Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

This patch deals with compatibility between Dawn of Skyrim, Capital Whiterun Expansion, Fortified Whiterun and Bells of Skyrim. ESPFE

Permissions and credits
I love city overhauls such as Dawn of Skyrim and Capital series. For that reason they are essential for my playthroughs, but they have a lot of incompatibilities between them (clipping objects, navmesh,...). This is especially the case for Whiterun, and although there are already some patches dealing with that, in my opinion they're seem a bit out-of-date nowadays, and also their authors are absent (as far as I have seen).

So I decided to deal with this matter and make my own combination of Whiterun overhauls. Here is a brief list of what I've done:

- Fixed a lot (A LOT) of clippig objects along the affected areas of Whiterun (Companion's courtyard, terrace of the Bannered Mare, Warehouse at the entrace of Whiterun, etc).
- Remove duplicate tanning racks and workbenchs at Skyforge.
- Re-allocate the bakeries from both Dawn of Skyrim and Capital Whiterun Expansion to new locations, as well as the clipping buildings outside Whiterun.
- Navmesh adjusted and fixed carefully at the affected cells of both city interior and exterior.
- Combo patches for the city interior and exterior as independent plugins in case do you prefer another mod for the outskirts.
- Minor modifications.


v. 4. of 'Whiterun Overhaul Patch - Interior.esp' (10/11/2023)
- The dunmer and argonian merchants added by Dawn of Skyrim are relocated to a new created marketplace area.
- Better fencing for one of the cows.
- Little gardens around Arcadia's Cauldron.
- Improvements on Warmaiden's Exterior.
- Modifications regarding flora distribution.

Requirements and suggested load order

I recommend to load the mods required by both plugins as listed below, from top to down. The navmesh of my mod shouldn't be overwrite by any other mod.

A) Whiterun City Interior

Fortified Whiterun v. 1.6 - Bear in mind that you don't have to install the Dawn of Skyrim patch.

Dawn of Skyrim  v. 1.5 + Rob's Bug Fixes - Dawn of Skyrim

Capital Whiterun Expansion v. 1.5 Normal Version + Rob's Bug Fixes - Capital Whiterun Expansion

Bells of Skyrim v.1.2.5

Bells of Skyrim - Alternate Location for Fortified Whiterun  - Install the plugin that also requires DoS and CWE.

A.1.) Optional file: Cult Statue Add-On:
Laptoprocker argued in his Dawn of Skyrim - Sensible Edits that the Ysgramor statue doesn't make much sense attending to the lore and the uniqueness of that asset, and I agree with that point. So, understanding that the statue at the Jorrvaskr courtyard was the object of some cult - with weapon offerings and so on - I decided to replace it with a Sovngarde statue, thinking that it would fit better - especially since Kodlak Whitemine wants to go to Sovngarde after death.

B) Whiterun City Exterior

Dark's Whiterun Market v. 2.2

Fortified Whiterun v. 1.5 + Rob's Bug Fixes

Capital Whiterun Expansion v. 1.5 Normal Version + Rob's Bug Fixes

  FROM 10/11/2023 ONWARDS: this plugin won't be developed anymore as I'm currently playing with Ryn's + JK's Whiterun outskirts combo.

- I recommend to put both patches at the bottom of your load order. New game is recommended.


  • Skyrim Sewers Compatibility Patch - Load it BEFORE 'Whiterun Overhaul Patch - Interior.esp'.
  • Interesting NPCs - Patch available
  • Lux Via + Lux Orbis + Dark's Whiterun Market - Patch available. Provide as is. It requires 'Lux Via - Whiterun Market Patch.esp', 'Lux Orbis - Fortified Whiterun Patch.esp', 'Lux Orbis - Capital Whiterun Patch.esp'. Load 'Whiterun Overhaul Patch - Exterior.esp' AFTER all that patches, then my plugin.
  • GG's Impoverished Whiterun: Compatible. Load it BEFORE/ABOVE 'Whiterun Overhaul Patch - Interior.esp.
  • Northern Roads - Patch added to to-do-list. For the meantime it is recommended to load 'Whiterun Overhaul Patch - Exterior.esp' AFTER the Northern Roads patches for Capital Whiterun and Dark's Whiterun Market.
  • eFPS - If you have installed both patches for Dawn of Skyrim and Capital Whiterun, it is very likely that you will experience CTD whenever you open the map around the exterior of Bannered Mare. I provided a patch to solve this issue.

Future plans

- Deal with the exterior of Whiterun (which means a patch for Fortified Whiterun + Capital Whiterun Expansion + Dark's Whiterun Market as an independent plugin). Done
- Fixes and additions.
- Assure compatibility with other patches and mods.


Vaelka (for 'Dawn of Skyrim').
Surjamte (for 'Capital Whiterun').
Vermunds (for 'Bells of Skyrim').
Skyfall515 (for 'Fortified Whiterun').
Robertgk2017 (for his advices dealing with navmeshing and his aforementioned fixes).
Darkfox127 (for his wonderful youtube tutorial on How to Navmesh:

This is the first mod of this kind I've ever created. Have fun!