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A slice of pizza. Just kidding, it's my patch collection.

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Fuck Putin. Fuck the war.

Actually, my collection of mesh patches made for personal use. Will be added to over time.
Of course, original files are required.

If some patches were already made by someone before and I made them again, it means that I used newer versions of the original mods.

Some mesh changes were not carried over because I could not detect what was changed. I would be glad if you could point out any bugs you find in the comments. Thank you!

About the parallax: on some meshes it may be missing, I'm thinking of checking everything and manually adding it. However, that would take quite a lot of time and it's not clear when I will have it

Use the Auto Parallax mod. Older non-parallax versions will not be updated.

At the moment contains patches:

1. Unofficial Material Fix v1.17 - Major Cities Mesh Overhaul v1.3a
2. Unofficial Material Fix v1.17 - Enhanced textures detail (UV-tweaks) v1.1.5
3. Unofficial Material Fix v1.17 - SMIM - Quality Addon v1.5
4. Markarth - A Reflective Experience v1.3.1 - Enhanced textures detail (UV-tweaks) v1.1.5
5. Assorted mesh fixes v0.91 - Unofficial Material Fix v1.17- SMIM - Quality Addon v1.5 - Static Mesh Improvement Mod Improvement Mod v1.7.1
6. Assorted mesh fixes v0.91 Major Cities Mesh Overhaul v1.3a
7. Major Cities Mesh Overhaul v1.3a 3D Whiterun Trellis v1.1- 3D Riften Trellis and Roofs v1
8. Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes v8.5.2 Optional Round Farmhouse Posts v2
9. Whiterun Objects SMIMed (and fixes too)  v0.3.1 - Major Cities Mesh Overhaul v1.3a
10. Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes v8.5.2 - Assorted mesh fixes v0.91
11. Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes v8.5.2 - Major Cities Mesh Overhaul v1.3a
12. Water in Wells - mesh-only animated wells v0.8 - Assorted mesh fixes v0.91 - Unofficial Material Fix v1.17 SMIM - Quality Addon v1.5
13. Windhelm Fake Windows Fix v2.3 - Assorted mesh fixes v0.91
14. FYX - Smooth Wells - Water in Wells - Parallax v1.0.5 - Solitude Objects SMIMed - Solitude Well v0.1
15. Major Cities Mesh Overhaul v1.3a - Whiterun Mesh Fixes v1.2.5
16. Sconces of Solstheim - Improved DLC2 Braziers v1 - SMIM - Quality Addon v1.5
17. Skyrim Objects SMIMed - Warmaiden's Holes v0.1.2 - Major Cities Mesh Overhaul v1.3a
18. IWAT Whiterun - Temple of Kyraneth UV fix (in update files) v1.2 - Major Cities Mesh Overhaul v1.3a
19. Whiterun Objects SMIMed - Dragonsreach Stairs v0.3 - Major Cities Mesh Overhaul v1.3a
20. Markarth Fixed AF v1.4 - Unofficial Material Fix v1.17SMIM - Quality Addon v1.5
21. Markarth Fixed AF v1.4 - DweFarm01 and DweFarm02 Mesh Fix Replacer v1.3 - Markarth - A Reflective Experience v1.3.1
22. High Hrothgar Fixed - Parallax Version v1.07 - Unofficial Material Fix v1.17
23. FYX - Smooth Wells - Water in Wells - Parallax v1.0.5 - Major Cities Mesh Overhaul v1.3a
24. Compliant Sovengarde Mesh Fixes v2.2 - Assorted mesh fixes v0.91
25. Creep Cluster Collision Fixes v1.1 - Unofficial Material Fix v1.17
26. Farmhouse05 UV fix v1 - SMIM - Static Mesh Improvement Mod v2.08

My personal order of installation mods that fix and improve the vanilla mesh (will be updated,
- my patches, NEW - new mods in order of installation):

