Fallout 3

About this mod

An update of the original unofficial patch with a unified single plugin and tons of additional community fixes.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Italian
  • German
  • French

What it does
This mod fixes errors and bugs in Fallout 3 + all DLCs. Cut content has been reviewed/restored only if fixable and able to blend into the game perfectly. The optional Goodies includes essential things I personally feel the game should have.

Other Thoughts
Before releasing v3.0 I backported Tale Of Two Wastelands fixes from scratch and revised everything v2.3.2 of this patch in comparison and tested everything I could think of along with some testers. Went through all the reported bugs in the bugs tab. Lots of help from Roy (TTW project lead) and endless hours of work from the Tale Of Two Wastelands team. Please go there when you have a chance and thank them for all the work they did. Roy, Kazo, Callen in particular I know did endless hours of work into what we have here. I only encountered 3 random crashes into the entire testing playthrough which I couldn't reproduce. This is extremely impressive compared from when I used to play FO3 encountering crashes constantly. Please enjoy and be fortunate of everything that's put into this.

Important Note
You don't need to fix the deleted navmeshes in the DLC esms when running this patch. In FO3Edit load this patch, right click, apply script, and choose Apply Filter For Deleted Navmeshes. It will show The Pitt and Brokensteel deleted navmesh records. v3.0+ overrides/fixes every deleted navmesh.

Important Note
Do not edit or clean the main game ESM files and do not edit or clean this patch or you're asking for things to break in your game.

Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.esm is around 53,000 records. Which means this patch touches A LOT of the coding because Fallout 3 is a very buggy game. One of the buggiest games I've ever seen. That being said, running other mods alongside this patch will massively conflict with each other. If you want other mods to run correctly alongside this patch then I highly recommend you to open FO3Edit, right click on the left side, apply filter to show conflicts. Solving those conflicts is the way to go.

Vanilla bugs unknown how to fix
  • Sometimes the main menu music continues to play loading your savegame. Loading a new cell that has assigned music fixes it
  • NPC's weapons floating near or on their hands. Only 2 ways I could figure out what helps with this. Best way is to save then load your save. Another way is to go into console, click on the npc, type resurrect and hit enter
  • Murder reaction dialogue for girl or guy (game engine doesn't detect correctly whether player killed a man or woman)
  • Attack loop sounds from Miniguns, Gatling Lasers, Sentry Bot's, etc sometimes keep going when not firing. Best way to fix this is to save then load your save
  • Certain angles a black square appears on certain surfaces. I only have theories towards why that occurs
  • After looting helmets/masks from decapitated npcs their helmets/masks stay on their heads

  • Fallout3.esm
  • Anchorage.esm
  • ThePitt.esm
  • BrokenSteel.esm
  • PointLookout.esm
  • Zeta.esm

Your load order in your mod manager must have these esm files in this order.

  • For a new Fallout 3 installation follow this guide Fallout 3 Setup Advice (Ignore the newb friendly part in step 6)
  • Uninstall any error-fixing mods that are already included in this patch
  • Uninstall the original unofficial patch by Quazzy and any prior version of this mod if present
  • ** This is a complete replacement for the original unofficial patch, the two must not be used at the same time!
  • Install ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated (this is in the setup advice but required for this patch to work)
  • Install FOSE current beta version into your Fallout 3 folder (this is in the setup advice but required for this patch to work)
  • Install Command Extender to your Fallout 3/Data folder
  • Install a mod manager (Mod Organizer 2 is suggested lower)
  • Download the Main download and use your Mod Manager to install the FOMOD installation
  • Before launching the game make sure all DLC's + UUF3P esms are checked and FOSE are running
  • Start a new game (Not necessary if you already started a new game with v3.0+ on your savegame)

Load Order
  • Fallout3.esm
  • Anchorage.esm
  • ThePitt.esm
  • BrokenSteel.esm
  • PointLookout.esm
  • Zeta.esm
  • Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.esm

  • Use your Mod Manager to uninstall
  • Older versions from the executable install, go to your windows uninstall applications and this patch will be in the list to uninstall

