Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Breezehome needed a location better suited for a noble, not just an upgrade! LethalThreat designed a home that covered both. It was almost too good for Oldrim, but with the coming of Special Edition our memory overloads are no more! WORKS WITH ALTERNATE START!

Permissions and credits

Wind District Breezehome
Skyrim Special Edition
(Works with Alternate Start - Live Another Life for the Breezehome-Owning start option! How cool is that!)
(OGrim version by LethalThreat)
adapted for Special Edition by Germ @ Viral Violence Productions

LethalThreat's take on the mod:
"Tired of living between a blacksmith, a bar, a general goods store and an old shack? You're the Thane! Yet you live in worse conditions than the market owners and farmers. WTF? Well this mod changes that."


Ever thought Breezehome just wasn't good enough?
Or even just that, goddammit, you wanted ONE F*CKING COUCH in Skyrim? 

(is that really so much to ask?)

 (Is it?)


This mod upgrades and relocates the home of Whiterun's Thane, Skyrim's last Dragonborn, up into the location of Carlotta Valentia's house while pushing her house back down to Breezehome's original location. Let's face it, it's better for everyone involved. Now Carlotta can stop having to work so hard lugging her wares up and down the classist Whiterun stairs, and maybe she can stop raising her prices. :P Why would a Vendor need to live next door to two sets of feuding aristocrats anyway? It probably kept her awake at night worrying for poor little Mila. Yes, this home works as a vanilla house as far as moving in your spouse and children, no extra mods required. THREE BEDS provided for children. Upstairs inside is the bedroom area. Here's a breakdown of what you get inside:

Downstairs: kitchen with table, sitting area with couches, housecarl room &family shrine
(No cooking pot but a Hearthfire oven is included)
Upstairs: bedroom with dollhouse for three kids, player bedroom with veranda, rooftower access
Basement - shrines, crafting, greenhouse, armory/alchemy storage: bonus Dark Magic room
Attic - storage that reminds me of Oblivion (chokes me up a bit :') )
Lovely wallpaper and rather Oblivion-esque paintings throughout house, with unique pottery here or there.

(I have my own very unique texture set. I am looking into whether I'm allowed to upload a second version of this mod with resources matched a bit more to my whiterun style, which has some pretty rich teal paint and various other differences. I have a few resource permissions to check as of yet. track if interested. This proposed file wouldn't become the main file.)



Do NOT have any other Breezehome mods! Reality is bent to place Wind District Breezehome into a different district. The base game recognizes your house as Breezehome, home of the Thane. While the house that sits where Breezehome was previously placed LOOKS like your faithful old Breezehome, IT IS CARLOTTA'S NOW. If you attempt to add a second replacer all manner of wibbly wobbly things will happen. Just... broken things.  

Make sure you follow protocol and always save from a faraway cell before installing a mod. You can use a Mod Manager or manually drop it all into your data folder. LethalThreat recommends you install with Mod Organizer, so the loose files don't clutter up your data file. I personally tend to open and compare textures that could conflict and resolve conflict pre-emptively. I've adapted Dawn of Skyrim's Dawn of Whiterun for my own personal use from Oldrim to Newrim through the CK, and they do overwrite a few of each others textures and two book towers. They're about the same and still work in either setting either way so it's not an issue. Always know what you're doing if you overwrite anything. Conversely as long as it's possible it's always best to just overwrite all files with the files from this one so it turns up 100% accurately.

requires Hearthfire DLC.



(This is not a promise to fix them but at least a promise to let anyone be made aware in advance of any issues.) Any patches sent in will be uploaded for use. None are required as of now-no incompatibilities yet found.

Our house here is in cell 150/157MB
Please let me know in comments or via PM if the comments haven't been spotted if you find anything the house doesn't fit with. I've done a lot of testing at this point but we never know, things could pop up or change.

I've personally tested this house with Better Cities Whiterun and with an aforementioned adaptation of Dawn of Skyrim from Oldrim. That means that in theory it's not only compatible with Better Cities SSE but also it will be compatible with Dawn of Skyrim Dawn of Whiterun once that's released. Please let me know about any other compatibility or incompatibility discovered.

DO put this HIGHER in your load order than Better Cities. Ex. load order:

Wind District Breezehome - Replacer.esp

If you do not do this you may have a bug or two-an occlusion cube seems to be invading the house and a barn across town turns invisible-but as long as they're in the right order it's all good.

NOTE ON INSTALLING WITH ALTERNATE START - LIVE ANOTHER LIFE. I hear some people put Alternate Start at the end of their load order, I always put it at the start of my VERY heavy load order personally. You might need to have this Breezehome Replacer LOWER than your LAL on your load order to get it to work, I haven't tested it any other way because I'm not of the end-of-order-LAL-school.




Various issues with the first Skyrim version were resolved. Last and NOT least has been mentioned: WE ARE NOW COMPATIBLE WITH ALTERNATE START, WOOOOOOOOO. The other issue, possible CTD or error if attempting to buy house upgrades through Proventus Avenicci, has been resolved as well: If you attempt to make a purchase of a house upgrade, he'll just treat you like you're not serious about it and turn you away. No problem. You window-shopper, you.

If you have Lydia or any family or friends inside Breezehome before installing this little overhaul of various aspects of Whiterun,make sure you get them outside. As LethalThreat pointed out, you'll lose them to the abyss otherwise.

