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Essential things I personally feel the game should have, and why weren't many things like that in the first place. Grey area fixes, non fixes, integrations, and implementations.

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Essential things I personally feel the game should have, and why weren't many things like that in the first place. Grey area fixes, non fixes, integrations, and implementations. While working on the Updated Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch I came across all these things.

Running other mods alongside this mod will most likely conflict with each other. If you want other mods to run correctly alongside this mod, then I highly recommend you open FO3Edit, right click on the left side, apply filter to show conflicts. Solving those conflicts are the way to go.


Load Order
  • Fallout3.esm
  • Anchorage.esm
  • ThePitt.esm
  • BrokenSteel.esm
  • PointLookout.esm
  • Zeta.esm
  • Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.esm
  • Goodies.esm

Changes List
  • Restored Life Giver Perk's 2nd and 3rd ranks
  • Bog hallucinations will no longer spoil things if the player hasn't experienced them yet. If the player hasn't talked to Moira Brown, Elder Lyons, Lucas Simms, or Mister Burke, they won't appear. If the player hasn't done anything yet with the Megaton bomb, it also won't appear. If the player hasn't talked to Agatha then the violin trees won't appear
  • Being able to tell Lucy West her parents are dead and updated information on her brother Ian after the Blood Ties quest if she doesn't know yet still
  • Unlocked the Vault 87 entrance doors after the player escapes or leaves from Raven Rock. An area that was inaccessible. Thanks to TTW, the rest of the interior area is finished and connects to the outside Wasteland world. Colonal Autumn enters that way when capturing the player, so it makes sense the player can go back and explore it
  • Restored The Peepers cut night vision model, pipboy icon, and world object model
  • Restored a drop-down ramp that triggers after The Brain says the player will die in dialogue or if the player keeps shooting the Brain. The 2 ramps that can be walked on switch to being against the wall. Player drops down into the lower level full of protectrons
  • Restored all the static protectrons to be regular ones that activate in The Brain's Underground Lab
  • Restored The Brains' lower-level robots to all activate when the player drops into the lower-level and the same for the top-level ones when returning. They will all activate if the player keeps shooting The Brain
  • Every caps transaction between an NPC and the player actually gets added to the NPC in the entire game. When before it inconsistently either only subtracted from the player or did both. Some weren't changed to make sense
  • Victoria Watts stays in Rivet City (Always disliked how she travels across the entire wasteland somehow knowing you're asking random NPCs about the android)
  • 2 Fire Ant Nectar replaces 2 Ant Meat in Doctor Lesko's lab in Marigold Station
  • Adds Older Fallout ambient music (Optional in fomod installer)
  • Restored an Adventures of Captain Cosmos loading screen
  • Restored a Radio King loading screen
  • Restored a Super Duper Mart loading screen
  • Restored Ant's blood color. It's slightly darker than other bugs
  • Restored Anchorage Gary Interrogation Log and Reconstructed Audio Logs
  • Initiate Pek's armor to Recon armor (why does a BOS initiate have combat armor?)
  • Falls Church zone resets (enemies respawn) after completing The Lost Initiate side quest
  • T-45d Power armor name changes
  • Janice Kaplinski gets shot in the head by Colonel Autumn, instead of instantly dying from getting shot anywhere
  • Static desks and garbage cans to containers
  • Brahmin Skull statics to misc items
  • Wasteland map changed to the higher resolution 2048 one

Cut content weapons/armor in various places and on NPCs (Spoiler location and detail guides in the downloads)
Brokensteel and Point Lookout DLC weapons integrated into the wasteland (Axe, Double Barrel Shotgun, Heavy Incinerator, Lever Action Rifle, Shovel)

Unintrusive popup messages

The player will shield eyes and stagger from the Megaton explosion only if in 3rd person camera view. 1st person these idles won't trigger

If Mister Burke kills Lucas Simms, he gets shot in the head and his head pops. Before Simms was instantly killed from a single shot to him anywhere

Hired companions and temporary followers will draw their weapons when the player does, and when aren't waiting

Turning in extra technology to Protector Casdin with extra reward options

Firelance critical death. Fire burning explosion combined with alien disintegration

, Experimental Mirv, Nuka-Grenade, and Microwave Emitter Atomization critical effects restored
Microwave Emitter burning and radiation damage upon hitting enemies

Discharge Hammer
electrocution explosion effect

Lightning gun causes electrical damage, electric muzzle flash, and its critical death combines an electrocution explosion with the laser disintegration

Player will wake up from the Sacred Bog Hallucination in Point Lookout in an altered restored location

and AntAgonizer use their own weapons

Centaur and Swamplurk creatures spit radioactive toxic gore explosions

Eulogy Jones wears his hat instead of the hat placed in his pad

Small ladder to Lucas Simms' Hatch in his home

4 stools in the Tenpenny Tower at the bar near Shakes are changed to be able to sit on them

Unique/Cut radiation suits have their own altered colors