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Collection of miscellaneous gameplay tweaks i use.

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Updated Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch

Stats and Leveling
-Base Carry Weight reduced to 50. Strength gives +10 per point.
-Base Health reduced to 50. Endurance gives +10 per point.
-Base Action Points reduced to 50. Agility gives +5 per point.
-Tag Skills now work like in Classic Fallout games; no immediate bonus to skills but instead they increase twice as fast.
-Leveling is slower.
-Less Skill Points per level up.
-Discovering locations doesn't give XP.

-Strong Back Carry Weight bonus reduced to 25.

Food, Chems and Medicine
-Food, Stimpaks and Radaway heal over time.
-Chems and Stimpaks have weight.

NPCs and Creatures
-Added a weak point to Radscorpion's stinger.
-Deathclaws are faster and deal more damage.
-Raised Trogg's health.
-Reduced Albino Radscorpion's health.
-Reduced Bruiser's health.
-Reduced Feral Ghoul Reaver's health.
-Reduced Super Mutant Overlord's health.

Ammo, Armor and Weapons
-Renamed ".44 Round, Magnum" to ".44 Magnum Round" because OCD
-Power Armor is weightless when worn.
-Raised .32 Pistol Damage and Critical Damage.
-Raised Chinese Pistol Damage, Critical Change and Critical Damage.

Miscellaneous Gameplay Tweaks
-Disabled Auto Aim.
-Items cost more at traders.
-Raised Leveled Actor multipliers slightly.
-Increased Movement Speed penalty when crippled.
-Raised base Unarmed Damage to 1.
-Lowered Sneak Attack Critical Damage to 1.5
-Raised max Pickpocket Change to 90%.
-Extended Map Zooming.
-Difficulty doesn't affect XP gain anymore.

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