Goodies (Optional in FOMOD installer)
  • Ice cold Nuka Cola Quantum. Implemented to the pristine vending machines to account for both nuka cola and nuka cola quantum. Quantum Chemist Perk accounts for both regular and ice cold nuka cola
  • Companions have their weapons drawn when the player does, Sydney will too
  • DLC weapons integrated into the wasteland (Auto Axe, Axe, Double Barrel Shotgun, Heavy Incinerator, Infiltrator, Lever Action Rifle, Shovel)
  • Cut content weapons/armor in various places and on npcs
  • Adds Older Fallout music (Does not replace FO3 music)
  • Victoria Watts Stays in Rivet City (Always disliked how she travels across the entire wasteland somehow knowing you're asking random npcs about the android)
  • Static desks and garbage cans to containers
  • Brahmin Skull statics to misc items
  • Turning in extra technology to the outcasts with extra reward options
  • Microwave Emitter Object effect and critical death. When hitting enemies it causes burning and radiation damage. Fire burning explosion combined with laser disintegration on critical death
  • Firelance critical death. Fire burning explosion combined with alien disintegration
  • Fatman, Experimental Mirv, Nuka Grenade Atomization critical on death
  • Mechanist and AntAgonizer use their own weapons
  • T-45d Power armor name changes
  • Unintrusive popup messages
  • Regulator HQ enemy spawns that are behind it changed to regulator faction guard dogs (also prevents the brahmin and NPCs inside from being killed)
  • Centaur and swamplurk radioactive spit explosions
  • Initiate Pek's armor to Recon Armor (why does a BOS initiate have combat armor?)
  • Eulogy Jones wears his hat instead of the hat placed in his pad
  • 2 Fire Ant Nectar replaces 2 ant meat in Doctor Lesko's lab in Marigold Station

Mod Suggestions
Cut Content Restored and Reasons
  • Tobar dialogue lines during the Bog hallucinations. No idea why that was cut, it's funny and should be there
  • Restored the Ranger Battle Helmet's texture to green so it matches its green colored armor
  • Restored Moriarty's Strongbox key into his inventory. If you talk to Jericho in Megaton and give him money for booze, in return he'll tell you about the cabinet in which Moriarty keeps his caps, and the key that opens it. The only problem is Moriarty didn't have the key.
  • Restored when you receive the T-45d Power Armor from Sarah Lyons to receiving the Lyons Pride Power Armor instead. It didn't make sense with what sarah said when she gave you the T-45d Power Armor and you weren't able to receive the Lyons Pride Power Armor in the game. Not only is it disappointing to receive an ordinary T-45d Power Armor set, it made no sense to what Sarah Lyons said to you about becoming an honorary Lyons member. You can find the T-45d Power Armor set in many places before reaching that point. Reaching that far in the quest line should reward you with an unique Power Armor set and for what you're about to face (which is the fun enclave battle).
  • Restored when you receive Recon Armor from Sarah to receiving the Composite Recon Armor instead. You weren't able to receive the Composite Recon Armor in the game. The only reason why it's in here because in the similar scenario as the previous change, reaching that far in the quest line should reward you with an unique recon set and for what you're about to face (which is the fun enclave battle ). That armor set is hardly more powerful then the common one in any case.
  • Restored the area behind the Chop Shop in Underworld. An inaccessible door blocked your way to get behind there. I see no reason why you can't go back there. There's a locked safe and 2 named ferals that don't attack you.
  • Restored Megaton Brass Lantern Customer's unique dialogue. They're supposed to be friendly and the only npc that's supposed to be rude is Andy in The Brass Lantern.
  • Restored Mr. Burke fully into the game(Screens). There's dialogue Burke says either before, during, or after the Tenpenny Tower quest and the You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head quest. Burke's house was pointlessly sitting in Megaton never being used by him. Burke sat in a chair at Moriartys all day long and never gets up. He's disabled from the game for no reasons. Everything that was cut fits into the game perfectly which are the following:
  1. Burke will only disappear/be disabled from game if you charm him and not blow up megaton
  2. You're able to initiate conversations with Burke at appropriate times including before and after quests
  3. Burke is a resident of Megaton with a daily routine
  4. Burke's house can be unlocked with his house key
  5. Burke's house key is in his inventory
  6. Burke has a daily routine at Tenpenny Tower