Particle Patch for ENB
Markarth - A Reflective Experience
Enhanced Textures Detail (UV-tweaks) (I don't use it anymore)
Markarth - A Reflective Experience - Enhanced textures detail (UV-tweaks) (I don't use it anymore)
SMIM - Static Mesh Improvement Mod
Whiterun Mesh Fixes
Major Cities Mesh Overhaul
Major Cities Mesh Overhaul - Whiterun Mesh Fixes UPDATED
SMIM - Quality Addon
SMIM - Noble Skyrim Patch
SMIM - Riekling Barrels
SMIM - Misc. Fixes
Unofficial Material Fix
Unofficial Material Fix - Major Cities Mesh Overhaul
Unofficial Material Fix - SMIM - Quality Addon UPDATED
SMIM - Improvement Mod
Labyrinthian Shalidor's Maze Fixes
Assorted mesh fixes
Assorted mesh fixes - Major Cities Mesh Overhaul UPDATED
Assorted mesh fixes - Unofficial Material Fix - SMIM - Quality Addon UPDATED
Skyrim Fixes Collection
Whiterun Objects SMIMed (and fixes too)
Whiterun Objects SMIMed - Major Cities Mesh Overhaul
Solitude Objects SMIMed - Festival ropes
Solitude Objects SMIMed - Castle Dour Spire
Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes
Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes - Assorted mesh fixes
Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes - Major Cities Mesh Overhaul UPDATED
Water in Wells - mesh-only animated wells
Water in Wells - Assorted mesh fixes - Unofficial Material Fix - SMIM QA
Solitude Objects SMIMed - Solitude Well
High Hrothgar Fixed - Parallax Version
High Hrothgar Fixed - Unofficial Material Fix NEW
Windhelm Fake Windows Fix
- Windhelm Fake Windows Fix - Assorted mesh fixes
Windmills of Skyrim - Unique Windmill Appearances
Better Windhelm Ground Meshes
FYX - Candlehearth Hall Chimney - Major Cities Mesh Overhaul
FYX - Windhelm Stable Roof
FYX - Jorrvaskr - Parallax 
FYX - Smooth Wells - Water in Wells - Parallax
FYX - Smooth Wells - Water in Wells - Solitude Objects SMIMed - Solitude Well
FYX - Smooth Wells - Water in Wells - Major Cities Mesh Overhaul NEW
- FYX Smooth Wells - Compatibility Tweaks NEW
FYX - RowBoat
Blackreach Tentacle Mesh Fix
Trophy Pedestal Mesh Fix
Word Wall Transparency Fix for ENB
Blue Palace Dome Windows - Flickering Meshes Fix
Sky Haven Temple Head Door Improved
Charcoal Stick
Hearthfire BYOH Mesh Fixes
OSHA-Compliant Sovengarde Mesh Fixes - Parallax
Compliant Sovengarde Mesh Fixes - Assorted Mesh Fixes NEW
Fixed Skeever Dinner Meshes for Skyrim Particle Patch
Bright Falling Leaves Fix
Better Ladder UV Mapping
Better Ladder UV Mapping - Animated Clutter
Picta Series - Improved Sky Meshes
Smoother Skies NEW
Wood Wall Trap Mesh and UV Fix 
Wiseman303's Critter Fixes  (Oldrim)
Solitude Interiors Meshes FIXES 
The Smallest Windhelm Mesh Fix 
Whiterun Fence Walls Mesh Fix 
Fixed Nordic Metal Grate 
Vanilla Ice Adjusted 
Better Karstaag Skull Wall 
SB - Better Blending Helgen Mud 
SB - Pressure Plate Trap Fix 
Dead Fishes Don't Glow - No glowing fins on vanilla dead pondfish meshes 
Chimney dark interior fix 
Ore Vein Cube Map and Shader Fixes 
Better Effigy of King Olaf 
Stretching Hoes Fix 
Actually flat flat snow drifts - fix hovering snow drift shadow with ENB 
FYX - Water Splash 
FYX - The first Rampart and Watchtower of Solitude 
FYX - Eastern Empire Company Building 
- GG's High Hrothgar fixed stairs 
Jorrvaskr Vertical Hole Fix 
Skyland AIO (Not Only) - Better Imperial Forts 
Oh Barnacles - Nordic Barnacle Harvest Fix 
Dawnstar and Brandy-Mug Farm Fences Fixed (BOS) 
Ghost Pile Seam Fix (Skyrim Particle Patch) 
HD Serpentine Dragon and Mesh Fix SE 
Fixed Spider Eggs and Webs in Solstheim 
- Sconces of Solstheim - Improved DLC2 Braziers 
Sconces of Solstheim - Improved DLC2 Braziers - SMIM QA 
Improved Solitude Windmill 
Higher Poly Vanilla Wolfskull Altar 
Improved Theater 
- Whiterun Wall Rubble Fixed - meshes without seams 
SMIM - CC Fishing Aetherium Core Patch 
- Improved Windstad Manor Fish Dock and Round Posts 
High Poly Windhelm Hawk Gate Bridge 
slightly Better Rock Cairns 
Soul Cairn Tower Cap Fix 
Clovers Don't Float 
Frostbite Spider UV Fix 
Really Empty Skooma Bottle 
My Aching Back - Mattresses for Dwemer Beds 
Better SMIM Junipers 
Better Blended Mushrooms 
Stairs of Safety - Farmhouses 
Less Repetitive Farmhouse Stonewalls 
Skyrim Objects SMIMed - Warmaiden's Holes 
Skyrim Objects SMIMed - Warmaiden's Holes - Major Cities Mesh Overhaul UPDATED
IWAT Whiterun - Temple of Kyraneth UV fix 
IWAT Whiterun - Temple of Kyraneth UV fix - Major Cities Mesh Overhaul 
Whiterun Objects SMIMed - Dragonsreach Stairs 
Whiterun Objects SMIMed - Dragonsreach Stairs - Major Cities Mesh Overhaul 
Lokbrom - Meshes improvements LE (Oldrim) NEW (The author has removed the SE version, so use Cathedral Assets Optimizer and let me know if it is uploaded again)
Markarth Fixed AF 
Markarth Fixed AF - Unofficial Material Fix - SMIM QA UPDATED
Markarth Fixed AF - DweFarm01 and DweFarm02 Mesh Fix - Markarth - A Reflective Experience UPDATED
ja's HornCandle Fix NEW
Less glowy spider drool NEW
Less glowy trap dust trails NEW
Farmhouse05 UV fix NEW
Farmhouse05 UV fix - SMIM NEW
DLC2TelvanniRoot mesh fixes NEW
- FYX - Water Mesh Optimization NEW
- FYX - Hrothgar Steps Collisions NEW
- FYX - Windhelm Graveyard NEW
- FYX - Imperial Doors Collisions NEW
- FYX - Nordic Doors and Traps Collisions NEW
- FYX - Solitude Arch NEW
- FYX - Palace of The Kings NEW
- ALT - Markarth's Forge NEW
- Mine Doors Fixed NEW
- Dragon Mounds - Better Collision and Mesh Fixes NEW
- Snazzy Mesh Fixes - Windhelm Interiors NEW
- Drengin's Blue Palace - Mesh Only Replacer NEW
- slightly Better Nordic Burial Cairns NEW
- Better Vanilla Gravestones NEW
- Creep Cluster Collision Fixes NEW
- Creep Cluster Collision Fixes - Unofficial Material Fix NEW
- Vanilla Jarl Longhouse Mesh Fix NEW
- Improved Farmhouse Doors NEW
- SMIM Upper Furniture And Other Fixes - SIMM Original Smooth Textures NEW
- SMIM Upper Furniture And Other Fixes - USSEP Jeweled Goblet Fix NEW
- Scaffolding Over Sovngarde - Collision Overhaul NEW
No More Blinding Fog NEW
- Dimmer Apocrypha Smoke NEW


