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Standalone (or All-In-One) fixes for: ADAM Reborn, Baddarkl Perk Overhaul, Book of Steel, Combined Community Sound Pack, Fix for the Caesar Legion Armors, Mojave Arsenal, Melee Reach Fixed, FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting + Uncut Wasteland + Simple Street Lights + The Living Desert.

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~ Last update 27 August 2020: it's very likely that some/most patches don't work anymore or are redundant, ymmv ~

All-In-One Version:

Required: JSUE, YUP, UPPFNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting, ADAM Reborn (with NCR Trooper option!), Fix for Legion Armors, CCSPMelee Reach Fixed Ultimate and Book of Steel
Recommended: Mojave Arsenal + PatchBaddarkl Perk Overhaul, Uncut WastelandSimple Street Lights and The Living Desert
- Includes all the following fixes

Seperate Versions:

requires JSUE and ADAM Reborn
- Forwards changes from YUP and JSUE. (Example: Reduced weight of Dam Combat Ranger Armor)

requires JSUE and ADAM - Trooper Gloves (optional FOMOD option of ADAM Reborn)
- Forwards changes from YUP and JSUE. (Example: Additional item stats/effects)

requires JSUE and Book of Steel
- Combat Armor Reinforced Mk II stats fixed.

requires JSUE and Baddarkl Perk Overhaul
- 'Super Slam!' and 'Unstoppable Force' with BPO requirements and JSUE improvements.

requires JSUE, Melee Reach Fixed Ultimate and Combined Community Sound Pack (not the script version, which can result in crashes)
- Combines JSUE changes with CCSP sounds.
- Changes some melee weapon reach values and makes that compatible with JSUE.

requires JSUE and Fix for Legion Armors
- Visuals combined with JSUE's stat adjustments. (mostly weight and bonus item effects)

requires YUP and Mojave Arsenal
- A few small fixes.
- You should also use 
JSawyer Ultimate Edition Patches's version.

UPP_FNWVRL.esp (yeah, spelling mistake in the plugin file :D will keep it that way to not mess with updates)
requires UPP and FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting
- Fixes FNVRWL overwriting a perk change from UPP.
- Worldspace changes. Recommended to be used with Uncut WastelandSimple Street Lights and The Living Desert.