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JSawyer Ultimate Edition
All Official DLC

New Vegas Script Extender
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Please relevant parts of this description before commenting. I will ignore questions which are answered anywhere on this mod-page.

Patches for the original JSawyer mod will not work with this mod and are probably no longer needed.

Version Changelog
Complete Changelog (WIP)


To me, Josh Sawyer's mod was always something of a meant-to-be mod. That is, a mod which changes elements of the game to how, in my opinion, they should have been from the start. For those not familiar, jsawyer.esp was a mod made by Joshua Sawyer - the lead designer and director for Fallout: New Vegas. Essentially it is a difficulty and rebalance mod, which maintains much of the vanilla vision when compared to similar mods, whilst still managing to feel new.

Of all my many playthroughs of New Vegas (and believe me, there's been a lot), for some reason I always remember my minimalist, vanilla-esque JSawyer runs as the most fun. However, it has to be said that the mod might be considered quite crude by modern modding standards. It was never fully finished (and I can't blame him for this since he was doing it in his free time), there are numerous inconsistencies, and patching it to work alongside other mods is a nightmare.

I've completely reconstructed JSawyer's mod from the ground up, tweaked the odd inconsistencies, expanded the compatibility, and covered more balance issues than (in my opinion) any New Vegas mod has ever done before. And before you say it: yes, I mean that mod too - perhaps more so than any other. Enjoy.


This mod is a complete, from-scratch remake of the original JSawyer mod. It aims to stay as true as possible to the source material, and clean up any inconsistencies or errors there were. Changes and new additions were only made if I thought that they could be justified from a balance perspective, and if they stayed true to my perceived intentions of the original.

To prevent this description being overly long, I won't completely list the changes and features here. Instead you can find an exhaustive list of changes in the articles tab. Unless stated otherwise, changes in the original still stand, so I will not mention them on this mod-page. Here is a quick run-down of some of the most notable features.

(NOTE: I'm currently working on a 'complete changelog' for this mod which more exhaustively documents every change made in detail, including changes carried forward from the original. However, this takes a lot of time and I have work commitments at the moment, so please be patient.)

Scripted Implementation - Greater Compatibility - Less Patches

Many of this mod's changes are made by scripts. This means that there will be less compatibility issues, and less need for patches. Moreover, this mod will also cover content added by other mods as much as possible. One such feature is that JSawyer Ultimate will automatically adjust stats of mod-added armor so they're not out of place next to Sawyer's tweaks. New weapon mods will also be included in the new weapon mod distribution, and Stimpaks placed in the world can be automatically replaced with "Expired" variants, and so on.


This mod can be safely installed and uninstalled on any save - it will not cause a crash or leave any serious permanent side effects.

It's worth noting that, unlike the original, this mod does not integrate Gun Runners' Arsenal. This is directly linked to the above point but also means WME and WMX won't require extensive patches. I highly recommend you use my Gun Runners' Arsenal Disabled mod. This includes options to better implement the DLC with the vanilla game. Failing that, if you want to fully integrate GRA then you can use Gun Runners Arsenal Merged which does pretty much exactly what Sawyer's original mod did.

YUP and TTWFixes Continuity

If a record edit was necessary, any appropriate fixes from YUP or TTWFixes are included. If a change present in the original JSawyer mod has since been incorporated into YUP or TTWFixes, it was omitted from JSawyer Ultimate to prevent unnecessary duplicate edits. It is expected that everyone will use either YUP or TTWFixes as they are essential bugfix compilations.

Vanilla Item Distribution

New Vegas introduced several new items which weren't thoroughly distributed in the world as you'd expect. Weapon mods, caravan cards, ammo variants, and ammo parts were almost exclusively vendor items. JSawyer Ultimate distributes all these in a seamless and appropriate way, so they can be found in relevant containers and on actors (some components of this are optional).

In addition, the following underused items are all added to places where you'd reasonably expect them to be found: Jake Juice, Rum & Nuka, Brahmin Meat, Silenced .22 Pistols and SMGs, and Incendiary Grenades.

Complete Tale of Two Wastelands Compatibility

Tale of Two Wastelands compatibility is comprehensively covered by a patch. This also includes things which other mods usually miss, like toning down some of Fallout 3's large quest rewards, and expands implementation of all JSawyer Ultimate's features to cover any relevant Fallout 3 items.

Several other balance tweaks and fixes are also included:

  • Bullet casings are properly distributed alongside Fallout 3's weapons; 
  • Darts are much less common;
  • The Megaton house is harder to get;
  • The short boat ride to Point Lookout no longer takes 1 month;
  • Unique caravan traders are essential;
  • Mothership Zeta companions are essential and their unique items are given in a Honest Hearts style reward chest so you don't have to kill them;
  • ...and more.

Someguy2000 Quest Mods Compatibility

All of someguy2000's quest mods, which includes the popular "New Vegas Bounties" series, are supported without the need for a patch. These mods include some quite overpowered items, which JSawyer Ultimate will automatically detect and change so they are not as game-breaking.