Brumbek for SMIM
wSkeever for Assorted Mesh Fixes and Whiterun Objects SMIMed (and fixes too) and Water in Wells - mesh-only animated wells and Skyrim Objects SMIMed - Warmaiden's Holes and Whiterun Objects SMIMed - Dragonsreach Stairs
elzee for Unofficial Material Fix
Pfuscher for SMIM - Quality Addon
MrNeverLost for Markarth - A Reflective Experience
somerandomguy83 for Enhanced textures detail (UV-tweaks)
raiserfx for Major Cities Mesh Overhaul
SparrowPrince for 3D Whiterun Trellis
RedBag for 3D Riften Trellis and Roofs
Xyberbat for Optional Round Farmhouse Posts
wizkid34 for Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes
Blackread for ctd mesh fixing
agentw for Windhelm Fake Windows Fix
Yuril for FYX - Smooth Wells
StarShowMaster for DweFarm01 and DweFarm02 Mesh Fix Replacer
Janissrim for Sconces of Solstheim - Improved DLC2 Braziers
IWantATardis for IWAT Whiterun - Temple of Kyraneth UV fix
GGUNIT for Markarth Fixed AF
markuskarttunen1 for OSHA-Compliant Sovengarde Mesh Fixes 
sync67 for Creep Cluster Collision Fixes 
Outpowner for High Hrothgar Fixed - Parallax Version 
RoastGorilla439 for Farmhouse05 UV fix

And to the authors of all the mods from the load order, of course!