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A collection of small essential gameplay improvements for the official DLCs that have been fully merged, updated, and cleaned.

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Essential DLC Enhancements
Dead Money
Honest Hearts
Old World Blues
Lonesome Road
xNVSE (optional)
JIP LN NVSE Plugin (optional)


This is a merged and updated collection of several small mods or concepts that affect the official DLCs.

To me, these features are pretty much essential for any playthrough and reflect how I think the DLCs should have been. However, I also like to keep my load order as short as possible, so I'm tempted to drop some of them since their effects are potentially not large enough to warrant the load order space. This solves that, by merging the changes into a single plugin, whilst also doing a thorough clean and update.

I have also intentionally made this mod so that it has no NVSE dependencies or constantly running gamemode scripts. All scripts in this mod are as lightweight as possible and only run in specific areas where they are required. If I could implement a feature without any scripting at all, I have done so.


Short Description

This mod includes:

Long Description

Dead Money - Christine Has More Skills


Details: Fixes a continuity bug where Christine would claim to be skilled in all weapon types, whilst only actually being skilled in Energy and Melee Weapons. She now has a custom ability that simulates here having all weapon skills as tag skills.

  • Removed the edit to Christine's NPC record for better compatibility, as it was redundant due to the script below.
  • Removed the quest script that would add the ability to Christine, and instead used a trigger script. The trigger will run automatically when you are near the Villa fountain.

Dead Money - Ghost Hologram Worshipping Restoration


Details: Restores a cut gameplay concept that is still mentioned in Dead Money, where Ghost People will worship and become distracted by the holograms, which allows you to sneak by undetected. This feature makes sense, given the survival horror-theme of the DLC. An additional cut hologram near the police station is also restored.

  • Fixed the worshipping trigger script so that Ghosts will become aggressive if the player gets too close or disables the hologram, as the developers intended (the feature was probably cut entirely due to the fact that this behaviour didn't work properly in the vanilla scripts).
  • In the same script, also improved the detection of Ghost People so that the script doesn't consider holograms to be Ghosts too.

Dead Money - Ghost People Limb Health


Details: Increases the health of all Ghost People limbs. This follows on from my point about survival horror above. I think the mechanic where Ghost People will get back up if their limbs are intact is meant to be reminiscent of zombies in Resident Evil, but it is often overlooked entirely since crippling a Ghost's limb will automatically dismember it and kill the Ghost, due to how their scripts work. The health of all Ghost limbs has been increased, so that each limb has more health than the actual Ghost itself. You will now have to kill Ghosts the normal way and then deal enough damage to sever a limb, either after they are downed or with a powerful enough killing blow. This should also make Dead Money harder in general, since Ghosts will be harder to kill and more likely to get back up.

Dead Money - Ghost People Perception Fix


Details: In the vanilla game, Ghost People have a Perception of 0, and there was a misconception for a long time that the game interpreted this as an overflow and gave them virtually infinite Perception, which made it almost impossible to sneak past them. However, it is now known that the game engine interprets a Perception of zero as 1, and that the real reason why Ghost People are hard to sneak by is due to their high level (this has been proven by xNVSE devs decoding the relevant parts of the engine). There was an old fix that changed the Perception of all Ghost People to 1 to 'fix' this bug, and it is included here for completeness, and as the Ghost People are already edited due to the fix below, so it makes no difference if this change is made too. Plus, it satisfies those that still have the placebo effect regarding this.

Dead Money - Ghost People Sneak Detection Fix


Details: Reduces the level of Ghost People to fix a notorious bug where they can very easily detect the player, even when he is concealed and at a distance. As a side effect, this also reduces the XP received from killing them, which is an extra bonus as the high rates of XP from the DLCs is unbalanced anyway. The level changes are:
- Tier 0: Level 5 -> Level 3
- Tier 1: Level 15 -> Level 5
- Tier 2: Level 25 -> Level 10
- Tier 3: Level 35 -> Level 15
- Tier 4: Level 45 -> Level 20
- Tier 5: Level 50 -> Level 25

Dead Money - Ghost Trapper Combat Style Change


Details: Changes the combat style of leveled variants of Ghost Trappers from 'ranged' to 'melee', since they only carry melee weapons and this matches the default Ghost Trapper creature. The combat style makes them more likely to dodge ranged attacks.

