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He's hackin' and wackin' and smackin'
He's hackin' and wackin' and smackin'
He's hackin' and wackin' and smackin'
He just hacks, wacks, choppin' that meat

ButcherPete FOSE is an extender plugin (similar to Command Extender) that implements some script functions from New Vegas for modders to use, and fixes some existing ones. Documentation is available on the GECK Wiki.

New functions:

  • SetTexturePath
  • GetKiller
  • IsKeyPressedAlt - a variant of IsKeyPressed that detects keys that were disabled with DisableKey
  • MessageBoxEx
  • MessageExAlt
  • IsOwned
  • AddItemOwnership
  • GetWorldspaceFlag
  • SetWorldspaceFlag
  • GetPCCanFastTravel
  • GetRadiationLevelAlt
  • GetButcherPeteVersion

Function fixes:

  • ListAddForm, ListAddReference (FOSE) - fixed memory corruption caused by wrong allocation size
  • GetRadiationLevel - fixed the function not working when called on NPCs

Game patches:
  • Fixed crashes when loading a save with increased uGridsToLoad after lowering it back
  • Increased grass render range by 1 cell distance, affected by fGrassStartFadeDistance


Version checking:

  • GetButcherPeteVersion function returns currently installed version of the mod multiplied by 100, i.e. 110 for version 1.1. The function is registered in an unused vanilla opcode that returns 0 by default, so it will work even if the plugin isn't installed.

See also:
  • Command Extender - even more script functions and fixes, you'll want it installed.

Source code:

Thanks to jazzisparis, lStewieAl and NVSE team for the original code of some of the functions and patches, as well as their work reverse engineering these games over the years.
Special thank you to hairylegs222 for extensive testing and requests, they're the reason this mod exists at all.