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Threw everything I had into one pack to celebrate 10 years of... this.

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As of the day this mod was released, FNV is ten years old, its hard to believe isn't it? it seems like yesterday that I was playing it for the first time on my PS3. I remember a friend getting me a spare code to the Mercenary pre-order pack, I remember our beloved Doc Mitchell's head span around so, and I remember being pretty disappointed at how little had changed from F3 and how buggy and ugly it all seemed.

Anyway here's all the animations I care to release I've made in the past 2 years or so all in one place, to celebrate this mess of a game we all apparently love.

The mods Included:

Subtle Camera Motion
Iron Sights Recoil Animations (Base game + DLC, use Sniff for other mods)
Fire Animation Variants (Most anims have been remade though)

At least a dozen new animations I've never released before, including an entirely complete set of new fire animations for 2ha (pistol grip rifle) weapons. I've thrown some bug fixes in there as well. I'd make a complete list of all the new stuff but honestly I've forgotten the details.


Someone: Is this compatible with X?

Me: This mod is incompatible with the following animation mods:

Weapon Animation Replacer WAR (Only partially incompatible, don't install any of its 1st person anims and you're good to go.)
1st Person Weapon Animation Overhaul
Weapon Animation Replacers - Enhanced Camera compatibility pack
Asurah Reanimation Pack
Remove Camera Movements from 1st Person Animations

Someone: TTW?

Me: A patch is available.

Someone: Why did you make this mod?

Me: Cause a friend asked me to and also it was FNVs tenth birthday and I felt I had to do something.

Someone: Why not use an existing animation mod like everyone else?

Me: I don't like any of them.

Someone: Even yours?

Me: Especially mine.


Installs like any other mod, manually or using a mod manager, I recommend the later for easy uninstallation.


Installation in reverse.

Credits & Thanks



CovenantTurtle for providing feedback while I was in a daze making a load of anims in a short amount of time to get this thing done.

CarbonWaffle for fixing countless bugs.

Special thanks to members of a certain Discord server, you know who you are, you're probably typing :snig: already.