Dead Money - Missing Return Options


Details: The Sierra Madre Vending Machines allow you to return various items of Pre-War clothing in exchange for Sierra Madre Chips, but some items of clothing can be found in the DLC but have no associated return option. This mod adds new return options for those items. The new recipes are:
- Dirty Pre-War Businesswear -> 2 Sierra Madre Chips
- Grimy Pre-War Businesswear -> 2 Sierra Madre Chips
- Pre-War Baseball Cap -> 3 Sierra Madre Chips
- Pre-War Bonnet -> 3 Sierra Madre Chips
- Sexy Sleepwear -> 4 Sierra Madre Chips

  • Removed the option to return 2 loose Cigarettes for 1 Sierra Madre Chip, since it doesn't make much sense that you can return individual cigarettes to a store.

Dead Money - Post Completion Rewards


Details: This feature provides a route to unlock Seirra Madre vending machine codes, skill books, and unique items that you might have missed forever during Dead Money. This allow you to play the DLC without having to worry about finding every collectable.

An administrative override code for the Sierra Madre vending machines has been added to a desk in the Abandoned Brotherhood of Steel Bunker. After completing Dead Money, you can activate the code in exchange for Sierra Madre chips, with the cost being dependent on the number of vending machine codes that you discovered during the DLC. Activating the code will unlock any codes that you currently don't have. Along with this, some new vending machine options are also unlocked:

  • Recipes for new weapons added in the Dead Money, which were previously not accessible after leaving the Sierra Madre (Automatic Rifle, Bear Trap Fist, Cosmic Knife, Holorifle, Police Pistol, and Throwing Knife Spear).
  • Recipes for Sierra Madre Armour, including return codes.
  • Recipes for unique clothing items (Assassin's Suit, Dead Money Jumpsuit, Dean's Tuxedo, Vera's Dress).
  • Recipes for any skill books that weren't picked up during your visit to the Sierra Madre.

This feature also supports the Microfusion Cell code added by JSawyer Ultimate Edition.

Honest Hearts - Honest Hearts Gecko Leathers Improved


Details: Adds new textures for the craftable Gecko-Backed Leather and Metal armors added in Honest Hearts (Reinforced variants are included too).


Honest Hearts - Honest Hearts Letter


Details: Adds a well-written letter from Joshua or Daniel on top of the reward chest at the end of the DLC. This is a nice personal send-off from the character you helped and gives an actual reason for the reward chest being there.

  • Removed script edits to Departing Paradise and instead linked the enable script for the letter to a trigger. This is more compatible, as Departing Paradise is no longer overwritten in the file. The letter will also appear if you have already completed the DLC.
  • The four extra dressing items next to the chest are no longer marked as persistent and are not enabled by the script. Instead, their enable parent is set to the chest itself. This cuts down on persistent references.
  • Cleaned dirty edits.

Honest Hearts - Zion Valley Ambient Music


Details: Adds ambient music to the Zion Valley worldspace. In the vanilla game, Zion is always silent.

Old World Blues - Better Old World Blues Scaling


Details:  Changes how enemy leveled lists work in Old World Blues, so that they do not always spawn the highest-level possible enemies depending on your character level. This makes the enemy balance in the DLC much more fair, especially considering that the DLC uses an encounter system that respawns enemies very frequently.

Old World Blues - Old World Blues Path Lighting


Details: Lighting effects are added to the static garden light posts throughout Big MT, giving some extra ambience and visibility. The lights are only activated at night time.

  • Removed all scripting, and replaced the light switching method with enable parents that inherit the lighting schedule from the vanilla strip lights.
  • Replaced the light cone activators with Sarge's unused static version, since scripting the object is no longer required.
  • Cleaned dirty edits.
  • Removed unused forms.