Comprehensive Karma Corrections

One glaring issue with vanilla New Vegas is the odd karma distribution. The overwhelming majority of NPCs in the vanilla game have neutral karma - meaning there is no consequence for killing them. This makes sense for major factions such as NCR and Caesar's Legion as the game isn't mean't to be a Fallout 3-esque good-versus-evil scenario, however a large number of generic civilian NPCs also have neutral karma. What makes it more strange is that the Brotherhood is a seemingly random distribution of good and neutral (probably a legacy of Fallout 3), some raiders and thugs aren't evil as you'd expect, and some generic civilians have good karma whilst most others don't - with no logical justification.

The original JSawyer mod includes several karma changes but only covers a handful of unique actors, Westside Residents (neutral to good), and the Legion Centurions encountered during the Battle for Hoover Dam (evil to neutral).

Let's get this straight: civilians should be good so you get negative karma for killing them; NPCs with questionable motives or belonging to a morally ambiguous faction should be neutral; and overtly violent, aggressive, or manipulative NPCs should be evil. This precedent is established by the vanilla game.

With that said, JSawyer Ultimate includes the most comprehensive collection of karma corrections of any mod to date - all without a single record edit. Over 1000 NPCs have their karma alignments changed. Tale of Two Wastelands is also covered.

Overhauled Economy

An optional module rejigs the economy of New Vegas so that the Barter skill has a much greater effect on buying and selling, so that you will often get raw deals if you don't invest points in it. This makes Barter as useful as the other skills and not just a perk-enabler, and makes perks like Fortune Finder less of a wasted choice. Armor, weapon, and weapon mod values are completely overhauled so that they are much lower: basically, stuff is cheaper but you'll have far less to spend on it. The result is that you can't easily get rich by selling weapons you find on dead raiders and so you won't be dealing in tens of thousands of caps when buying and selling higher-end equipment. Where do they keep all those anyway? Vendor caps are also reduced accordingly, and at casinos the maximum winnings and bets have been reduced so as to not break the new economy.

Community Contributions

Several other mods are integrated into JSawyer Ultimate. Mainly, these mods fix bugs, restore cut content, or re-implement vanilla features in a better and more compatible way using NVSE. The cut content restorations are small and they don't particularly affect gameplay much - I chose only a handful of the simple ones that mesh well with vanilla game, such as restoring a couple of actors. Special thanks to Yukichigai and miguick for their contributions.

There are many other changes, a comprehensive list of which can be found in the articles section.

Recommended Mods

*This mod is recommended if you want to remove the vanilla yellow and orange shading.


THIS MOD DOES NOT REQUIRE THE ORIGINAL JSAWYER MOD. JSawyer Ultimate was built from the ground up using the original as inspiration, and is entirely separate. Indeed, it needs to be separate or the increased compatibility factor would be void. This is effectively a replacement - it has all the features of the original.

That said, the following are required:

The mod will check which versions of NVSE and the two plugins you are using, and notify you if they are missing or not up-to-date.

This mod is intended to be used alongside YUP or TTWFixes. In fact, many changes in the original JSawyer mod are now included in these and so they were omitted from this mod. In that sense they are required for proper balance and a complete experience.

Installing either Gun Runners' Arsenal Disabled or Gun Runners Arsenal Merged is highly recommended.

Using this mod with a character which has already exceeded the new level cap of 35 is obviously not intended. However, you can use my Complete Respec mod to re-level your character to the correct level.


This mod has an uninstall option in the MCM menu, which you should use to safely prepare it for uninstallation. Before doing so, remove power armor (or just all your armor to be sure) and have the Food Sanitizer in your inventory if you've previously picked it up with the mod installed.

It's best practice to follow a "clean save" procedure when uninstalling mods but it's rarely necessary. The downside is that you'll lose all items added by the mod you're uninstalling (if you're simply updating), so it's up to you whether it's something you want to do or not. Generally speaking, this is not required if you are updating to a new version of JSawyer Ultimate - simply replace the old files with the new ones.

  1. Load a character which you've used JSawyer Ultimate with previously.
  2. Open the MCM menu and select the "Uninstall" option from the "Utilities" submenu for this mod.
  3. Un-pause the game and wait around 5 seconds to ensure that all scripts have terminated.
  4. Save your game.
  5. Repeat these steps with each character JSawyer Ultimate was used with.
  6. Exit the game and uninstall JSawyer Ultimate.
  7. Load each character and save to a new slot. This removes all objects from mods which no longer exist.

This produces a so-called "clean save", which supposedly contains as few remnants of removed mods as possible.


Below is a list of known (in)compatibility. It is by no means exhaustive - most mods will be compatible without any issues. As always, it's best practice to use FNVEdit and your brain to check for record compatibility. If you intend to use this mod alongside Project Nevada I recommend you don't use the Rebalance module (*sigh*) but no-one ever listens...

*(The unique Varmint Rifle, Ratslayer, may need to be patched manually using FNVEdit for both of these mods - there are simply too many different versions for me to provide a patch for each. All you need to do is carry forward the ammo change by this mod into a merged patch, etc.)

If you make a patch I'll happily link to it on this page. If you want advice about what objects will need a patch/how best to go about it - contact me by PM.

Redundant Mods

JSawyer Ultimate includes equivalents to all these mods, therefore they should not be used alongside it. Credit goes to the original authors for their ideas.


My Mods

I spend a lot of time creating and supporting my mods. If you enjoy using them please consider donating by using the link on my user page or at the top of any of my files. Cheers.