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Restores content seen in the prerelease trailers and screenshots but later cut from the game.

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I guess there is an issue with mod manager DL. So, manual is the way to go!

Prerelease Restored attempts to further the work done in Uncut Wasteland, this time focusing primarily on various prerelease media, but also derived from intro/ending slides, and cut or obscured world cells.
Essentially, the idea is to undo the optimization pass done by the New Vegas team and restore the version of the game that was too intense for console.

Much of the restorations will be minor, so if you are looking for entire worldspaces or quests, this isn't your mod.
If you're looking for a bit more life added to the existing worldspaces with concerted effort to restore exactly what the developers intended and not shoddy original content - you're in the right place.

I'm kind of jumping around the wasteland as I go, but you can find many additions in Goodsprings, Helios One, and the road outside McCarran.
Please use the pictures in this mod listing as a guide to the *major* changes made, and you can find a full changelog in the readme.

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and endorsed so far!
Thanks also to RoyBatty, IncultaWolf, Sandbox6, SuBNeRoCL, Master891, and Red1995 for the help!

Enjoy your stay!