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Wrye Bash is a multipurpose mod management and mod installation utility.

Permissions and credits
We only support Fallout: New Vegas version and
Wrye Bash 308 or higher.

We can not help with NMM / MO / MO2 related problems

Important: Wrye Bash needs developers
If you are familiar with the Python programming language, please consider helping with development. We ported our repository to git at github to make contributing super easy. If you are interested, you can find more information in our Contributing.md.

Purpose of FO3/FNV versions compared to Valda's Versions.

  • Awareness that mostly complete FO3/FNV support has been added to 308.
  • Explain the main differences between Valda's versions and 308.
  • Continue stabilizing and testing current FO3/FNV support.

There are so many authors that have contributed to this project like Wrye (the Main Snow Monkey Himself and author of Wrye Mash), Pacific Morrowind, Lojack, Valda, D4id4los, Sharlikran, raziel23x, and WrinklyNinja. Without the continued effort from Utumno to refine, stabilize, and update the back end code Wrye Bash would not be what it is today. However, volunteers are still needed to add full multi game support. In 2014 Sharlikran started experimenting with updating Skyrim, Fallout 3, and Fallout NV record definitions with the help from Lojack. The FO3/FNV record definitions have been used in Valda's versions but are only now being implemented into 308.

Valda based his versions off of 295 and implemented some additional code from newer versions. Because of that Valda's versions have no LOOT
support for importing Bash tags (308 does have LOOT support). You can still sort with LOOT separately.

The patcher differences are as follows:

Only patchers highlighted in green are available in 308.
Patchers highlighted in red will never be added to our version, because they are outdated, dangerous or otherwise deprecated and should not be used.

Valda's versions patch: Merge Patches, Replace Form IDs, Import Actors (AIPackages, Animations, Death Items), Import Cells, Import Destructible, Import Factions, Import Graphics, Import Inventory, Import Relations, Import Names, Import NPC Faces, Import Script Contents, Import Scripts, Import Sounds, Import Stats, Import Weapon Modifications, Tweak Assorted, Tweak Globals, Tweak Names, Tweak Settings, FormID Lists, Leveled Lists, Race Records.

Version 308 patches: Merge Patches, Import Actors (AIPackages, Animations, Death Items, Faces, Factions, Spells), Import Cells, Import Destructible, Import Effect Stats, Import Enchantment Stats, Import Graphics, Import Inventory, Import Names, Import Object Bounds, Import Relations, Import Scripts, Import Sounds, Import Stats, Tweak Actors, Tweak Assorted, Tweak Settings [includes Globals], FormID Lists, Leveled Lists, Import Spell Stats, Import Text, Import Weapon Modifications.

As you can see, Wrye Bash now has fairly complete FO3/FNV support. Unless you absolutely need the Race Records patcher, it is highly recommended you use our version, since it is much more up-to-date and also features other patchers not available in Valda's version. What we are hoping for is continued feedback on current functionality with FO3 and FNV to ensure it is as stable as possible. Please share your feedback on the Wrye Bash Discord or in the Wrye Bash AFK Mods thread. When a simple comment, update, and testing is not sufficient please do as asked and post in the official GitHub bug tracker.

Migration Information and Links to Valda's Wrye Flash.

Wrye Flash for Fallout NV by Valda
Wrye Flash to Bash Migration Guide by Dubious

What does Wrye Bash do?

Wrye Bash is a powerful mod management utility for games based on Bethesda's Creation Engine. A few of its countless features are:

  • Mod installation and file conflict management
  • Plugin load order management
  • Screenshot management
  • .ini tweak management
  • Clean uninstallation of mods, even conflicting ones
  • The "Bashed Patch", which allows you to increase the compatibility of mods, configure the game to your liking via tweaks and to surpass the 255 plugins limit by merging patches into it

Feedback? Comments? Questions?

Please give feedback and feel free to join the discussion at the current official thread: Wrye Bash (Oblivion, Skyrim, Skyrim SE, Fallout 4) or via the Wrye Bash Discord. Be sure to read the first post for information on installation, troubleshooting, reporting bugs etc. If you are having trouble, you'll find many friendly people there who can help.  Check out the 2nd post to see the list of known bugs, and, more importantly, whether the bug has already been fixed.


Basic information is in the OP of the Wrye Bash topic at the AFKMods forums linked to above. For more information visit:

The General Readme can be launched from inside Bash by clicking the question mark icon on Bash's toolbar.

Requirements and Installation:

Short Sersion:

Just use the installer and install to the Fallout New Vegas folder! When you install dependencies, just install them to their default locations.

Long Version:

There are two versions available: the Python version and the Standalone version. They are functionally equivalent. Most people should run the Standalone version since it is slightly simpler (no external Python components to install). The Python version allows you to follow the rapidly developed code.

Dependency installation for the Python version can be automated with pip. See the installation sections on the Advanced Readme for detailed instructions.

Note that the 64-bit versions are required, we no longer support 32-bit operating systems.

  • For manual installations of either the Standalone or Python versions, extract the archive in your Fallout New Vegas game folder so that the Mopy directory appears in the Fallout New Vegas directory
  • For Python versions, run by double-clicking on Wrye Bash Launcher.pyw
  • For WBSA (Wrye Bash StandAlone), run by double-clicking on Wrye Bash.exe

Remember! In Windows Vista and up, don't install Fallout New Vegas in the Program Files folder due to User Account Control!
See Also File Permissions

Version History:

For changes from all previous versions, see the Version History.