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Ever noticed how some buildings in the game have no windows even though on the outside they're covered in windows? Like what kind of presidential suite doesn't have windows? Well, this mod tries to fix that by adding windows into those interiors.

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Like said above, this mod aims to fix the interiors that lack windows where they logically should be. The mod places windows in places that somewhat match the outside of the building. But sometimes the interiors don't match the shape of the building at all so instead the windows are placed in places they would most likely be if it was a real building. The windows follow the games time and will be bright when it's day and dark when it's night.

The Mod Edits 30 interior cells at the following locations

Aerotech Office Park
Bison Steve Hotel
Camp Searchlight
Dino Dee-lite Motel
Goodsprings Gas Station
Gomorrah Suites
Legion Safehouse
NCR Correctional Facility
NCR Embassy
NCR Military Police HQ
Nevada Highway Patrol Station
New Vegas Medical Clinic
North Vegas Apartments
The Tops
Vault 21 Gift Shop
Westside Apartments


Use the mod manager of your choice,
or manually place the ESP file into your Data folder, then enable the mod in your load order.


This mod shouldn't really conflict with anything unless they change the walls around the windows or add objects where the windows have been placed.

Works fine with lighting overhaul mods like Interior Lighting Overhaul, just make sure the Windows of the Mojave esp loads before all lighting overhaul esp's in your load order (Only has to load before Interior Lighting Overhaul's esp, not ESM).

Works with The Great Mojave Interior Overhaul, only a few objects clipping in the Nevada Highway Patrol station, NCR Embassy, and Vault 21 gift shop.

Let me know if you run into any bugs!

Version 1.0
Bison Steve Hotel, Gomorrah Suites, REPCONN HQ, REPCONN Test Site, The Tops, Ultra-Luxe.

Version 1.1
Includes 1.0 interiors and adds, Aerotech Office Park, Camp Searchlight, Legion Safehouse, NCR Correctional Facility, NCR Embassy, NCR Military police HQ, Nevada Highway Patrol Station, New Vegas Medical Clinic, North Vegas Apartments, Vault 21 Gift Shop, Westside Apartments.

Version 1.2
Includes 1.0 and 1.1 interiors and adds, Dino Dee-lite Motel and Goodsprings Gas Station.
1.2.1 added fixes from YUP to the mod.
1.2.2 fixed some minor bugs and cleaned up the mod with fnvedit