Current Version Changes (3.1.8)
  • Fixed Dad to say to the female player an immediate dialogue reaction line after being rude to Jonas saying the BB gun is lame. With a female player it would break causing dad to not say the line then his hello dialogue lines were mute after Screen (was incorrectly setup only towards a male player)
  • Reverted the wasteland 2048 map back to 1024. 2048 map will stay in goodies
  • Fixed the nuka cola quantum addiction to be set once in the Generic Script (was set twice)
  • Included TTW YUP FO3 Fixes:
  1. Raider Iconoclast Armor female glove model/texture fixes
  2. Energy Resistance abbreviation spelling error fix
  3. Enclave officer female model fix
  4. Vodka model fix
  5. Broken sidewalk model fix
  6. Male npcs animation hit in the head fix
  7. Glowing Ones melee decision hold time fixes
  8. Minimal use door flags to 2 doors
  9. Advanced Radiation Suit Effect player condition fix
  10. Forge Electromagnetic Pulse condition fix
  11. Robobrain Mesmetron condition fix
  12. FX Gore Pop Head impact fix
  13. 2 Computer Chair no name fixes
  14. 16 idle animation fixes including Robobrain's power down animation fix
  15. Statesman Hotel Elevator poppup message spelling error fix
  16. Gas Valve popup message spelling error fix
  17. New Medical Brace name fix
  18. Mister Sandman Perk fixes
  19. Enclave Deathclaw ragdoll death pose fix
  20. Glowing One Ragdoll death pose fix
  21. Med-X Withdrawal condition fixes
  22. Ultrajet Withdrawal condition fixes
  23. Discharge Hammer actor effect condition fixes (cut weapon but Goodies restores it)
  • Included TTW Weapon model/texture fixes:
  1. 10mm Pistol
  2. 10mm Pistol Silenced
  3. 10mm Submachinegun
  4. 32 pistol
  5. 44 magnum
  6. Alien Atomizer
  7. Alien Blaster
  8. Alien pistol
  9. Alien Rifle
  10. Assault Rifle 
  11. Atomic Pulverizer
  12. Axe
  13. Auto Axe
  14. Baseball Bat
  15. BB Gun
  16. Bottle Cap Mine
  17. Captains sidearm
  18. Chinese Pistol
  19. Chinese Assault Rifle (Anchorage)
  20. Combat Knife
  21. Combat Shotgun
  22. Cryo Grenade
  23. Cryo Mine
  24. Dartgun
  25. Destabilizer
  26. Double Barrel Shotgun
  27. Drone Cannon
  28. Fatman
  29. Firelance
  30. Flamer
  31. Frag Grenade
  32. Frag Mine
  33. Gauss Rifle
  34. Ghoul grenade
  35. Heavy Incinerator
  36. Hunting Rifle
  37. Infiltrator
  38. Jingwei's Shocksword
  39. Katana
  40. Knife
  41. Laser Gatling
  42. Laser Rifle
  43. Laser Pistol
  44. Lead Pipe
  45. Lever Action Rifle
  46. Lincoln Rifle
  47. Mesmetron
  48. Minigun
  49. Missile Launcher
  50. Nail Board
  51. Nuka Grenade
  52. Paulson's Revolver
  53. Police Baton
  54. Plasma Grenade
  55. Plasma Mine
  56. Plasma Pistol
  57. Plasma Rifle
  58. Pool Cue
  59. Powerfist
  60. Pulse Grenade
  61. Pulse Mine
  62. Railway Rifle
  63. Repellent stick
  64. Rock-It Launcher
  65. Rolling Pin
  66. Rusty Knife
  67. Sawed Off Shotgun
  68. Shishkebab
  69. Shock Baton
  70. Shovel
  71. Sledgehammer
  72. Sniper Rifle
  73. Supersledge
  74. Tireiron
  75. Trench Knife
  76. Tri beam laser rifle
  • Fixed all misc item icons
  • Fixed the player to be unable to initiate dialogue with the Pitt chained slave
  • Fixed Milly and the remaining riot Pitt slaves to have dialogue after the Free Labor quest
  • Fixed Elliot to not run around and to help the player when the soldiers are released too early
  • Fixed Elliot to not react to the player when the soldiers are released correctly and the player didn't kill them (he would say a blank dialogue line and be stuck after)
  • Fixed Elliot to say his reaction lines outside of the cell the 2 soldier cryo pods are in
  • Fixed the Zeta Alien workers to flee when near the player and do coward animations. All while not being displayed as enemies to the player
  • Fixed Mr Brotch to still have dialogue when talking to him a 3rd time after saving him
  • Fixed Forty and Crimson to sleep together when Crimson distracts Forty during the Rescue From Paradise Falls quest
  • Fixed Forty and Crimson to resume their regular routines after the Rescue From Paradise Falls quest is completed
  • Fixed Rory's dialogue to be said at the appropriate times
  • Fixed Rory's "Thanks for getting me out of there." dialogue lines to be said in 3 possible ways depending on if the kids are in Paradise Falls still or not
