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Restores a huge amount of scenery and little random things which were patched out of the game post-release.
And because people asked for them, the fluff NPCs and creatures too.
This mod puts it all back. Well, the worthwhile stuff anyway.

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As many of you may be aware, Obsidian had to cut a huge quantity of scenery and clutter to help out with the struggling consoles after the game was released and to help squeeze in the DLC.

This mod puts it all back. Well, the worthwhile stuff anyway.
It might seem minor, but this mod goes a huge way to rectifying some of the damage that was done to this game.
My pictures aren't very good and they don't do it justice. Many thanks to MCD for the video. (it doesn't show everything)

v0.11 Added a separate version for use with Freeside Open.
Also fixed up a few areas in Freeside Open that didn't quite match the original areas.

NEW FOR 2015: Added a new optional file which restores 106 skeletons which were altered for the worse by Old World Blues.
Skeletons file is merged with version 0.12, 0.2 and above.

V0.2 Now including the patch-cut NPCs and creatures, also includes the 106 skeletons.
Updated Freeside Open version now available.
Added Freeside Open & Outside Bets compatible versions.

v0.9 Added the fixed up contents from my previous Uncut Interiors and Uncut Pond files.
The Skeletons are now included, as I didn't see any reason not to.
Figured out what the deal was with the Thorn's lighting.
I disabled some of the patched-in lights that had been used to replace the patched-out ones, though it may be a little darker in the halls now.
Vault19C restored lighting. Kinda pointless, and may have a performance hit, but it's in now.
Some very minor additions that weren't strictly patched content only, but were clearly missing and I didn't think anyone would object to them.
Hopefully no mistakes. I'm not going to call it 1.0 just yet.

May not be compatible with languages other than English, due to those versions having different IDs for certain records for patched items. (collision markers at Hoover Dam, some lights, the unwanted Freeside walls, and a couple of clutter items)

Does not restore any cut NPCs (v0.2+ restores only the ones which were patched out)
Does not restore the extended road leading up to the Legate's Camp from Hoover Dam. Now included as an optional file!


Things restored:

Restored the car pile walls, replacing the ugly junk walls that were later added to hide the fact that most of the background scenery from the out of bounds areas had been cut...
The signs for The Silver Rush, The Atomic Wrangler etc. are visible again from the outer part of Freeside.
Streetlights visible again over the walls.
Concrete pillars in the ruins.
Lots of bushes.
Street litter.
Withered Maize and Jersey Barricades near the water pump.
Wrecked Bus near Cerulean Robotics. (this was still navmeshed around despite being cut. Not included in FSO version as the navmesh gap was filled in.)
'No parking' signs.
Restored the original paving in parking areas.

Hoover Dam:
Electric Pylons and cables.
Scaffolding (Note that this is not currently navmeshed)
Restored the Water Jets. (These are not visible from a distance which is probably why they were disabled.)
Road chunks.
Tons of rocks and trees.

Matthews Animal Husbandry Farm:
A Cattle Prod that was lying on the crates. (yes, it's not scenery but I kept it in)

A whole heap of bushes.
Yet more bushes.

North Vegas Square:
Mostly background stuff here.
Pylons in distance, that kind of thing.
Some clutter, just a barrel and a tire.

Just a few tire piles and road chunks here.

Mostly just some out of bounds background scenery here. There was more but there wasn't much point in restoring stuff that could never be seen.
More Withered Maize.
Did I mention bushes?

Other random little things:
Utility poles have animated dangling wires. (Possibly glitchy if you don't have Lonesome Road. There is an optional file to remove them.)
Minor clutter including a gnome.
That's pretty much it.


Alright, here's a list of the newly restored NPCs and other random things in v0.2.

The 188
1 Destitute Traveler
1 Gunrunner Guard (night shift)
1 NCR Trooper/Heavy Trooper
1 Water Brahmin

Bitter Springs
4 Refugees

Black Mountain
4 Centaurs
4 Nightkin Ambushers

Camp Forlorn Hope
2 Guard dogs (sniffer dogs. I might cut these later.)
3 Troopers

Camp Golf
6 Troopers
Restored day & night shift AI packages

Camp Searchlight
7 Dead Bighorners + fly swarms
6 Feral Trooper Ghouls
2 Glowing Trooper Ghouls
6 Golden Geckos
2 NCR Troopers
4 Radscorpions
5 Turrets

The Fort
1 Blacksmith
1 Brahmin
1 Crucified Trooper
1 Legion Mongrel (sniffer dog)
6 Legionaries
2 Slaves

1 Bodyguard for hire
1 Rat-Chasing Child
1 Corpse
1 Local

Hoover Dam
5 Fluff NPcs for Kimball's speech (there are more here, but this is only the patched-out ones for now)
1 MP for Kimball's speech

King's School of Impersonation
6 Kings

1 Drill Sergeant
2 Obstacle Course Runners
5 Troopers

4 Powder Gangers

1 Crucified Powder Ganger

No Man's Land
Restored the 3 infamous injured troopers, and the random battles.

North Sewers
6 sewer residents, and their associated daily routine AI packages.

2 Troopers
4 Escaped Convict/Powder Gangers

Southern Nevada Wind Farm
1 Legion Raider (looks like this poor guy was misplaced, so he got disabled in a patch, but he ends up as cazador fodder anyway so I've left him in for now)

The Strip
Street Vendor wanders around slightly, instead of just standing on the spot.
(Walter & Ethel Phebus originally had a wandering package, but it was kind of clunky so I didn't restore it.)

Ultra-Luxe Baths
4 Bathers (these guys had a disable marker patched onto them, but it was never used, so they were permanently turned off.)

Vault 3
7 sleepy Fiends

8 Fluff citizens

12 Bloatflies
7 Geckos
6 Coyotes
2 Feral Ghouls
11 Glowing Ghouls
8 Radroaches
Various NPC's daily routine AI packages restored, though there wasn't much that was patched out and still functional.

Interior Stuff

Hoover Dam offices
1 Metal shelf in a rubble pile... such amazing restoration right there.

House Resort
3 speakers (Now you can hear Chief Hanlon's bugged repeated speech much more clearly. :P )

Nellis Tunnel
5 tin cans... wow, amazing

Repcon Office Main Floor
Put the Q-35 Matter Modulator back in its original hovering position. Though I understand this was patched because it could fall down and be difficult for console players to pick up.


I haven't noticed any performance loss while using this*, and my machine is positively ancient. (so ancient that it died. R.I.P.)
*(other than the V19C lighting, and possibly The Thorn's)

I hope this mod doesn't break anything. It shouldn't, but I can't guarantee it.