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Vastly improves all the weathers in the game, without stepping on the toes of vanilla New Vegas's design too much.

Permissions and credits
  • Italian
- Completely overhauled weathers for the base game and all DLCs
- New cloud textures thanks to Yossarian/Anro's Nevada Skies and xCamo and Sal's Realistic Wasteland Lighting
- Regional weathers/unique DLC weathers have been tweaked to make them less overbearing, but still give them a unique feel
- No scripts or weather effects, meaning no performance loss
- Recommended for use with Simple Interior Lighting Overhaul
- Requires the base game and the four main DLCs

Marcurios - Cloud textures (from his work on Nevada Skies, URWLNV, and Realistic Wasteland Lighting)
jjc71's - Cloud textures (from Project Reality)
PiranhaBears for Smooth Sky - Advanced Sky Grain Removal, which has been included in this mod
Clarity - Inspiration for RGB values on some weathers 
Blue Moon Lighting - Same as above
Budget Weather and Light 8 - Same as above
RWL Redesigned - Same as above (DLCs)
- You can not redestribute/reupload this mod without permission from Marcurious and jjc71 to use their cloud textures. Simple patches and such that still require this mod are fine though.