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Downgrades the game for FOSE support and more.
Includes 4GB patch, mod limit fix and GFWL removal.
GOG, Steam and Epic Games compatible.

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Fallout Anniversary Patcher

A patcher / downgrader tool for Fallout 3 that makes running a modded game a more comfortable experience.

  • Downgrades the game from October 2021 update ( to which is widely supported by other mods, most notably FOSE
  • Removes Games for Windows Live (xlive.dll is no longer loaded by the game) and removes LIVE button from the main menu
  • Makes the game 4GB aware
  • Automatically loads FOSE when using Fallout3.exe to start the game (if FOSE is installed)
  • Fixes a file handle limit and mod limit bug
  • New in 1.1: Fixes a crash when using Intel graphics cards to run the game

  • The patcher supports latest Steam, GOG and Epic Games versions of the game, both GOTY and regular editions. German low violence (No-Gore) version is not supported.
  • GOG version does not need to be downgraded or LAA-patched, so the patcher only applies other improvements to the executable as described above.


  • Video instructions are available here.
  • If you're installing Fallout 3 for the first time, run it once through Steam/GOG to generate INI files.
  • Unpack the contents of the archive to Fallout 3 folder and run Patcher.exe.
  • You will see black console window with a log of the process. No input is required, but it will tell you if any error has occurred.
  • When it's done and you see "Patching completed successfully" printed, you can close the window and proceed to installing other mods, such as FOSE.
  • Start the game in any preferred way - through Steam, GOG, the launcher, or any mod manager, but don't use fose_loader.exe. Forget it exists, it's safe to delete it.

  • Do not use fose_loader.exe to run the game with FOSE after running the patcher. Launch Fallout3.exe instead, it will auto-load FOSE.
  • The patcher should not be used for installing TTW 3.2, instead use the downgrader from Miscellaneous files section. It downgrades the executable without additional modifications, making it work with TTW installer.
  • If the patcher gives "Invalid executable" error, verify your game files on Steam/GOG and make sure the game is up to date.
  • This is a binary patcher that does not redistribute any copyrighted files or facilitate piracy in any way. A legitimate copy of the game is required to use it.

Redundant Mods
A list of mods made redundant by the patcher.

Recommended Mods

  • Command Extender - fixes several engine bugs, adds FalloutCustom.ini support and numerous script functions
  • lStewieAl's Tweaks - fixes several engine bugs and adds numerous configurable Quality-of-life improvements
  • Out Of Memory Fix - decreases RAM usage for large textures
  • Heap Replacer - improves RAM management, decreasing load times and improving performance as a result
  • Visual Objectives - adds visual 3D markers for current quest objectives


Source code
  • Available here.