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Improves the character creation by speeding up the process, adding specialized gear based on your tag skills, and making Wild Wasteland an opt-in feature rather than a trait.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
- SPECIAL allocation, skill allocation, traits, and hardcore now all take place at the Vigor Tester instead of the exam (optional file keeps the exam for those who want it)
- Wild Wasteland is now selectable via a pop-up menu after SPECIAL allocation, similar to hardcore mode
- Get specialized gear based on your tag skills (edited version of Starting Gear Overhaul)
- Removes Doc's line about the player's name
- Includes an improved method of the character respec (both vanilla and OWB) removing traits, so it doesn't remove Wild Wasteland and automatically removes both vanilla and modded traits (based on Traits on Level up)
- Doesn't move/remove the Pre-Order Pack DLC items, for that I recommend either JSawyer or JSawyer Ultimate Edition
- Patch for Complete Respec available

Jbanna (helmetdaddy) for Starting Gear Overhaul
mysteriousman121 (Ludark) and RoyBatterian for Traits on Level up
Ladez for Character Creation Streamlined
- Feel free to use/distribute this mod however you want, just credit the people mentioned above