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Adds Occlusion boxes and planes to entirely span the Windhelm walls and make use of more of the houses. Also puts some into the cliffside before Morvunskar on the other side of the river, and into the large mountainside next to Angar's Mill. Might do some good without OCS as well...but prob not much.

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I've always had terrible FPS drops all the way from Angar mill up to the Windhelm front gate, or along the path into the frozen north. There are some Occlusion bodies already in the walls with OCS/DoS, but not at all as dense as I thought. Situation immediately and massively improved for me with this.

I'm playing with OCS and Dawn of Skyrim 1.5. DoS does not, to my knowledge, edit the walls. It might shift around a few buildings...don't know. Loot will not complain if you install without DoS, but things might disappear and reappear in front of your eyes ingame (occlusion planes/cubes being traversed).

If a version for OCS only is needed you are welcome to fix this one up accordingly. I'd be happy to host it right here.

I made this in the spirit of eFPS - Exterior FPS Boost - it is compatible and does NOT make this Addon redundant (hence the term "Addon").

This mod overwrites 3 Occlusion planes added by OCS, and in the process removes XOCP data. That data is or was in older versions autogenerated in CK and should always be removed, according to Nicola from eFPS. So do not add it back in.