff or png (thanks iranrmrf)
Custom Gamesettings Section - add a section [GameSettings], under which gamesettings can be added to be loaded after esps. Also read ini files from FOSE/Plugins/Tweaks/Gamesettings folder
F3TF (Tick Fix) - A lighter, more compatible version of the 64hz stutter bug fix from FOSR
Fire While Landing - allow firing weapons while lower body animations play
Interior Fog Remover - remove non-static fog from interiors
Local Map Respawned Cell Indicator - show respawned cells as red and visited cells as white on the local map
No Lockpick Activate - stop the container menu showing after opening a container with lockpick or key
Pause on Load Game - automatically pause the game when a save is loaded
Save Hotkeysadd hotkeys to full-save, incremental save and reload the current save
Save Manager - add a customizable number of save slots for incremental and auto-saves, event based saves and a configurable timed auto-save. Also add a 60 frame delay before the vanilla auto-save on cell transition to reduce potential crashing
Toggle Collision Key - add a key that disables collision while held

Gameplay/Balance Tweaks
Compass Hide Enemies - remove enemies from the compass (optionally show them if they're firing a weapon)
Debug Lockpick Menu - show the debug lockpick menu on all locks (cheat)
Equip Broken Items - allow broken armor and weapons to be equipped
Fallout 76 Encumbrance - allow running and jumping while over-encumbered using action points
Ignore Lock Level - allow picking locks of any skill level
Ignore Terminal Lock Level - allow hacking terminals of any level
iLevelsPerPerk - adds New Vegas' gamesetting to make perks gained every X levels instead of every level
Jump While Overencumbered - allow jumping while overencumbered
Midair Wait - allow waiting in midair
No PipBoy In Combat - stop the player using the pipboy when in combat
Sit to Wait - make the player only able to wait while sitting down
Sleep In Owned Beds - allow sleeping in owned beds
Weightless Items - make all Weapons, Armor, Aid, or Misc items weightless

Misc Tweaks
Continuous Jumping - holding the jump key will repeatedly jump
Custom Controller Stick Deadzones - make the deadzones for controller thumbsticks customizable to allow finer movement
Custom Hotkeys - reassign Console, Screenshot, PipBoy F1/F2/F3 menu and VATS accept keys
Dialog Press To Continue - stop Actors automatically advancing between lines in conversations (giving time to read what they are saying)
Disable Hit Shader - disable the HUD radial blur when damaged (optionally only when in god-mode)
Disable Weapon FOV - prevent zooming in when aiming with a weapon
Jumping Doesn't Drop Grabbed Item - prevent the grabbed item being immediately dropped when jumping
Keep Holotapes Playing When Selecting Other Notes - don't stop the current holotape when viewing text/picture notes
Locational Melee Damage - use body part damage multipliers for melee and unarmed hits
Louder Third Person Empty Clip Sounds - play the first person empty clip sound while in third person
No Alt Tab Pause - stop the game pause menu showing when the window loses focus
No Audio Distortion - remove the audio distortion when NPCs are wearing masks
No Character Name Limit - remove the name length restriction when creating a character
No Controller PipBoy Texture - don't use a different texture on the PipBoy when a controller is connected
No Misc Stat Tracking - prevents misc stats being increased
No Scrollwheel POV Change - prevent the POV (1st/3rd person) changing when scrolling
Pipboy Light Stays On After Cell Change - stop the PipBoy light being turned off when entering an exterior cell
Scroll Only Changes Camera Height If POV Held - mousewheel only changes camera height if the 'Change View' key is held
Show 1-9 Hotkeys - shows the 1-9 hotkeys in the controls menu
Skill Book Saver - prevent usage of skill books if the skill is already at 100 points
UK Keyboard - use the UK keyboard layout in console and menus

Optional Bugfixes
Enhanced Camera Ground Sink Fix - fix a bug with Enhanced Camera where the player would sink into the ground when switching from 1st to 3rd person
Keep XP Bar Visible When Closing Menus - fix an oversight where the XP bar would disappear when closing menus
Ultra-wide Black Rectangle, and Zoomed Menus/Scope Fix - fix bugs with 21:9+ resolutions where the fade-to-black effect would not cover the whole screen, and scopes/lockpick/terminals were zoomed in too far

Show which mod is missing which masters if they are missing during loading.
Show a warning if a mod is loaded that has recompiled all scripts.
Fix crash when saving with refs outside the loaded worldspace.
Fix crash when selecting an item with arrow keys in the PipBoy.
Fix double space after [Skill] tags in dialogue.
Fix PipBoy not saving scroll position when closing the menu.

Use Mod Organizer 2/Nexus Mod Manager/FOMM, or manually extract the .zip file into your Fallout 3 'Data' folder.

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Massive thank you to jazzisparisLuthienAnarion and the NVSE team whose decodings have proven essential for these tweaks.
Brodie Thiesfield for their SimpleINI library.
Finally thanks AVeryUncreativeUsername for testing.