Don't panic if that's happened to you already, although shame on you for not reading the description the first time, haha. Use these console commands to recover your followers and NPCs.

If you lose Lydia, press the tilde to open your console and then enter these lines (~)
Prid 000A2C94
Moveto player

Do the same for anyone else you've lost by leaving them inside OGBreezehome before installing. Find their Reference ID by pressing your tilde (~) and typing help and their name: Help Jordis, Help J'Zargo, etc. Then use their RefID to summon them. You need to type Prid and then their RefID, then moveto player -after that they will teleport to you. Don't worry if they're frozen at first, they'll start moving around soon. Fast travel away and return or hire them if possible and then release them and they'll become active. HYYAAAH.


::::::::::::::::::::SPECIAL ALERT::::::::::::::::::::




yes, that's right, children. These things are related.

So, basically... I wrote all this out and it was deleted on me, I'm having to re-enter it. Exhausting. You're going to miss out on some jokes. 

When Skyrim is impregnated by mod authors willy-nilly, she seems to drop doors. Not Oldrim, mind you, just our SPECIAL new edition<3 I'm coming at this from the wrong direction. Ah. Let's put it this way: Unless you have no mods, there's a very high chance you're going to get this currently common worldgen error tied to a certain Yngol Barrow door deep underground in some cell in the wilderness. Someone somewhere decided the game should stress about doors that are a millimeter closer to their activators than Oldrim cared about and it makes Newrim sneeze to see one. The game doesn't break, just gives an annoying artifact here or there, but the important part is, I swear like two thirds of current mods interact with each other in some way that touches that goddamn door. And most of us that mod heavily have seen that Barrow door floating in the sky above Whiterun. (You've seen it, don't bullsh*t.) 

Two facts for you. 1.) The Door to CarlottaLand doesn't take you to some disconnected nether cell to die. It just routes you to her new house, the cell's actual location, and when you walk back out of her house you're over by Warmaidens. 2.) I've had this happen before when making patches to combine city mods. A floating door injected me into the barracks across town and then I had to run back to where i'd been dropping shit. Inconvenient, but not game-breaking.

So basically, the sheer awesomeness of this mod has self-limited it to machines that let us run the console: I've searched high and low for an activator in the CK that could have to do with it and have been forced to conclude that a variety of mods edit the location of carlotta's door by a fraction of an inch this way or that way incidentally, and when that happens the game pops a door into existence that's not technically in exactly the same spot as the one we moved over to where Carlotta's living now. If you have mods, they'll interact and cause the load door error. If you see the door pop up our actual solution is that you must console disable this artifact of a door. The worst it can do is occasionally block your view. Carlotta doesn't see it, doesn't care about it, and if you're thinking she disappeared through it like a rabbit hole, you need to realize that that's wishful thinking and that it's time to start searching the ditches around town cause she probably daed.


Log of Fixes/Fixes needed
I'm working on getting the Garden working. As with standard house insides, don't pick the f*cking flowers or they're gone forever. I HATE that and would love to succeed in trying to fix it, if anyone has actual tips it would be appreciated. There's also been one instance of seeing a flickering mesh section while on top of the hearthfire-style tower, I'm looking into it. I am just not sure how to fix a mesh from the base game not appearing correctly.

Note on Bad FPS in the home:
Although we're recovered from most of the memory issues we had to deal with in Oldrim, there still might be a few issues if you're already wearing your computer out. This mod brings a lot to the table in a small space and as such might not function on an overstressed load order or underwhelming PC. You have been warned.



Go on over to the page for the original mod and give it an endorsement! or donate to him if you can! I don't know if he allows that. :)

I (Germ) and we (Viral Violence) haven't yet made many changes to the mod other than re creating resources to adapt them from Oldrim. We've just made it safe to use in the new game by updating anything that could damage your game and we've updated files to faster better compression formats. No physical edits have been made at this time.

Here's a copy of the base Skyrim Edition mod credit list:
"General Stores" - Harvey2112 (permissions are respected even though we're only using non-GS version as a few file folders crossed)
Various clutter resources (OpenBook, Food, WallArt, Alchemy, etc.) - Blary
Activator resource - eldiabs
Resource pack - Oaristys and Tony67
Resource kit - TESA
Unique Curio cabinets, catering, wallpaper - Lilith (TESA)
Resources/Junk Yard (Pillows, chessboard..) - InsanitySorrow (TESA)
Open Book Library - stoverjm
Extra Resources (Baking crate and cheese) - Elianora
Note from Original Author: If I missed any authors I apologize. All resources used are from free-to-use resource packs (GS uses permissions but they are respected in this mod even in this non GS version.)

Viral Violence would like to thank  each of these creators as well because without them we wouldn't have had this wonderful mod to convert. <3

Continued Credits for Lore Friendly Version:
New Paintings and Wallcoverings:
Almost all of the new paintings were worked up from screenshots taken from Viral Violence in-game
Thanks to:
for beautiful starting work in wood or slate as well as for scans of charcoal tracing and old silks for more lore-friendly realistic wallcoverings. Colors and textures altered and edited by us to fit realistically.
also thanks to
for some bits of Oldrim resource RE: Red and Gold Noble Beds 

again, if we missed anyone we apologize. Please enjoy this personal version of our work. *bows*

Enjoy everyone! Let us know if you need anything or have any requests! long life to Skyrim!

(also, as per Lethalthreat's wishes:)