  • Fixed Rory to follow the player only within Paradise Falls and its interiors
  • Fixed Sammy, Penny, and Squirrel to not keep returning to the Paradise Falls sewer grate (once per day flags were checked)
  • Fixed a Bill Seward mute dialogue line he says to a female character when asking about the stone head
  • Fixed Action Girl perk's icon
  • Included Vault 101 Door Camera Fix by TelShadow (In the intro video it clearly shows those cameras there)
  • Fixed Agatha from giving the player her ammo key too early
  • Fixed being able to negotiate finding the violin only when not having it yet
  • Fixed Agatha's unexpected bad karma dialogue greeting line to trigger for evil and very evil players
  • Fixed a dialogue typo audio mismatch with Agatha
  • Included Fallout 3 Broken Steel Title Update by NiraZero
  • Fixed not being able to open dialogue options with Jenny Wilson (kid karma dialogue gained access to unvoiced dialogue options)
  • Fixed Simone Cameron's greeting dialogue to be said at appropriate times
  • Fixed 37 dialogue karma lines depending on if the player is better or worse then neutral status
  • Fixed RL3 purchase dialogue (Charisma check slipped into there)
  • Fixed RL3 purchase dialogue to show the [Karma] in the choices when having neutral karma or not
  • Fixed a dialogue audio text mismatch when choosing "I was drawn to your eternal wisdom." talking to Jackson
  • Fixed a missing table in the Administration interior of PL
  • (Goodies) Removed shalebridge ant poppup message changes
  • (Goodies) Changed Initiate Pek's armor to Recon Armor (why does a BOS initiate have combat armor?)
  • (Goodies) Eulogy Jones wears his hat instead of the hat placed in his pad
  • (Goodies) 2 Fire Ant Nectar replaces 2 ant meat in Doctor Lesko's lab in Marigold Station
  • Reverted the Jingwei's Shocksword to have the alien disintegration (my mistake sorry)
  • Fixed 5 dialogue conditions when Ellen DeLoria is screaming for help while being attacked by radroaches. Shouldn't be targeting the player (Thanks to Cactaceae TTW)
  • Fixed an attack dialogue condition Mr Handy says about humans resorting to violence. Shouldn't be targeting the player (Thanks to Cactaceae TTW)
  • Fixed 100+ dialogue grammar, spelling, audio text mismatches
  • Fixed an opened locked jail cell in the Museum of History Lower Halls (Open by default was incorrectly set by the developers)
  • Fixed 2 dialogue options involving asking Commander Danvers about Harkness
  • Fixed Laser Rifle's repair list
  • Fixed Tri-beam Laser Rifle's repair list
  • Fixed Hunting Rifle's repair list
  • Fixed Lever Action Rifle's repair list (this also applies to Lincoln's Repeater using the same repair list)
  • Included fixes only from BenTweaks by BenzSmoke which are:
  1. Fixed 27 map marker icon types
  2. Fixed 2 beds incorrectly owned by Moira Brown in Dominic and Machete's House
  • Fixed Cindy Cantelli to say "Welcome to A Quick Fix." only in the Rivet City Marketplace (Thanks to Cactaceae TTW)
  • Restored/Fixed Elder Lyons blessing dialogue lines he says at breakfast and dinner times when sitting at the A Ring round table (Thanks to Cactaceae TTW)
  • Fixed 17 misplaced/floating objects in Alexandria Arms
  • Fixed a floating car stack in the Scrapyard
  • Fixed BLD08ValksDupont.NIF collision and UV errors (Thanks to Roy and Rikako)
  • Fixed highwaycurve02rw.nif collision issues (Thanks to Roy and Rikako)
  • Fixed highwayoverpassramp01.nif geometry errors and collision issues (Thanks to Roy and Rikako)
  • Fixed highwaystr01rwoverpass.nif geometry errors and collision issues (Thanks to Roy and Rikako)
  • Fixed highwaystr01rwoverpass02stone.nif geometry errors and collision issues (Thanks to Roy and Rikako)
  • Fixed 15 Enclave combat dialogue lines to be linked to combat responses (Thanks to Cactaceae TTW)
  • Removed TTW altering the CG03Script [SCPT:0001CE2E] for survival choices (oops missed that)
  • Fixed a GNR dialogue line that blocked 33 Brokensteel GNR dialogue lines. Random end flag blocked them (Thanks to Cactaceae TTW)
  • Fixed a glitched urban stairs model Example Screen (Thanks to Roy and Rikako)
  • Fixed collision and other issues with blddupontangled02.nif (Thanks to Roy and Rikako)

