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Patches for using several popular mods alongside JSawyer Ultimate Edition.

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JSawyer Ultimate Edition Patches
JSawyer Ultimate Edition


Tale of Two Wasteland Patches can be found at the separate JSawyer Ultimate Edition TTW Patches page.

This mod page is the 'official' location for JSawyer Ultimate Edition patches. All these patches are for version 5.0 onwards of JSawyer Ultimate - do not use them with older versions.

I will be adding more patches as time goes on. If you have a patch you'd like to contribute, please PM me (PushTheWinButton) - your help will be much appreciated and I'll give you the relevant credit.

If you want to request a patch, please help me out and check to see if the mod needs one first by loading it up in FNVEdit. It'll reduce my workload slightly and mean I'm more likely to grant your request.

Equipment Restoration Project


This patch deals with the Scorched Sierra Helmet and the Mantis Gaunlet, which are both re-implemented by JSawyer Ultimate and ERP. JSawyer Ultimate's version of the helmet and ERP's Mantis Gaunlet are removed to prevent duplicates of the items.

Fallout Character Overhaul


A simple patch merging changes from JSawyer Ultimate and Fallout Character Overhaul for a handful of conflicting NPCs.

Fallout New Vegas Redesigned 3


This patch merges changes from JSawyer Ultimate and New Vegas Redesigned 3 for a handful of conflicting NPCs, and one aid item.

Mojave Arsenal


This patch is no longer required for version 3.0+ of Mojave Arsenal.


Mojave Raiders


This patch resolves conflicts between a handful of leveled lists contained in JSawyer Ultimate and Mojave Raiders. It also ensures that raiders spawn with .22LR rounds when using Varmint Rifles, to reflect JSawyer Ultimate's ammo change. This supersedes Mojave Raider's .22LR optional file.

Water Overhaul


This patch covers the few conflicts between JSawyer Ultimate and Water Overhaul, and makes the effects on Water Overhaul's new items conform to JSawyer's conventions.

In addition, the Homemade Stimpak from JSawyer Ultimate has been changed to use a syringe model and icon, and to give an Empty Syringe when used. This is to reflect the parts used to craft it.

Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod


This patches some conflicts with JSawyer Ultimate and Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod, and also undoes some of the many non-bugfix and non-mesh related changes in WMIM.

Alternatively, you do not need this patch if you use Qolore's modified version of the WMIM file, which can be downloaded from the Viva New Vegas guide. Qolore's version removes all gameplay changes from WMIM, which means there will be no conflicts with JSawyer Ultimate. Personally, I'd recommend this approach rather than downloading my patch.


The following mods do not conflict with JSawyer Ultimate and so do not require a patch, or can be automatically patched with Wrye Bash. I will update this list as time does on - it's far from complete.

My Mods

I spend a lot of time creating and supporting my mods, so any donations are gratefully received.