Old World Blues - Old World Blues - Keep Big Mountain Alive


Details: Re-enables enemy spawns and announcements after Old World Blues is completed. These are all disabled in the vanilla game after completing the DLC, which makes Big MT very (big) empty.

  • Moved the script which re-enables encounters from a quest to a trigger. This means there isn't a quest running constantly checking if you've completed the DLC.
  • Copied forward a subtitle fix from YUP for one dialogue topic.

Old World Blues - Improved Transportalponder


Details: When teleporting to and from Big MT, the Transportalponder teleportation will now play an affect similar to when you first teleport to Big MT. When you teleport from the Mojave, your exact location is also saved, so that you don't just get teleported back to the Mojave Drive-In. Finally, companions will also be teleported with you.

  • Used the more streamlined scripting from Unofficial Patch Plus.
  • Included YUP fixes in the script, which were overwritten by the original.
  • Your facing direction is now also preserved when travelling back to the Mojave.

Old World Blues - Minor Encounter Fixes


Details: Fixes for small errors in the Old World Blues encounter system. Presently, this has one fix for an encounter that was intended to spawn up to seven Mister Gutsys, but only spawned up to five due to a scripting error.

Lonesome Road - Faction Alignment Fixes


Details: Makes two changes to how faction alignment is handled in Lonesome Road.
  • Firstly, it enhances the scripted reputation checks so that the DLC can't 'align' you with a faction whose main quest line has been failed, e.g. failing For the Republic or Don't Tread on the Bear, failing Render Unto Caesar or Beware the Wrath or Caesar, or killing Mr House. The DLC will now also align you with Yes Man if you have installed him in the Lucky 38 and upgraded the Securitrons at the Fort, as by that point you have amassed enough power to take on the Dam if you skip the side factions (in the vanilla game, you could only be aligned with Yes Man if you were disliked by all other factions).
  • Secondly, the conditions on Ulysses dialogue have been changed to reference the faction selected by the scripted reputation checks, rather than using separate checks that were often wildly incorrect. This change was inspired by the same change in Lonesome Road True Faction Allegiance.

Lonesome Road - General Martin Retslaf Skeleton


Details:  This changes the Corpse of General Martin Retslaf to be a skeleton, rather than a ghoul, as the ghoul didn't make sense considering the passage of time since the war.

This was inspired by General Martin Retslaf Fix and Lonesome Road Skeletonized General.

  • Unlike General Martin Retslaf Fix, you can still search the General like you would any other corpse, rather than his items being automatically added when you activate.
  • This new implementation is simpler than Lonesome Road Skeletonized General and does not require editing the General's overcoat, so is better for compatibility with other mods.

Lonesome Road - Laser Detonator Quest Item Status


Details:  If you have completed the Warhead Hunter challenge, the Laser Detonator will no longer be marked as a quest item on leaving the Divide, so you can drop it. If you have already completed the challenge, just travel to the Canyon Wreckage for this to take effect.

Lonesome Road - Lonesome Road Carbon Shadow Fix


Details:  In the Courier's Mile location of Lonesome Road, there is a silhouette of a person who has been vaporised by an atomic blast. However, the outline of the person is lighter than the surrounding wall, which is exactly the opposite to how this ghostly effect would occur in real life. This mod simply changes the texture to be more realistic, with the person's outline being darker than the surrounding wall (where their body blocked the radiation from the blast).

Further Recommendations


This mod requires the following:

The NVSE stuff above is optional and is only required for the Dead Money skill book tracking feature in Dead Money - Post Completion Rewards. Without these, the skill books feature will simply be disabled.

Standard installation procedure: add the file to your data folder and check in the game launcher or your mod manager of choice. Load wherever, although I'd probably recommend high up, just below DLCs and patches.

This mod does not require NVSE or any of its plugins.


This mod can be safety uninstalled at any time and will have no permanent effects on your game. Just delete the file and you're good to go.


Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see included, but please note that this collection is intended for mods which are sufficiently 'vanilla' and which are ok to use regardless of your load order.


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