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Streamlines the start of the game to get the player out of Doc Mitchell's house smoothly and quickly, without skipping it entirely.

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This is a mini-mod that overhauls character creation a bit. The goal is to streamline the start of the game to get the player out of Doc Mitchell's house smoothly and quickly, without skipping it entirely. There are also a few changes that are simply down to personal preference. Take it or leave it. All the changes are detailed below, in the order that you'll experience them.


  • Doc Mitchell no longer makes a quip about your name. I found this line to be annoying and pointless.

  • Activating the vigor tester now brings up the "static" S.P.E.C.I.A.L. interface, instead of the animated closeup of the model which is a usability nightmare. There's a comparison in the images tab.

  • The vigor tester now also handles your tag skills and traits. I also moved the hardcore mode prompt here, to have everything handled in one place and to avoid the distraction when it normally occurs.

  • The wearisome psych evalutation sequence is skipped completely. Doc Mitchell no longer asks you to sit on the couch, instead he shows you to the exit after using the vigor tester.

  • Getting your starting gear no longer generates corner messages, except for the Pip-Boy 3000, the Mojave Express delivery order and getting your outfit equipped. This should limit the message spam while still drawing attention to items of note.

  • Doc Mitchell now gives you a settler outfit instead of a vault suit. Download 'Lore Friendly' version from the files section if you do not want this.

  • Instead of immediately leaving you at the door, you stay in dialogue with Doc Mitchell when he's done talking. This allows you to continue the conversation uninterrupted so you can actually, you know... say goodbye.

  • Back in the Saddle no longer starts automatically by telling you to find Sunny Smiles. Instead you get the quest when you ask her to teach you. For now, you still have to complete the quest in order to meet Trudy, as you normally would.

  • Character revision upon leaving Goodsprings have been disabled. I don't understand why this had to be a thing in the first place.


Place 'Character Creation Streamlined.esp' in the game's data folder and activate it with your favorite mod manager.