Previous Version Changes (3.1.7)
  • Fixed double opening sound with the Tenpenny Gate
  • Fixed robot idle sounds. Their idle sounds actually don't work but the idle sounds work towards their conscious sounds (in the creature audio templates)
  • Fixed an Enclave Radio dialogue previous info (oops I missed that one)
  • Reverted Dad's surgical mask in the beginning birth scene to not modulate his voice (his dialogue is too quiet for that feature)
  • Fixed an opened locked door in the National Archives (Archival Secure Wing East). This door is supposed to be locked and closed but the developers accidentally had the "open by default" flags on
  • Fixed 2 Museum Information terminals in the Museum of Technology West Wing that had the wrong Exhibit Guide options
  • Fixed guardrails floating in location -7, -6 of the wasteland
  • Fixed a floating tree in FFEnclaveCamp28 of the wasteland
  • Fixed blinking assorted papers
  • Fixed Dogmeat to not give all his items to the player when he finds something
  • Included Player's Tenpenny Suite TTW fixes and reverted Megaton player's house locker to its original position (Forgot to work on those)
  • Fixed an enter/exit door mismatch for the Anchorage Memorial when entering the Anchorage Memorial Facility from the wasteland
  • Fixed the Sentrybot's power down animation to not loop over and over (included from YUPTTW FO3 fixes)
  • Fixed Seagrave Holmes close shop greeting dialogue to be said at appropriate times
  • Fixed 3 Pitt slavers and random encounter slavers male/female facial glitch mismatch
  • Fixed Doctor Barrows to remove proper amount of caps from the player when getting healed
  • Fixes to doctor healing dialogue player prompts
  • Fixes to no caps check for not having enough for almost all doctor healing dialogue
  • Fixed caps check to Lucy's 100 caps healing dialogue (was checking for 150)
  • Fixed/Restored speech check dialogue to bargain better prices with the wasteland doctors (Screen)
  • Fixed William Brandice's corpse to have fireant nectar (was a 70% chance before)
  • Fixed the mister gutsy robots to be non hostile towards the player when getting ink in the Stealing Independence quest (works for when not entering the area yet or starting a new game)
  • Fixed Paladin Hoss and his Brotherhood Paladin follower to go to the Falls Church parking lot to hold their position at the appropriate time. Which is after the player talks to Hoss for the 1st time
  • Fixed Paladin Hoss and his Brotherhood Paladin follower to change to follow the player (escort helping fight off enemies whenever the player returns to Falls Church worldspace)
  • Fixed Paladin Hoss and his Brotherhood Paladin follower to follow the player in the Falls Church worldspace only. They won't follow the player into interiors and not fast travel with
  • Fixed a glitch that occurred when Paladin Hoss and his Brotherhood Paladin follower are following the player and the player goes into an interior that's linked to going back into the Falls Church worldspace, waits near the door, then all 3 npcs enter the interior
  • Fixed Paladin Hoss and his Brotherhood Paladin follower to wander around Falls Church after asking for money and completing the unmarked quest
  • Fixed Initiate Pek to stop following the player and follow Paladin Hoss or his Brotherhood Paladin follower when he's in the Falls Church worldspace
  • Fixed Initiate Pek to not always sneak when following Paladin Hoss or his Brotherhood Paladin follower
  • Fixed Initiate Pek's dialogue lines to be said at the correct times
  • Fixed 2 dialogue muted (no audio exists) lines the random encounter slaves say to the player after being freed from their collar
  • Included Evergreen Mills Behemoth cage fixes from CivisRomanus Unofficial Fallout 3 Fixes
  • Removed a lot of unnecessary dialogue records involving Generic type quests. Conditions are already applied on the quests themselves. These records didn't make any changes in game (From the TTW backporting process)
  • Fixed Marguerite in Point Lookout to stop giving the player unlimited amount of caps from repeating the same reward after fixing her stiller
  • Included Essential UI Bug Fixes by Axonis. Optional in the fomod installer (Removed NV Recipe)

















Permissions and Team
Ask us first through PM please. Making patches to be compatible with other mods is fine, no need to ask permission first.

hairylegs222 - Merging/Fixes bugs/Backporting/Description Page/fomod installer
BenWah - Project oversight & founder
prisoner416 - Finds bugs
Tale Of Two Wastelands